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Name: Scott Remington

Alias(es): Jack Harkness (HI ID), Peter Fairchild (FBI)
Race: Caucasian/Native American
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Date of Birth: March 11, 1982

Place of Birth: Fairbanks, Alaska

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


Scott was born on born in Ester, Alaska as the first child of John and Linda Remington.  They were joined by his brother Marcus two years later.  His childhood was relatively uneventful, marked only by his innate risk-taker attitude and seemingly unlimited, unfocused interests.  Under the firm guidance of his parents he was made to at least marginally apply himself to school, making it through his junior year with solid grades. His life's apparent stability and normalcy came crashing down, however, when Scott was 17.  That summer, his mother, Linda, was killed, her body possessed by the Green Eyed Demon just long enough to confront the boys and their two cousins before being put down by their father, a retired hunter.

Distraught with the loss of his wife, John moved the family to the nearby town of Fox, where he could continue to work his Fairbanks contracts without the constant reminders that Ester brought.  Still unsure of what he wanted to do with his life, Scott struggled through senior year by habit. With less holding the family together and Marcus having his own issues, Scott essentially moved out after graduation starting a long series of seasonal jobs intermixed with the occasional community college or online class. Three years later, after his father married his second wife, Kathy, the family began to drift back together. Kathy also brought along her daughter, Jennifer, who was only 9 at the time. Scott would frequent the Remington house more often afterwords, as well as assist his father in his construction business.

Life would change dramatically again 6 years later when the family came under sudden and unexpected attack by a vampire who had moved into Fairbanks in the dead of winter.  Returning home from the Howling Dog Saloon with Marcus just in time, the pair were able to give the vital assistance John and Kathy needed to save the family and put down the undead monster for good.  The event shook Scott, bringing back memories of his mother and validating the feeling that her death wasn't just an isolated incident. A few weeks of soul searching later, he felt he had finally found his calling in life, and with his father's blessing and brother's company to hunt down and protect the unknowing populace from the things that go bump in the night.

Assets and Complications

Scott uses a puppy as a distraction.


  • Good Natured (d4)

"Yeah, get what you mean. Do you want to talk about it?"

  • Gearhead(d2)

"Sounds like the sparkplugs, I think there's one in the shop."

  • Natural Athelte (d2)

"Yeah, coach had me doing track in High School,"


  • Amorous (d4)

"So, when do you get off?"

  • Out for Blood (d4)

"You don't want to see me angry."

  • Traumatic Flashbacks (d2)

"I don't want to talk about it, it... was hard." see Scott in the Land of the Dead



Agility d8   Strength d8   Vitality d8
Alertness d8   Intelligance d8   Willpower d8

Derived Attributes

  • Endurance d8+d8
  • Initiative d8+d8
  • Life Points 16
  • Resistance d8+d8
  • Experience 5 (14 reserved)


Scott fakes being an author
  • Unarmed d6
  • Melee d6
  • Ranged d6
  • Guns d6
  • Heavy Weapons d0
  • Athletics d6
  • Animal d0
  • Drive d6
  • Pilot d0
  • Craft d6
  • Artistry d6
  • Mechanic d6
  • Survival d6
  • Influence d6
  • Performance d6
  • Covert d6
  • --- Con d10
  • Perception d6
  • Discipline d6
  • Krowledge d6
  • Lore d6
  • Science d2
  • Technology d6
  • Medicine d0

Gear & Items

Scott's Cards.jpg

Utility Equipment

  • Backpack (50lb)
  • Desert Camping Gear
  • Warm Camping Gear
  • Multitool
  • iPhone

Family Items

Cover Stories & Identities

  • Fake HI state ID "Peter Williams"
  • Business Card Folio
    • Fox News Journalist "Jack Harkness"
    • OSHA Inspector "Patrick Logan"
    • Insurance Adjuster "Peter Williams"
    • Shady Injury Lawyer "Peter Fairchild"
    • Paranormal Investigator "Malcolm Merlyn"
    • CDC Biohazard Agent "Dr. Dean Deville"
    • Author "Julius Ashford Lily"
  • AA Challenge Coins (3 & 6 Months)
Alaska Knife.jpg


  • Ulu Knife (d4W)
  • Roman Gladius (d6W)
  • Remington 1911 (d6W)


  • 0.45 Caliber Hollow-point (M1911)

Hunting Equipment

  • Rock Salt
  • Strike Anywhere Matches
  • 6 Bic Lighters
  • Ash & Blackthorn Boken