Supernatural Ritual Compendium

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Cursed/blessed objects

objects can be equally embed with positive and negative qualities, though this is tricky as to how. You do know how to cleanse a cursed object, though it is not the same as a blessing, nor the creation of holy water.

Cursed Object Cleansing

You have done this

Holy Water Blessing

You have performed this ritual

Curse box

You can hold cursed items in warded boxes. Pandora should be the lesson to anyone trying to open one.

Tsalki Paintings

Tsalki Paintings might count as a form of blessed object- they are at least sacred and convey a certain protection on the wearer.

Hand of Glory/ Main de Gloire

the preserved hand of a murderer. When candles made from the fat of the murderer (bonus if it is the same person, usually is out of convenience) are burned in the open hand, it renders victims frozen, unable to move, and it is said to unlock doors, a useful thieves too. Episode: Who’ll come a Joaquin Murrietta with me?

Demonic Goodies

Demon viruses

pg 98- at least Croatoan exists, and it is enhanced demonically to be stronger, more virulent, communal, and inspired.


You have performed this several times and have even adapted it a bit.

Devil’s Trap

This has been used very creatively.


Pure americana, hoodoo is a blend between Creole voodoo, Appalachian folk lore (Irish and Scottish traditions, mostly), and American Indian practices from the East and South. It is usually distinguished by the use of bags to hold charms and focus for the magic. These bags go by various different regional names, generally a slang or synonym for the dust inside (gris-gris, goofer) or magic work itself (mojo). Generally hunters lump bags placed by an individual around a location to target another into a single catch all: hex bags.

Philosopher’s Stone

Okay, if Von Steffan could have a corrupt version of one that was so evil it glowed green (a Black Stone) than it reasons that actual Philosopher’s Stones may exist. His shattered like glass. Careful now.

Spirit Fun Times

Sigil of Protection from Possession

You know of it’s existence but haven’t dug into it.

Summoning or Conjuring Ritual

The possibilities are endless with the proper materials. And even then, seances and other forms of communication are possible. You do not know the extent, but damn, you can summon up people well.

Spirit Binding

Tried once or twice, successfully

Spirit Dispelling

An Athabascan version is known as well, though that takes extreme willpower.