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Marcus Remington, a.k.a. Agent Bachman of the FBI.
Season 2


Name: Marcus Remington

Alias(es): Agent Bachmann (FBI), Ranger Hawking(AK)
Race: Caucasian/Native American
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Date of Birth: July 7th, 1984
Significant Other: Becky Wells
Valkyrie in Las Vegas

Place of Birth: Ester, Alaska

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


Becoming a Hunter

Marcus was born in Ester, Alaska, two years after his brother Scott. Marcus's early childhood was filled with scrapes on the knee, learning to ride a bike, fishing and everything that a boy should do. It was later discovered that he was a natural for hunting, able to track in the outdoors easily and proving to be a capable rifle shot. He was middle of his class in school, neither the head but not the bottom either. When he was fifteen, the family tragically lost their mother with no explanation to her death, only that it was savage and comparable to an attack from a bear or a pack of wolves.

His father moved the Remington family to Fox, essentially uprooting Marcus from the little stability that he had left. He became a sullen teenager, his grades plummeting and constantly getting into fights at school and being an all around troublemaker. John did what he could to guide the young Marcus, but at the age of seventeen, Marcus was arrested for assault and battery. John decided that some time in jail was what Marcus needed, and he wasn't too far from the truth. For three months, Marcus worked in a work camp for juvenile offenders doing near backbreaking work. He came home a quiet man and finished his high school diploma.

Unlike Scott, Marcus did not go to college. He worked physical labor intensive jobs, like digging and house construction. But it wasn't until he discovered martial arts, as it allowed him to leave the world outside the door of the dojo and calm his inner rage. It was to be tested when his father remarried when Marcus was nineteen. While a part of him raged at the act of the union, he bonded with his step-sister Jennifer tightly, often taking care of her when her mother and his father weren't able to. It seemed like his world was beginning to stabilize once more when he went to work with his father's company. Although offered a position as a foreman initially, Marcus declined and signed up as a skilled laborer.

After six years of what seemed close to peace for Marcus, he and his brother Scott were walking home from the town bar when they came upon a creature that had only been whispered upon since the beginning of time within their own home. Flying into an absolute rage when the vampire turned upon Jennifer, Marcus's time as a heavy laborer, casual martial arts enthusiast and ten years of suppressed anger coupled with his instinctual need to defend the closest member of his family was cut loose upon the unsuspecting creature of the night. He held it off long enough for Scott to stake it in the heart. This did not keep the beast down for long as it rose up to attack the trio again. Marcus grabbed a handy crowbar and beat the thing until it crawled away from the house broken and battered. Scott then finished it up by decapitating the thing with a handy machete.

Several weeks passed from that night as Marcus tried to go back to work, but it didn't hold the same peace for him, and neither did the dojo. The young man confided in his sensei about what happened and how he felt. His sensei looked him evenly in the eye and told him that there were some who were born to fight. Whether he was just a brawler or a protector was up to him.

Marcus returned to the family home one night to pick up his old hunting rifle, he had a short talk with Jennifer about what he was going to do. The sixteen year old girl gave him a fine silver chain with her picture in a locket within to remind him of why he was doing what he felt he had to do. When he walked downstairs, he discovered Scott getting ready himself, backpack filled with everything that he might need, his father in the living room. Marcus shouldered the rifle and merely waited for Scott to come with him. When the Remington brothers left the house, they emerged with a single, united purpose.

Season 1 Post-mortem

Following the death of his brother Scott, Marcus would return home with the body before anyone official could abscond with it, only bringing along his cousin Amanda. He kept his brother's body on ice in the trunk of the 'Cuda the entire way. Taking with him was also several relics (Jarngreipr, Mjolnir and whatever Scott had on him). After crossing the borders en-route to Canada (and bribing one to look the other way), Marcus had to explain to his father what happened to Scott. Their father took it especially hard, as he was hoping Scott would take over the family construction business. Marcus would not have made it through either if it weren't for Jennifer, his step-sister.

In accordance with the burial traditions of the Dena'ina, Scott was cremated and the ashes placed in a birchbark canoe (lovingly crafted by Marcus) at a nearby river. Once the service was finished, Marcus hit the road to try to track down Cassie. He knew that Scott would have taken off without hesitation, and he was already four weeks behind.

During this time, he replaced some of the equipment in the 'Cuda with something a little more "modern". He decided to do this one on his own, leaving Amanda in the care of his family last he saw her. There would be multiple phone calls between the two, but no face-to-face contact. He would follow up leads in his Fox News persona under the pretense of trying to find a crucial witness to a story.

Cassie’s Disappearance Case Notes

Cassie left Baltimore for Philadelphia. Investigating a case involving the disappearance of other Hunters. Particular Hunter Robbie Cornish (thought to have been killed by his wife) died on March 11th. He was a bartender at the Rio, as a long-term cover for his job as a hunter (guess it was how he got paid to supplement his Hunter lifestyle).

Cassie was also investigating Gnosopharm Pharmaceutical.

Cassie’s alt phone is in Las Vegas, as belonging to Sabrina Chapman, AP journalist. Met with Christabel Strong at the Rio for drinks and was handed a file (would gather significant). Christabel is dressed in a business suit and wearing a pentacle as a necklace. Possible witch?

Met with Christabel, she gave Cassie a file on what Robbie was working on. Was a case about a missing person report. Pair of JWs, brother and sister, brother was snatched by something. Said he had been seeing something, then disappeared right before sister's eyes. Was pinned on a serial killer.

Follow-up with Sister.

Talked with Sister, weird shit happened. Got a lead for someone in Ohio, followed up and found Cassie there.

Random Facts

  • Marcus is usually seen wearing flannel of some kind.
  • Has a back and forth rivalry with Ciaran.
  • Marcus is a secret wine connoisseur, much to the surprise of his friends and family.

Assets and Complications


  • Brawler (d6)

Marcus has studied martial arts to better control himself. Unarmed damage becomes basic, add d6 Basic damage.

  • Unbreakable Will (d2)

Add d2 against possession.

  • Tough (d4)

Marcus is built like the proverbial brick house. Add 4 Life Points.

  • Formidable Presence (d2)

Add d2 to Intimidate.


  • Anger Issues (d4)

Marcus has issues controlling himself when talking to people who disrespect him.

  • Smartass (d4)

Marcus is an insatiable wiseass, making cracks whenever he can.

  • Rebellious (d4)

Marcus has no respect for those with government authority. When interacting with law enforcement personnel, he subtracts d4 from his Influence rolls.

Marcus with his game face.
Season 1



Agility d8   Strength d12   Vitality d10
Alertness d6   Intelligence d6   Willpower d10

Derived Attributes

  • Endurance d10+d10
  • Initiative d6+d6
  • Life Points 24
  • Resistance d10+d10
  • Stun 24/24
  • Wounds 24/24

XP: 0

Permanent Lifestyle: d4 (Working)

Upgraded Lifestyle: None yet


  • Athletics d6
    • Dodge d8
  • Craft d6
    • Carpentry d8
  • Covert d6
  • Discipline d6
  • Drive d6
  • Guns d6
    • Rifle d10
  • Influence d2
  • Knowledge d2
  • Lore d6
  • Mechanic d4
  • Pilot d4
  • Melee d6
  • Perception d6
  • Survival d6
    • Camouflage d8
    • Tracking d8
  • Unarmed Combat d6
    • Kung Fu (Sanda) d8

Gear & Items

  • John Remington's Journal
  • 1965 Barracuda
  • Silver Locket w/picture of sister inside
  • Knight-engraved Lighter
  • Backpack (50lb)
  • Water Bottles (2)
  • Flashlight
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Lantern
  • Strike Anywhere Matches
  • Rock Salt

Alternate IDs

  • Secret Service Badge: Dino Paul Crocetti (High Quality)
  • FBI Badge: Agent Bachmann
  • Natl. Park Ranger Badge: Hawkings
  • Press Pass: Hawk, Michael
  • Immigration Custom Enforcement: Joseph DeMaio
  • OSHA Badge: Charles Finley
  • Fake Driver's License: Charles Finley, Hawaii


  • Lorica Hamata (2W, converts 2 addtl to stun)


  • Pistol, Heavy (d8W)
(Remington Outlaw)
  • Rifle, Hunting (d8W)
(Ruger Mini-30 Season 2; Remington 1903, Season 1)
  • Shotgun (d10W)
(1887 Lever-action 12 Gauge, Season 2)
  • Sniper Rifle (d12W)
(1874 Sharps Big .50, Season 2)

Melee Weapons

  • Silver Knucklers (TBD)
  • Roman Gladius (d6W)
  • Jarngreipr
  • Mjolnir


  • 50 Pistol, FMJ
  • 100 Rifle, Regular
  • 20 Rifle, Silver
  • 50 Shotgun, Buckshot
  • 20 Shotgun, Slugs
  • 10 Shotgun, Salt


  • Handgun, Revolver
  • Shotgun
  • Bone Knife d2W
  • 16 Shotgun Shells, Borax crystals, Iron, Rock Salt
  • Secret Service Badge
  • Flashlight
  • Lighter
  • Dad’s Journal
  • Silver Knucklers