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Supernatural: The Remington Files
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Season 4, Episode 1
(November 2011)
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Name: Amanda Gray

Alias(es): None
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 06/21/90

Place of Birth: Mendocino County, CA

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100 lbs
Build: Slim
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Light Brown


Current Date: January 19, 2011.

Assets and Complications


  • Clairvoyance (d6)

Passive clairvoyance, GM can call for HARD (11) Alertness + Perception + Clairvoyant roll to pick up information.

  • Faith (d6)

Add d6 to influence rolls with people who respect your faith. Once per session, add d6 to a Willpower roll.


  • Overconfidence (d4)

Add d4 to rolls opposing anything appropriate.

  • Honest to a Fault (d4)

Can't lie, tell untruths, or mislead. Add d4 to Difficulty in attempting to conceal the truth or pull one over on someone.



Agility d8   Strength d6   Vitality d8
Alertness d8   Intelligence d8   Willpower d12

Derived Attributes

  • Endurance d8 + d12
  • Initiative d8 + d8
  • Life Points 20 = Willpower + Vitality
    • 18 Stun Points / 18 Wound Points
  • Resistance 16 = Vitality + Vitality
  • Dodge = Agility + Athletics
  • Upkeep = lifestyle + skill
  • Advancement Points = 9


  • Animals d4
  • Artist d2
  • Athletics d6
  • Covert d4
  • Craft d4
  • Discipline d4
  • Drive d4
  • Guns d4
  • Influence d4
  • Intimidate d0
  • Knowledge d4
  • Lore d6
    • Herbology d8
  • Mechanics d0
  • Medicine d4
  • Melee d4
  • Perception d6
  • Pilot d0
  • Performance d4
  • Ranged Weapon d4
  • Science d4
  • Survival d4
  • Tech d0
  • Unarmed Combat d0



Season 1

For a graphic view of the season's travels, check out the | Supernatural Game Google Map!

Pilot episode! A childhood tragedy sends brothers Scott and Marcus Remington and cousin Amanda Grey on a path to confront their demons, literally.

  • Episode 2 - His Lesser Half - West Milford, NJ

A call from Chuck Savage sends the hunters to a bed and breakfast in New Jersey to meet a fixer who fears for his life...

The Hunters are invited out to a weekend barbecue and party from a fellow hunter named Lilah Walker to celebrate her husband's return from Iraq. But all's not as it seems in Lilah's small West Virginia town.

  • Episode 4 - Trick or Treat - Portage County, OH

With Halloween approaching, the hunters head to Ohio to investigate a crater that is being blamed on a propane tank explosion, armed with the knowledge that craters like that have been seen around the country more recently but no hunter knows quite why. Even more, their Halloween might be spent somewhat differently than they imagined.

  • Episode 5 - Hellhounds on my Trail - mostly around Salt Lake City, UT

A plea for help from an attacked motorist takes the Remington cousins on a demonic detour.

  • Episode 6 - A Walk in the Park - Yosemite National Park, CA

A call from a friend about missing hikers takes the Remingtons to meet up with a Californian hunter, Josh, to put to rest the real reason behind a string of disappearances in Yosemite National Park.

Old friends from Alaska draw the brothers back to the East Coast and deep into even older black magic.

  • Episode 8 - A Nightmare on Hill Manor - Knoxville, TN

The crew rejoin in what, for a change, is a rather nice inn instead of a seedy motel room with aged wallpaper and a Magic Fingers on every bed. The hunters get to know the staff and long term residents: clearly something isn't right here.

  • Episode 9 - Ghost of Christmas Past - Camp Verde, AZ

The hunters head to the Southwest to get in the Christmas spirit. Or are they spirits?

The hunters, recovered from the holidays, find a detour returning them to New England on a lead about vampires, specifically a girl who served as inspiration for author Bram Stoker. Could there still be a vampire presence here when hunters had supposedly eradicated them from the area? Or is there something more sinister that lead to the deaths of two teens? Will they learn more about the Asag, the Green-Eyed Demon and his plans? Just who is Birkenstock Man; is he Ninurta and what kind of monster is he anyways?

  • Episode 11 - Of Wolf and Man - Fort Douglas, WI and Elkhorn, WI

The hunters go to check out what happened at the church they encountered the Green-Eyed Demon in and get sucked into reports of werewolf attacks in a nearby town.

  • Episode 12 - Mommy Dearest - Niles Village, Chicago, IL

The hunters head to Chicago to retrieve a vial of Saint Martha's tears hidden in an underground vault, but are waylaid by a critical mass of creepy children - changelings.

The search for Martha's relics continues to a church in Columbus where a banshee is plaguing the largely Irish parish. It seems the worried clergy sent the relic overseas to a cousin... who just happens to live in Ainé's hometown of Gort, Ireland.

  • Episode 14 - Search for the Holy Girdle - Chicago, IL

Gort brings back old memories for Ainé, who's hiding the key to the bloody bones that is currently plaguing the town. A damaged relic sends the hunters on a desperate mission to Avalon, but they encounter someone they did not expect.

The archangel Raphael has sent the hunters back to Ancient Rome to intercept Martha and obtain her girdle before it's lost to time, but this is not the only relic in their midst. Dr. Airy discovers a hidden truth about himself that explains quite a lot.

  • Episode 16 - The Boys From The Institution
  • Episode 17 - DARE To Keep Kids off Drugs
  • Episode 18 - The Labors of Marcus Remington(10/20/2012)
    Got hint about location of hammer, belt and gloves of Thor from Bjorn. Location will be revealed when we blow up Loki's temple in Mostar, Bosnia, and sanctify a temple to Thor in its place. Got carried down hill by Marcus.
  • Episode 19 - The Sun Remains, Remember

Season 2

To Catch a Thief (8/18/2012)
Great Bank heist. Bought blue Prom Dress. Talked to Dasra and Nasatya (Hindu Gods). Got fragment of True Cross.

The Boys from the Institute (6/16/2012)
Met Father Richard Case in Washington. Bought car in Midwest. Found Zombies in Georgia run by Dasra and Nasatya (demons).

Went to New Orleans to talk to Tia about Vodou, gave her Marajuana. Got Large bottle of expensive Rum. Attended Vodou ceremony wearing white dress. Gave Rum to warrior spirit. Exorcised Warrior.

Went to Mexico - Cholula pyramid. Partied in front of calendar with midget, sorority girls, two goats, a goat cart, mead, and marijane. And a tesla coil, and storm sounds. Lightning opened the calendar. Amanda received visions of Vegas, and Norse parties. Marcus saw Devil's trap. Dr Aery/Raphael went down tunnel. Raf said wards were Enochian, then disappeared. Marcus took photos of them. Box on plinth with symbols. Scrap of paper (binder paper) inside.

Address in Nazereth, Israel. Note to Thor. CD of Loki in Nazereth briefs us. Bjorn is Thor.

Go to Vegas. Meet Valkyrie (). Go to bank to get Gauntlets. Lucifer and World-Snake appear in guise of bank employees. Threw holy water at World Snake and got Roman knife out to fight snake. Hit three times.

Thor got bitten and died. World-Snake died, crushed by hammer. His Vessile lived.

The Son Remains - Remember Me (12/8/2012)
Heading to Fargo, North Dakota. Trained thrown weapons (Ranged) up to D2. Talked to Raphael and read Amanda's notes to find out about healing as a child.

Inter-Season (Summer)
Finished exam - Got "A" from UC Davis. Went around world with Dasra. Attended festival. Gifted with spices. Fade-out as he took her home.

Burden Of Our Remembrances (3/16/2013)
Amanda got abducted by "aliens". Actually cursed by leprechauns. Was in "The Tempest" play

Leaning on the Fourth Wall (3/16/2013)
(Not in Episode)

Unhappiest Place on earth (3/16/2013)
"Oct 8,2010

Out Playing Hunters and Indians in the Back Yard (7/20/2013)
Oct 9,2010 Amanda talked to Medicine man at local Pow-Wow in Gallup, NM. He recommended that she re-connect with her Mother's tribe.

In the Hearts of Men (3/16/2013)
(Not in Episode)

Welcome to the Hotel Colorado (10/19/2013)
Located in Southern California. Khan picked his mom up at LAX. Went to Club 33 at Disneyland (Cult of the Mouse). Had dinner with Khan's Mom. Told her about people getting killed/disappearing. Left her under protection of "Cult of the Mouse" at Disneyland.

We finally tracked down Dan (group leader of group in photo) for "Greek Isle" project. Meeting him in GlennWood Resort. Headless horseman in dining room. Ghosts had been benevolent, are now frightened

Dan (ex-priest) Taught exorcism of spirits by Dan (bartender and ex-priest). Sara, Doug, Susie and Justin to still be contacted.

Bigfoot (8/18/2013 - 12/28/2013)
Great Bank heist. Bought blue Prom Dress. Talked to Dasra and Nasatya (Hindu Gods). Got fragment of True Cross.

With Good Intentions (12/28/2013)
Met with Dasra. Investigated Church. Sealed Mine that lead to Hell Whispers.

'Road To ShamBaLa(4/19/2014)
Feds give False ID of Patty Andrews. Investigating pocket watch. Hotel Greenbriar.

Back to Castle Wolfenstein (4/19/2014)
Time Transported to 1939 Nazi Germany. Rescued Thor from Nazi Prison in Witterschaft?

XP = 8. -6

You'll Come a Walking, Mary Annie, with Me (6/20/2014)
Time. 9/10/2010

XP =

Where in the world is Cameron,Kansis(6/20/2014)
Time. 12/17/2010

XP =

"Chupawhatsit?" (1/17/2015)
Time: 12/31/2010

XP =

Season 2

  • Episode 1 - Burden Our Remembrances - Baltimore, MD
  • Episode 2 - Leaning on the Fourth Wall - Hollywood, CA
  • Episode 3 - The Unhappiest Place on Earth - Anaheim, CA
  • Episode 4 - Out Playing Hunters and Indians in the Back Yard - Gallup, NM
  • Episode 5 - The Hearts of Men - Winchester, OR
  • Episode 6 - Welcome to the Hotel Colorado - Glenwood Springs, CO
  • Episode 7 - Fouk Monster/(Megachurch) - Miller County/Arkadelphia, AR
  • Episode 8 - Southern Discomfort - Kingsport, TN
  • Episode 9 - The Road to Shambala - White Sulphur Springs, WV
  • Episode 10 - Back to Castle Wolfenstein - Berlin, Germany (October 6-8, 1939), White Sulphur Springs, WV, and an elder home in AZ
  • Episode 11 - Cool Come a Walking Marietta With Me - Twain Harte, CA (December 10, 2010)
  • Episode 12 - Where in the World is Cameron, Kansas - Cameron, KS (December 17-24, 2010)
  • Episode 13 - Chupathingy - Kansas City, KS (December 24, 2010 - January 1, 2011)
  • Episode 14 - Crossover - Kansas City, MO (January 7, 2011)
  • Episode 15 - Black Watergate - Washington DC (January 14, 2011)
  • Episode 16 - Jesus of Suburbia - Novato, CA (January 14, 2011) 5 Shon Court, Novato, CA.
  • Unaired Episode 2 - Forget-Me-Not - Truckstop, Missoula, (January, 2011)Second Annual Winter Brewfest
  • Supernatural Summer 2 - Year-Long Vacation" Connected with Tribal Shaman.