Cyberpunk Red: Night City Stories

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Cyberpunk Red: Night City Stories
2045 A.D.
170 IP
Galen "Doc" Sank
Kia "Spruce"
Simone (Sy) "Mover" Yang
Thomas "Cabbie" Connely
Tovera "Drakka" Vash
Zaahira "Lemon Drop" Idrissi
Saiya Nakajima, Fixer
Cheat Sheet




Locations/Places Visited

  • The Vex - A dance club in the Kabuki neighborhood of Watson at the corner of Bellevue and Moore. Popular with the Tyger Claw gang and young Asian teens/adults.
  • Sizzle Jams Corporate Office building - In Central Heywood near Valley and MLK Blvd. It is a rectangular 2 story building fronted by a large parking lot. The parking lot is bound by Ho-Jo’s Rickshaw office building on the south side and the Moriya Adult Toys Inc.'s offices and production facility on the other side.


According to the rules, reputation is per character based on your actions during a game session. This is awarded by the GM. Based on the fact that your first adventure was covered live on the news I believe that each of you currently have a reputation of 2.

Who knows about you: Stories have gotten around to immediate friends.

House Rules

If this list ends up getting long, I will move it to a separate page.

Change the HL cost of Color Shift Cyberware

Currently the humanity loss cost of Color Shift is too high for something that is a cosmetic only change. I am lowering the HL cost to 1 for each cybereye you add it to.

Movies/Brain Dances

  • Bushidō 2
    • Released 2044
    • Staring: TBD

Campaign Log

Missing Game Sessions

You will still receive the IP for the missed gig but not a share of the money and loot. Rent will still be due at the end of the month for your housing in Night City, so be careful. Your money grubbing landlord will have not problems evicting you if you cannot make the rent.