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Supernatural: The Remington Files
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Roman Rite 1999 English Edition

Things that go (or went) bump in the night are arranged by general type and then broken down alphabetically, for example ghosts and spirits are grouped together and then there is a wide range within.

Cryptids and Monsters

Expand this enough and there will be two categories.


Children can be frightening sometimes. Especially when they are tough bastards that use illusions and leech people. You encountered a daycare full of them and Dr. Magnum had some close experiences with the children and apartment residents to find the changeling “mother.” Kill the parent and the children spontaneously combust. Things burned down. There must’ve been a Cantina in one of the buildings. I hope they didn’t have cameras.

Fouke Monster

The Sasquatch of Boggy Creek, Fouke County Arkansas! What do you know, something like a Sasquatch might actually exist! It was big, disgusting, and kills people every so often around the lumber camps…no that’s not quite right… it’s a monstrous bloated dead body that is possessed by an elemental spirit and filled and covered with vines and ichor… and is now incased in the concrete foundation at a housing development thanks to the Hunters. That should hold it for a while, right? You guys want to finish this thing or leave it for the next generation like bad nuclear waste? This is so not the Native Way.


Killed offscreen. You were getting brass at the mall to try to kill one during Episode: Chupathingy.


It doesn’t exist! Not in it’s traditional furry form. You have reason to believe sasquatches might be spirit elementals. This is a case in point that most cryptids are debunkable. Real cryptids are freaky monsters.


The brothers encountered one as teens.. it involved their father and uncle. A first hunt, a family hunt. They know things the team may not, though this episode/flashback was not finished. The drama!


You know these exist from research but haven’t encountered one yet. Right now, from your knowledge, they feed on children and are hard to detect, like a witch or a vampire.


Animal Ghosts

Myth Confirmed. You put down the Red Ghost, the vengeful, irate camel, who was pretty much as he was in life so shall he be in death, but worse because he had the vengeful, irate spirit of Jacob Tanner on him. It's a bit too bad, because he's just an animal, no matter how ornery.


A false lead, the hunters know that they are child ghosts that are rather bad news, but not much more.


More than a siren, more than a ghost, banshees are indeed bad omens. For you. Maybe. Banshees seek retribution for their murders, and if you don’t fit the type, you are pretty safe. If you fit the profile, or the banshee is pretty unaware, you will see the siren and hear her keening. Hearing it multiple times brings you back more and more until she feels ready to strike. Then siren becomes hag and cleanliness turns to blood. Victims are possessed by terror and take their own lives. Banshees are often female victims who died through violence- you can guess their targets most of the time.

Bloody Bones (Irish lore) or Rawhead (hunter parlance)

A general all purpose Irish boogeyman, a bloody bones was an adult who was picked on by children and, in all vengeance and ugliness, goes after the wee bastards after death. Rawheads are barely intelligent anymore, unloving on base instincts and raw emotion.

Buru Buru

A buru buru, best known by its Japanese name and studies, is the ghost of a person who died in such complete terror that they are afraid of their own death and cannot move on. They kill in vengeance but will also run and hide, caught between their actions much as they are caught between life and death. The best way to make them move on is to - horribly - recreate their death. There’s no overcoming the fear, just making it so utterly terrible enough that the ghost moves on.

Death Echo

A death echo is typically a flash in the pan, a ghostly scene right before or including the death of the ghost, or a highly emotional scene in their life. While they can’t move on, death echoes still don’t have enough awareness to move past their own tragedy to even view the world around them, let alone attempt to communicate with others. Occasionally a death echo can be reached, but usually, its just scenes from the movie of their horrible life. However, these make great clues.

Elemental Spirits

Not the same as wraiths, there seem to be nature based spirits that can get pissed. You encountered one with the Fouke Monster, which started bigfoot like rumors after possessing the dead body of a victim and a bunch of vines. Mother Nature can get a terrible wrath. Or is the site cursed for some other reason? Either way, the spirit is rather nature-bent.


You encountered several poltergeists in Studio 9 on the Warner Brothers lot. In the pecking order of ghosts, poltergeists are pretty low, somewhere above Caspar and below Jacob Marley. Poltergeists tend to come in multiples; maybe there is something weird about the area, but there’s no curse required. Most start moving things around for attention, and then as they stick around longer, that craving goes wildly violent, maybe because they are stuck here, unable to move on. Or maybe that just happens with time. Should you worry for Ainé? Is she a poltergeist, or some other category of ghost? Other poltergeists: the ghosts of WB Studio 9 in Leaning on the Fourth Wall.

Water Wraiths

The spirits of those who died in water, they could be confused for an elemental or other creature of the deep. In theory, they can travel throughout their entire body of water, which could include a pipe system. While only encountered once, water wraiths have been a stick to measure other monsters against.

Woman in White

These tales are so classic they are worldwide. You haven’t found one per se, but know they are out there. Don’t confuse it with the Phantom Traveller


A thought form made manifest, tulpas follow rules much as ghosts do for movement and general stalking, which is the ONLY reason why it is here. That and most urban legends involve ghost stories and the dead… except the parts about salting and burning. There will be no real bones or anchors to salt and burn, making any tulpa extremely hard and dangerous to put down.

Gods, Angels, and Demons

Why lump these three together? They seem to have something in common. Common enough for Loki to be Gabriel, and other less powerful or specific domain gods to wind up in each others myths... some knowingly some unknowingly. The other gods seem to need hosts as much as angels and demons do, but everyone has his/her/its own flavor to add to the Chex Mix.

Where do they get that phenomenal cosmic power? Belief does seem to play a part in power. Or, perhaps the power granted from sacrifice. Or is it both? The religions of the folks who follow the angels ask for personal sacrifices but not the lovely bulls and goats of old... yet they sure have a lot more power (and strength in numbers) than the old pantheons that took power from wheat and blood along with faith. Hunters haven't figured it out. They only just saw that angels (not Charlie's, and not Roma Downey either) were real again. (What's next? Fairies? Bigfoot?) The Men of Letters might have an answer since they dabbled in Everything. They made their own selves powerful, too. They might have a clue to the power equation... if you could find any of their surviving texts, that is.


Creepy little children, vengeful demons that were once souls of children. This is where you made an altar to lure it out and it looked like you were beating a girl with chains.

Asag, The Green-Eyed Demon

The one who started it all, Asag killed the Remington’s mother, Amanda’s sister, and sickened Amanda. He had a hand in many unfortunate events, and those he did not orchestrate were merely the outpouring of dark emotions that arose from these initial events, cascading a family and their allies along the path they were on, up until his eventual demise at the hands of the Hunters in the first season. A demon of Pestilence, he had hands in Croatoan with Azazel and other dark projects, and much of Season 01 featured illness and disease if not his twisted plot.


Through flashback/visions you have knowledge that coyote may be extant- or was extant- as well as Raven. Or was it just a metaphor?

Crossroads demons:

You’ve met one or two, and they are fairly benign unless you sign a contract. They can be persuasive sons of bitches, though. They also aren't always the only ones inhabiting crossroads, but they do come to them when called by desperate humans.


The King of Hell, he clearly took the role after Lucifer “got locked up.” He did not do the locking. A consummate businessman, you’ve done a little work for Crowley, and Crowley has done work for you. Hell is running smoothly, and demonic activity has been regulated. Your argument is pretty invalid. He also has a sense of humor. Just look at those ID cards, mates!


In Zoroastiranism, Daevas are demonic, destructive beings, something between a hellhound and a demon with real thought. They do seem to have particular themes to them, as you’ve noted in your lore from Barnes and Noble.

Elder Gods

This is a begged question, because of the Men of Letters stamp on the works of Lovecraft.


Tricksters are normally on the side of good, even if it hurts. They still hang out with the good guys and teach you moral lessons. An eidolon is like their through the mirror darkly self, a dark god all about tricking or possessing you and making you feel shitty for shitty reasons. Like daeva, they seem to have archetypes, realms, or portfolios, whatever you like to call them, that characterize them but also limit who or what they possess. For example, the eidolon possessing Blake Walker was Abu Sayyad, Father of the Hunt, could only possess hunters, and augmented his hunting skills incredibly. You transferred Abu Sayyad into a bat from the attic and stuck it in a spirit box. Burying your problems, again.

Hellhounds or Black Dogs

Someone has to play fetch with souls that have gone astray. There are legends about black dogs roaming around as ghostly presences, but they may be survivor tales from those who have witnessed hellhounds at work. Behavior and description matches, and the targeted victim always winds up dead. If it looks like a duck…


You do know Loki and Gabriel are the same person, and Scott probably saved this Trickster’s life. Gabriel confessed his part and motivation and is an ally.


Scott has the most experience with Leviathan in their most unnatural/natural state as residents of Purgatory, shapeshifting and fast moving black masses of goo that are serpentine under water, can fly, and often take on humanoid form on land. They are ever hungry and bear unhinging jaws, masses of teeth, and forked tongues. Decapitation weakens or can keep one down for a while, but it only comes back later, having regenerated from their goo. It seems possible from the Edison experiment that a cleaning solution of some sort may also damage or weaken Leviathan.


You met him. Once. John Clarke was offered a job. He seems like an interesting fellow. Or did. You have heard he is locked up in Hell with Michael, but this makes little sense.


The audience has seen, and Loki/Gabriel and Thor both have referred to Odin, who died during the Apocalypse.


Is that Dr. Airy or is that Raphael? Raphael is an ally. However to Players, he just revealed that the war is against a rebel angel named Castiel who is manipulating the Winchesters and must be stopped at all costs. Is he really an ally? How long has he been manipulating you?


Who is Raven? Is Raven the same Raven in every culture? You don’t know, but you have knowledge and encounters with Raven.


It’s a good thing Marcus got to know him a little, because he’s dead. Marcus now is the keeper of his gear.


Hell’s bounty hunters, hope they don’t come with hounds. They are related to djinn, hellhounds, and other demon-like horrors. They are not subtle, but brutish, and beat down their target until the demon inside lets go. They drag the soils of folks who crossed them down to Hell to, but none knows what they do to them. They aren’t smart and were never human. They take the form of violent lightening strikes when driven from their host, so if you see that, watch out. Be careful on your exorcisms, too.

The Horsemen

Death and the Reapers

You have met Mercy Brown, the ghost of a girl who was murdered for supposedly being a vampire. She was offered the Reaping job so she could stick around to see justice, truth, and vengeance met in her area. She has a soft spot for these kinds of things and for children and girls. Mercy has alluded to being given the job by Death him or itself, which raises some interesting questions about how things work. Scott does not remember Death as a person but had interactions with Raven. However, at the time of death of another, when a reaper came to speak with the hunters, Mercy came, perhaps because she would be a familiar face to them.


You have indications that Asag, the Green-Eyed Demon, was a worker or demon for Pestilence himself, putting a second horseman on the map. The angels and demons have both made reference to this as a vile proceeding, which was taken as wanting to stop it, but then again, who would ever really want to work with the guy despite one's motive?

Human Monsters

El Cupacabra

El Chupacabra was first reported in 1995 in Puerto Rico and spread to become the Latin Bigfoot. In truth, it was a skin changing curse placed on the de Luyando family, the patriarch of which was a sorcerer who made a regretful deal to stave off lymphoma. With the raw deal, the children inherited the curse of shape changing and blood craving, and their father’s disease.

Skinwalkers and shape shifters

Two-fer. You know at least one, Nascha Ghost Wind, a Navajo yenaldooshi, personally, and the Remington’s grew up with some stories from their Athabascan roots. Skinwalkers are different from shape shifters in that they generally take the shape of animals while shape shifters take the form of other humans. They have the tendency to have learned their magic, while shape shifters are just born with that ability. From the stories the Remingtons know, however, Atabascans just choose to change into animals because they wanted to, no magic lessons needed. Lesson: every culture is different, however skin walking is a large cultural tradition, shape shifting is just about weird to everyone. You have yet to run into a true and vile shape shifter.

Soulless Person

You know one, but you haven’t observed anything yet. Maybe a couple short remarks? Okay, okay, technically, Zach's body is inhabited by a really messed up soul comprised of all the bad parts of all the people sacrificed by Larry Boher, sort of sewn together-like, but that doesn't stop the potshots... or Zach's fears about his own future.

Spring-heeled Jack

Holy Victorian Era Batman! This caped crusader was a living demonic entity in a suit, where the original antics of the owner turned dark and ugly and led to a deal with a demon for the ability to cut free and go wild. The suit was passed along until it wound up in Kansas City, MO, following like minded folks along the way. The last owner, on the edge of loosing his job, not much going for him in the way of the ladies either, took it out and terrorized the town like days of old, one part popular hero and one part living terror in an indestructible costume, all parts social justice nightmare… until the Hunters came along.


You know one. You work with him. You hunt with him. You see his face when he changed and there’s wolf in him but it is still so very much him. And for better or worse, he’s aware of what he is. He was next to impossible to herd, though he went for native fauna. What if he changes in a city next time? Where will he go? What will you do? You’ve never had to actually hunt a werewolf.

Witches, Warlocks, and Sorcerers

Magic isn’t fueled by the devil, but sometimes help from a supernatural entity can sure make it better. Or just their blood. Most of these folks are just folks. Craft is craft, and hoodoo is hoodoo. Witchcraft can be of any tradition, and performed for any motive. What separates you from them? Two things: 1. How often you practice (you haven't really graduated past basic hex bags) and most importantly, 2. how much you desire power (they do, you do not).

The Wolf People

These folk are not human, and not werewolves, more like wolves granted human form, and really doing well in society. They get good jobs and live in suburban Minnesota on their original tribal land and raise their young to get good GPA’s and protect the humans from bad spirits. They're almost better at being human than being wolves. They are allies.



Folkoric to a T, living on human or animal blood, highly pack like and structured, and shunning sunlight, at least the stories get some things right.


Many times you briefly thought you might have a wendigo. Would you recognize one if you saw it? They used to be human, too.


When you were poking into the voodoo, you heard zombies were a real thing but really? Zombies? Like, should I get a cricket bat and a chainsaw hand? Come on!


These have not cropped up against you, whether or not mentioned, and may one day, but they are here because they are in one of the published books. Some, like named characters with their own stories, I consider templates as much as anything, but I am noting everything for the record: • achashverosh hangman’s juror • Timothy timberlake death echo • Shtriga • Wendigo • Zombies • Succubus • Woman in white • Rugaru • Finish the siren story • Face a Rakshasa in person • Mothman • Jersey Devil • Djinn • Crocotta • “Tammi” black magic demon type, damning suburban wives • tom as template for son or acolyte of green eyes • 7 deadly sins • samhain • ruby • lilith • alastair • ghostfacers • witness • hook man • bloody mary • ghost vehicles (for real and not your mother) • doppelgänger- wouldn't that be great on a homecoming or to someone they know. bwahaha • real shape shifter • undead serial murderer • ghoul (certain arc)