11/17/97 Containment

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I thought I ought to put this one down. It’s a fairly effective containment spell. If you feel that negative energy is being sent to you, you can use a containment spell to either reflect or deflect that energy back on the caster, fencing their negative aura off. This principle can be applied to boxes and chests for storing objects that may have a negative taint on them as well, confining them. Hachiro tells me one was used on the case they had designed for the Hope Diamond out in Washington, D.C. “just to be safe.”

For objects, the spell must be inscribed on the container as well as spoken and then “sealed” with something symbolic. It could be a padlock or wax seal or lacquer - anything that “shows”that the spell is official and finished and sealed.

Here’s the spell:

Draw the following on the container in a permanent manner (carved, or sharpie even) and then again in blood. Draw a ring, cage, chalices or other containment symbols. More the merrier. Use blackthorn, elder, iron, and silver materials. Use aspand, also called Syrian Rue, and blackberry leaves if the containment is against something evil, cedar to bring peace to a troubled or violent aura.

Hachiro of course has his own traditions. This is what he engraved at the Smithsonian:


For powerful objects, enhance and energize the spell with the use of tobacco, urine, black tea, or coffee.