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A work in progress, for sure.

First, you might want this: Hunter Rolodex a brief list of folks in the business you know, regardless of their episode. It helps weed things out if you want to make a quick call.

Contacts and characters known, listed by Episode, important ones bolded. Basically this is a list of anyone with “screen time” that you may ever want to contact again. Dead or no, enemy or friend, major or minor.

S01E01 Pilot “Choke Hold” (Aired September 25, 2009)

Major Characters

  • The Green-Eyed Demon - later named as Asag, killed Amanda’s sister Lily and the Remington brother’s mother Linda, exorcised by their father John, but returned. Returning Character
  • John Remington - John and Marcus’ father, would rather provide a safe home for his boys to return to in Alaska than go on the road for Linda’s killer because it would be what she wanted. Gave his journal to the boys. Lives in Fox, Alaska. Returning Character
  • Chuck Savage - the “Bobby” figure, an uncle, friend, experienced hunter, crotchety cowboy, and point man. Lives in: Laramie, Wyoming. Returning Character
  • Officer Mike (Michael) White - Young and honest, now “the law” in town, is clued in to the supernatural and helped clean up the mess at the church. Lives in Fort Douglas, Wisconsin Returning Character
  • Father Patrick MacManus - Elderly, portly parish priest, knows what secrets the walls of St. Paul’s Church is holding, showed the hunters Saint Martha’s cross. Lives in Fort Douglas, Wisconsin
  • Father Trey Seager - Young priest who tried not to be distracted by Amanda or her brothers, Father MacManus’ assistant. Lives in: Fort Douglas, Wisconsin Returning Character

Minor Characters

  • Linda Remington - June’s twin protective mother and independent spirit, had a strong background in Athabascan culture from which she was descended. Killed after being possessed by the Green-Eyed Demon. Returning Character
  • June Lake - Linda’s twin and torn mother of Amanda and Lily, taken in by Victor Lake, in a heterodox Seventh Day Adventist group. Lives in Sonora, California. Returning Character
  • Castor Gray - June’s first husband and Amanda’s father, died in a car crash.
  • Victor Lake - June’s second husband, deacon in his church, wanted to abandon Amanda for her lack of faith as the questions her healing would have raised in the church would have shattered his position.
  • Agatha Gray - Castor’s aunt and Amanda’s mentor, Wiccan from Humboldt, black sheep of the family. Died from a mysterious beast that the Remington boys had to rescue Amanda from. Returning Character in flashbacks
  • Lily Remington - Amanda’s older sister, killed by the Green-Eyed Demon Returning Character in flashbacks
  • Kathy Remington - John’s wife and the boys’ stepmother. Returning Character
  • Jennifer Remington - Kathy’s daughter and the boys’ stepsister, 11 years younger than Scott. Sees the Remingtons as siblings through and through, but she is particularly close to Marcus. Returning Character

Other Fort Douglas, Wisconsin characters:

Miss Norma Perkins - front desk at the Gates Hotel
Jason Myers - Night Porter at the Gates Hotel
Diane Christiansen - Librarian
Phillip Wilkes - reporter and editor
ME Dr. Neil Heinzelmann - the town doc and ME, friendly with Dr. Airy
Various store clerks that John Clark interviewed while buying girl crap.

S01E02 “His Lesser Half” (Aired Oct 2, 2009)

Major Characters

  • Zach Schram - A well known fixer in the hunting community and anchor of sorts for New England and the Mid Atlantic Regions, Zach wound up being the host for the negative traits and spiritual energies left over from Larry Boher’s life enhancing sacrifices. A stillborn baby, he was the first and closest vessel for the sad bits of multiple spirits to enter. His parents thought it was a miracle. Zach is, in essence, a fusion of souls. Where his real soul is, God knows. Zach suffered from this: he had the worst luck, allergies, a non-existant immune system, it was incredibly hard for him to grow muscle tone. Zach’s studies led him to confirm his belief in the supernatural, and to become a hunter. He can’t do much himself, but he can use his very good brain and instinct to support others. Zach typically makes just enough to support himself, offering a lot of IOU’s to other hunters in need and politely forgetting them most of the time. In person Zach is a humorous flub, but in distance, he’s a whirring encyclopedia. Now that he knows what he is, he’s a little more uncertain about himself, but he is more committed to hunting the type of horrors that made inhuman things like himself. Lives in Essex Fells, New Jersey. Returning Character
  • Larry Boher - scrawny egotistical mob hit man, dabbled in black magic to make himself stronger, which effected Zach Scram in unforeseen ways. Larry grew up in New Jersey with brains but no personality, or morality for that matter. He stopped growing in 6th grade and the bullying turned him sour and Larry dug through his grandmothers attic for relief; he found her grimoires instead. Larry set forth to make himself strong and tough with the aid of human sacrifices. He grew, never became ill, and it looked like he wouldn’t have to make any more sacrifices, either. He was the frail looking hit man, the bruiser up the mob’s sleeve. Eventually he found out that his ritual wasn’t perfect and had created Zach Schram. He pursued him and was taken out by the Hunters, dramatically, and with the help of Zach and Boher’s next hit, mob man Antony Scapanelli. Dead

Minor Characters

  • Antony Scapanelli - Scapanelli was a mob man, but was given a new lease on life by the hunters for a little help taking down Boher in his own home. Boher was sent to kill him for witnessing a murder-admittedly while committing one of his own. His home utterly destroyed, and life in the mob over, Scapanelli rode off into the sunrise. Last word was he was doing some jobs for Zach. Current residence unknown as his home was blown up in the episode. Scapanelli is a contact. Returning Character
  • Margaret Rendinelli - daughter in the Rendinelli famili that own Idylease Inn, a “neutral” spot for the illegal, rich, powerful, and/or supernatural. Particularly keen on Ciaran. Lives in West Milford, New Jersey. Returning Character
  • Jonas McClusky - A Hunter who bought a book of of Zach as a middleman for Larry Boher.
  • Lilah Walker, a future hunter character, is mentioned by name as having passed on Zach's letter to Chuck, serving as a go betweens for the fixer.

S01E03 “Synchronicity” (Aired Oct 16th, 2009)

All introduced characters live in Marlinton, West Virginia or the surrounding area.

Major Characters

  • Lilah Walker - fellow hunter and confidant, lost father at age 11, trouble maker and fun-loving 30 year old, has a good sized library, married to Blake.
  • Blake Walker - former army staff sergeant, suffers PTSD and survivor’s guilt for the incident at Abu Sayyad. Was possessed by the Eidolon Abu Sayyad and killed Jasper Largent. Was fighting the eidolon the whole time in his subconscious. He’ll need time to recover before he can get back to regular life, or to hunting.
  • Pandora - Lilah’s faithful bloodhound, was a troublemaker herself before Lilah, loves meeting other hunters and helped track down Blake and is happy to have her home back to normal.
  • Abu Sayyad - an eidolon or possessing spirit that has some unique traits and is hard to exorcise. Killed at least Jasper Largent and was trapped in a shrine eons ago by a hero named Ninurta, was guarded by priests of an unknown faith until it got lucky and possessed Blake Walker. Tad wasn’t too keen on talking about what they saw and what happened, but seeing what had become of his comrade and friend changed that. That and a plea from a platoon commander’s wife.

Minor Characters

  • Tad Hogan - former army sergeant and squad mate and buddy to Blake, was the only other survivor of the Abu Sayyad incident. Speaks Arabic and identified Abu Sayyad and the name Ninurta.
  • Beth Hogan - Tad’s wife, is far to used to random people with fake names coming to visit her husband from time to time.
  • Brent McCutcheon - Jasper’s cousin and worried hunter, humble enough to ask for help and know that something strange is afoot. Hunter of the regular sort in Milton, West Virginia. Probably took out a mountain lion and other game not considered game by the law. Considers self a “big game hunter.” Classic blue collar good ole boy.
  • Stu Tygart - member of the pack, a little old school and reserved. Hunter of the regular sort in Milton, West Virginia. Probably took out a mountain lion and other game not considered game by the law. Considers self a “big game hunter.” Classic blue collar good ole boy. Stu rarely shows emotion even when he cares.
  • Caleb Parker - overall “bad seed” and cougar killer (the animal, not Shirley), was captured by Blake as possessed by the EIdolon Abu Sayyad. Has a firm belief of the supernatural and is likely scared onto the Straight and Narrow Trait. Hunter of the regular sort in Milton, West Virginia. Probably took out a mountain lion and other game not considered game by the law. Considers self a “big game hunter.” Classic blue collar good ole boy. Caleb is the most hotheaded of the group. Caleb was Lilah’s suggestion for a host in a flash of momentary vengeance.
  • Jasper Largent - good guy budding Hunter, and great hunter, widower, was the leader of Brent, Caleb, and Stu, and perhaps the only one keeping Caleb in line. Was killed by Blake as possessed by the EIdolon Abu Sayyad. Unfortunately, he was the oldest, best, and brightest of the bunch. Jasper was on to the eidolon. You know, he might’ve become a hunter one day. Too bad he died first.
  • Brad Jenner - Identified in John Remington's journal, named as a person who had locked his son up in the basement when his son was possessed by an eidolon. John referenced having to deal with breaking it to Brad that he would need to kill his own son. Possible friend, local, native, or hunter. Unknown possible contact.

Other Residents of Marlinton, West Virginia:

Leslie O’Dowd - older woman, antique store owner, thinks Amanda is pregnant and Ciaran is the father.
Daisy Weston - one of the girls Scott slept with after Lilah’s party. Thinks Amanda is preggers and Marcus is the baby-daddy.
Big T.J. - sporting goods clerk at the Bullseye store
Shirley McGivern - cougar, was intimate with Jasper Largent.

S01E04 “Trick or Treat” (Aired Oct 30, 2009)

Major/Minor Characters

Major Characters show up minorly via vessels, visions, and research:

  • Regina Proudfoot - deceased grandmother, was seen fighting a possessed Robert in Amanda’s visions with a strange silver blade, confronted him over “Croatoan” labeled vials. Angelic vessel.
  • Robert Croft - deceased young man, was possessed by the Green - Eyed Demon and likely released or summoned the acheri demon, possibly linked to “Croatoan”
  • Birkenstock Man - was seen removing a silver blade Regina used and closed the dead woman’s eyes, face never shown in Amanda’s visions. Recurring Character
  • Ghost Writer - took the wood burning tool to write a cryptic message to the hunters, quoted Nietzsche, wants to slay Asag once and for all.
  • Asag - a possible name from John’s journal for the Green-Eyed Demon- Confirmed! Recurring Character
  • Ninurta - in research, the god-hero who slew Asag, also the one who locked the eidolon in Abu Sayyad, possibly the Ghost Writer. Recurring Character

Residents of Suffield TWP, OH

Ron and Lillian Balca - neighbors of the deceased Regina and Robert
Tammy Croft - daughter of Regina and mother of Robert, neighbor
Mike Baughman - neighbor to Regina and Robert.
Evie McKnight - Robert’s Supervisor
Tom Leroy - volunteer fireman in Suffield
Sheriff David Doak - was not visited, but exists
Allice Sykes - historian for the Suffield area, knows about the Grassmen and Melonhead lore
M.E. Mallory Wain - got along well with the hunters, autopsied the deceased, prefers working with the dead over the living.
Fire Chief Bill Rasnik - easy going middle aged man, friendly with the hunters.

S01E05 “Hell Hounds on My Trail” (Aired November 6, 2009)

Major Characters

  • Alan Mills - Software engineer “with no real muscle” who made a bad deal to be the next Bill Gates, or so he said, and was being chased by demon bikers but was really just the vessel possessed by a demon working the hunters to get a leg ahead. He was even carrying a bag of crap he said he got from a Navajo to help protect him from the demonic entities after him. Well… that part was true at least, the body of Alan Mills was being hunted by demons because he was being ridden by one with a very high bounty. In the end, Alan got a sweet little package to get his startup jump started thanks to the negotiations of the hunters. He apparently got his wife back and gave the hunters his card, owes the hunters a favor much like the demon who possessed him.
  • Raum - demon and earl of Hell, honors his deals and his vessels, epic liar, also owes the Remington clan a favor for their assistance.
  • Bill Coogan - Hell’s Angel and C.P.A., was possessed by the tsayid chasing Raum, gave Amanda his card and, yup, owes the group a favor for their assistance.

S01E06 “A Walk in the Park” (Aired November 13, 2009)

Major Characters

  • Josh Johnson - Bartender from Northern California and part time hunter keeping the community of Ukiah safe. Traumatized by cow mutilations. Helps work the case with the Remingtons.
  • Joseph McHale - National Park Ranger who hooks the Remingtons up with Josh, had help from them on a previous case involving a demonically possessed bear.

Minor Characters

  • Janet Douglas - Yosemite Park Ranger and history specialist, works in the museum and knows the local lore.
  • Rob Cratchet - Yosemite Park Ranger who’s worked there since the 1970’s, great memory of the park’s more recent history.
  • Chief Tenaya - “Last” chief of the Ahwahneechee people, laid a curse haphazardly on the canyon that now bears his name to attract others who felt loss the way he lost his son, but now salted, burned, and at rest.
  • Florence “Floy” Hutchings - first white child born in Yosemite, friends with John Muir, was distraught after her best friend’s death, a sorrow which led her to fall by the curse in Tenaya Canyon, became a stone wraith, now salted, burned, and at rest.

S01E07 “Transmutations” (Aired November 20th, 2009)

Major Characters

  • Cassie Price - Friend and neighbor to the Remingtons in Alaska, was looked after byt the brothers when their father tried to save hers. Moved to Baltimore for college (Johns Hopkins) trying to stay away from the Supernatural though she found a passion in hunting. Friend to Frankie. Recently consummated a budding romance with Scott. Returning Character
  • Becky Wells - Cassie’s sorority sister and roommate, often drunk but protective of her younger best friend, tried to help but needed rescue, slept with Marcus establishing a pattern for blondes. Returning Character
  • Hans-Reudi Von Steffan (Frater Adolphus Sextus) - Swiss aristocrat, alchemist and devil-dealer, attempted to become a demon to gain immortality using mojo enhanced drugs, a dance club, and a “black stone,” which, when destroyed, caused a messy, fleshy destruction. Wrote “The Key of Aeons,” of which a copy was placed in Zach’s care. Von Steffan was a pretty powerful alchemist and warlock on his way to apotheosis into a demonic entity after years, nay, centuries, of hard work. In the eighteenth centuries he stirred debate over Luciferian rituals and pacts in salons across Europe and was shunned by politer occult society. He was condemned by the local bishop for heresy and witchcraft and he fled to America where he lived pretty quietly, perfecting rituals he said he learned from demons themselves. Von Steffan eventually threatened the local teenage population in Baltimore through a drug he refined at a club he sponsored and owned with the end goal of slowly draining their life to get enough power for a final ritual, stopped mostly in time by the Hunters. Von Steffan underwent a rapid decomposition, Raiders of the Lost Ark style, when his Black Stone was shattered.

Minor Characters

  • Martin Price - Cassie’s father and friend to John Remington, died at the hands of a siren, for which John blames himself. Was going to reoccur in backstory

Gangers and Girls of Baltimore

Frankie Burns - leader of the Pigtown Kings, good kid led astray, life sucked away by Von Steffan. Delinquent ex-boyfriend of Becky’s, Cassie’s former love interest until his death, he was entangled with Baltimore’s Pigtown Kings and turned up dead, cluing the visiting hunters in to the bigger picture with Von Steffan.
Ty-Ty (Timothy) Cross - second in command, the bad seed, mentally crushed by Marcus, dead. Poor dude. Ty-Ty didn’t stand a chance in the Pigtown Kings. Essentially craven but starving for love, he worked hard for Von Steffan and believed his promises, ‘fessed up to the Hunters, tried to do right by the girls for Frankie’s memory, and was rewarded with death.
Kenny Smalls - another in the gang, also dead to fuel Von Steffan’s power. he half believed Ty-Ty’s promised words of glory passed on from Von Steffan. It’d be cool if it came true, wouldn’t it?
Joey Wilkes - youngest in the gang, survived! Joey was a kid with nothing better to do. If he could afford video games and weed without a job, what was there to complain about? That's sure changed!
Tiffany Patrick - Tiffany and Dawn were inseparable. They looked alike, they dressed alike, they even have the same wiki description, they were so alike. High school best friends, they were happy in college together, now freshmen, just as inseparable, following the older girls’ leads. But then something horrible happened. Tiffany died at the hands of Von Steffan. How will Dawn cope?
Dawn Frazier - Tiffany and Dawn were inseparable. They looked alike, they dressed alike, they even have the same wiki description, they were so alike. High school best friends, they were happy in college together, now freshmen, just as inseparable, following the older girls’ leads. But then something horrible happened. Tiffany died at the hands of Von Steffan. How will Dawn cope?
Debbie Lee Jacobs - caretaker/curator of Von Steffan’s estate in Ellicott city, nearly blind but has a shotgun and isn’t afraid to use it on the boys. Recognized their voices during the museum robbery. Part of a trope for the show of flirty old ladies and grannies with guns.

S01E08 “A Nightmare in Hill Manor” (Aired November 27th, 2009 - Thanksgiving Weekend)

Major Characters

  • Josiah Hill - man being hunted by other forces and sought help from Barnes. Hill lived in protected seclusion but he and his family died in a house fire. Hill’s spirit (as well as everyone else who died there) stayed in the protected space and went mad over the years, swearing revenge on Barnes and all who lived on his land.
  • Sullivan Barnes/Brian Sullivan - once only a theoretical wizard, Barnes was put to task to help a new friend, Josiah Hill, who was being haunted and hunted by some other force. Barnes created a protection spell around his house, but the barrier erected kept all the spirits there, preventing them from moving on. Now dead himself, Barnes knew it was just a matter of time before Hill takes his revenge on him, but tries to get the hunters to help as Hill wants to kill everyone there, hotel guests, residents, and our heros included.
  • Janice Poole - den mother and Tina Fey lookalike, is the first to notice something’s wrong when she attempts to use the elevator, and first to check with the others that they all experienced what they did at the end of the episode.
  • Thomas Booth - Kung fu librarian (and front desk clerk) with a weakness for the ladies, Thomas’ knowledge of local history and latin came in use while flirting with Amanda, an effort he eventually abandoned.
  • Rachel O’Hara - San Francisco detective with Irish and Jewish roots in Boston, hits things off with Cíaran, her level head was helpful to the crew.
  • Ben Holt - college student and hipster, fends off possessed guests with a katana, changes into a Night of the Living Dead shirt to “keep it cool.”
  • Birkenstock Man - probably manipulated the entire night. He warns Dr. Airy that battle (they think its the apocalypse) is coming but that he could help protect Dr. Airy and his friends if he lets him. He says that this horror is the type of horror Asag unleashes and will unleash on the world, and he must kill Asag once and for all. He needs Dr. Airy’s help to do so... when the time is right, and the doctor agreed.

Other Guests and Residents of Hill Manor:

Nishan “Nicky Sims” Sadoyan - stoic bruiser, seen as a dead man
Michael Nero - handsomely tortured EMT, seen as a dead man, died trying to save two victims from the madmen/zombie residents.
Brandon Oliva - possessed by an insane spirit, son of Orlando
Orlando Oliva - possessed by an insane spirit, father of Brandon
The Maids and Josiah’s daughter - spectral women seen dusting, consumed by the fire that killed her, the hunters managed to communicate with one to glimpse the pocket watch

S01E09 “Ghost of Christmas Past” (Christmas Special, 2009)

Major Characters

  • Jacob Tanner - abusive and troublemaking soldier from the late 1880‘s. After beating a saloon girl to death, Tanner was given 30 lashes and tied to the back of a camel and sent into the desert to die. Tanner was cursed by the saloon girl before she died to know no rest, though unfortunately he continued his abuse. Ultimately sent to his final destination when John and Amanda salted and burned his skull.
  • The Red Ghost - a surly and ornery camel in life, the Red Ghost went mad with a dead Tanner strapped to his back for years. When it was finally shot by a homesteader, Tanner forced the mad camel to seek revenge the way Tanner wanted, creating the Red Ghost. Finally put to rest when John and Cíaran salted and burned its bones.
  • Deputy Frank Robbins - younger and truly good-natured deputy, got stuck with Christmas duty and, of course, dealing with both the Red Ghost’s and the Remingtons’ escapades. Took down descriptions of Scott and the ‘Cuda.

Minor Characters

  • Yolanda Hunt-Blackcrow - college student and worker at the Visitor center and museum at Montezuma’s Castle, was beaten by Tanner.
  • Dr. Rawl Rainey - klutzy coroner operating in the Oasis Springs mortuary
  • Stella - Queen and owner/manager of Stella’s Diné Diner
  • B.K. - Teen on the scene who caught a blurry image of Jacob Tanner on his call phone, macho, skater
  • Mr. Preske: store owner and witness, however grounded he is in reality.
  • Carlos Estrada - county archivist, very easy to talk to and perceptive, he knocked himself out by running into a shelving unit when he saw the Red Ghost for himself.
  • Mike Lazlo - Construction security at the Desert Oasis Construction Company. Not overly loyal, he was BS’d by the PCs who posed as construction workers and had drinks with him.
  • John Burlington - Owner of the Desert Oasis Construction Company, ID’d the dead from his construction company killed by the Red Ghost. Believed that a gang from CA had come in.
  • Charlie Monroe - dead construction worker, she was killed when the Red Ghost was unearthed at the construction site.

S01E10 “Mercy, Mercy Me” (Aired January 8, 2010)

Major Characters

  • Mercy Brown - Former vampire turned reaper. Her own father embraced her when she became ill to save her life, though this was the intentions of both Peckham and the Green-Eyed demon. Despite this, Mercy still tended her ailing family, occasionally feeding on her tubercular brother and sister to help ease their pain and suffering. Unfortunately, this led to a hunt instigated by Peckham himself. When the locals killed Mercy refused to go to Purgatory and became a ghost to protect the cemetery, insulted by the desecration. Death offered her the choice to become a reaper, feeling that having her reap Peckham would be "wonderfully good karma," and oh yes it was. Recurring Character
  • James Peckham (Christopher) - vampire and devotee of the Green-Eyed Demon, Peckham turned Mercy Brown's father and, by extension, instigated the downfall of her family. He's been lurking in town under the alias of Christopher Peckham, a descendant of himself, and dominating his brood "family" with iron fangs. Killed by the hunters.
  • Arthur - vampire childe of James Peckham and biological twin to Arianne, Arthur takes pity on the dying Bella and gives her the gift of unlife. He and Arianne have been waiting for ages for a chance to escape Peckham's tyranny. He's sociable and willing to work with the hunters, even sacrificing his own blood for them. He and Amanda have a short lived fling before he took Arianne and hit the road. They headed south.
  • Arianne - Arthur's biological twin sister, she originally wanted to put the soccer girls out of their misery after their car crashed but was persuaded otherwise by her brother. Arianne is a little cold and suspicious of the other hunters, but she's really after protecting her brother and new vampire Bella. She originated the solution for Arthur and herself to hunt animals for their primary blood source to assuage their guilt and end their dependence on Peckham.
  • Wendy - reclusive "wife" to Peckham in his brood, she mostly hid at home and fought with the devotion of a cultist to protect Peckham until the hunters showed her a final death.
  • Bella - originally an A student and soccer star at her high school, she and friend Elena died in a car crash when they saw Arthur and Arianne feeding on a deer after visiting the grave of Mercy Brown. Arthur took pity on the dying Bella and turned her into a vampire and hid her at the Peckham farm. Bella was spotted and confused for a ghost until she was ID'd by the hunters. Bella died at the farm when she sided with Peckham and Wendy over the twins.
  • Rev. Sam Vernon - Reverend in the Baptist church Mercy's grave is attached to. Rev. Vernon saw vampirism as a way of explaining the diseases around humanity, especially in the case of the Brown family, tipping off Amanda to the handiwork of the Green-Eyed Demon in Exeter.
  • Capt. John Reynolds - army officer and hunter who uncovered Peckham and Mercy's father's brood feeding on the inhabitants of the poor house. He started the conflagration that took down the house, held George down as they both died in the fire. In his journal it was revealed that the last name Reynolds was a pseudonym for his family's real last name: Remington. Seemed to have sympathized with Mercy.

Residents of Exeter, RI

Connie Boon - soccer girl and car crash survivor
Jenna Horn - soccer girl and car crash survivor
Elena - soccer girl who died in the car crash
Capt. Darren Delaney - police officer who was on the scene of the crash
Lt. Kevin Hawkins - younger police officer who was on the scene of the crash
M.E. Gideon Patterson - Exeter's M.E., like a young and American Ducky from NCIS.

S01E11 “Of Wolf and Man” (Aired January 12, 2010)

Major Characters

  • Sgt. Mike White - Lt. Mike White from "Synchronicity" got a promotion! Recurring Character
  • Father Trey Seager - another familiar face, "the young priest" from the Pilot, Fr. Seager shows the hunters the vault and tips them off to the relics of Saint Martha being a target for the Green-Eyed Demon. He's worried shitless and gives the hunters the delivery slip showing the four churches that came over from France, presumably they each have one of the four relics of Martha mentioned in the lore. Recurring Character

In Elkhorn:

  • Dwayne Ward - Mahwêwatoni pack member, wolves shapeshifting as humans, Dwayne attacked Stan Cleary after he became controlling of Leah, whom Dwayne crushes on. This attack unleashed a curse on him, that if one of his kind were to attack a human, their dual natures - a blessing from the local native tribe - would blur, leading to ruin and the need for the pack to hunt the cursed Mahwêwatoni or give up their blessing entirely. Dwayne's fate is saved when the Remington brothers and Amanda, who have native blood, were able to perform the original ritual to give the Mahwêwatoni back their blessing. The pack leader, Joey, promises that Dwayne will receive help.
  • Stan Cleary - center football player and senior at Fox High School who had car trouble and was ravaged by the Beast. He got insanely jealous over anyone talking to his girlfriend Leah, who he wanted to marry but expected to stay home and raise a family. He beat up Dwayne for talking about poetry with Leah.
  • Joey Brown - tribal leader of the Mahwêwatoni wolf/human shapeshifters. He lives with his daughter Katie and takes the pack out to hunt Dwayne, worried that they may have to kill him or give up their special gift to end the curse Dwayne provoked. His plea for civility with the hunters strikes a cord in the Remington brothers, and they identify the Mahwêwatoni as animal spirits kin to those in their native Alaska, leading them to find a loophole in the curse.
  • Leah Hartley - Leah was Stan's girlfriend, but was horribly mistreated by him, to the point where Dwayne felt the need to go after him. Leah thinks she's the intended target of the attacks when really Dwayne is protecting her.

Minor Characters in Elkhorn

  • LeAnn Robinson - Sole witness to the attack on Stan, though other girls from the high school saw the Beast. This 60-something widow was getting back into the swing of life and totally tried to seduce Dr. Magnum.
  • Rose Garstin - cheerleader, friend to Leah, and witness to the Beast. The girls go to hide at Rose's house when shit hits the fan.
  • Mandy Graves - cheerleader, friend to Leah, and witness to the Beast. Mandy was the most "with it" of the cheerleaders simply because she could relate everything to films and television. Also flirts with Dr. Magnum.

Denizens of the Elkhorn area:

Karen Witten - 30 something local interest writer with the scoop on the Beast of Bray Road, a wolf like urban legend critter that has recently resurfaced.
Tugg - Karen's drunk and jealous husband who picks a fight with the hunters over his woman.
Jim Whitmire - friend to Stan, he still put the moves on Leah and, of course, is attacked by Dwayne.
Mark Corrigan - auto shop teacher with a native tattoo, he saw what went down between the boys and Leah at Fox High (but is not the Beast).
Deputy Bill Rogan - he gave the standard report, but truth is, Bill saw the Beast. Now open to the supernatural.
Dr. Julio Loomis - coroner puzzled over the Beast's bite marks.
Susan Cleary - Stan Cleary's single mother. She grieved when Stan's dad walked out, now grieving over her son.
Will Stackpole - local hunter who goes out with Mike to track down the Beast, well meaning but full of liquid courage.
Mike Niebling - friend of Will Stackpole who is also well meaning but full of liquid courage.

S01E12 “Mommy Dearest” (Aired January 15, 2010)

The Clergy:

  • Rev. Stephen Kanonik - 40-ish current pastor of St. Juliana's, where the lacrymatory of Saint Martha is hidden. He knows the relic is supposedly there, but not where.
  • Rev. Donald Ahearn emeritus and Rev. Phillip Dressler emeritus - the hunters engage these Fathers in some wicked poker.
  • Rev. Roger Capli- ret. - 80 year old reverend who is happy to help the hunters peruse church history and documents to find the relic, though he is unsure how they will prove their intentions or worthiness.

The Dead Dads (and their often dead families):

  • Justin Cross - drowned in his own nosebleed over breakfast. Not in Parish or school. dead
Kristie Cross - Justin's wife, living in a state of fear and trying to be all Stepford.
Jessica Cross - changeling and the reason for Kristie's stepford syndrome. dead
  • Johnny Chesterton - fell taking down Christmas lights. Was on a step stool but his neck was completely broken and twisted. Not in Parish or school. dead
Todd Bain - Johnny's partner and a loose link in the chain for Dr. Magnum as he saw everything go down. Magnum later hired John Clarke to kill Todd. dead
Jesse Chesterton - Johnny's son and changeling who is starving for any woman available as he has no mommy to suck the synovial fluid from. Latches onto his babysitter. Has some rather creepy interactions with Magnum. dead
  • Adam Finnegan - (and yes, they had a wake). His tie caught in the door of an L train while chaperoning his daughter’s school trip to downtown Chicago. Finnegan was part of St. Juliana’s parish. dead
Sarah Finnegan - insists her daughter "is not right." No, no she isn't.
Fiona Finnegan - changeling who just wants to go back to Happy Valley Daycare! dead
  • Dennis King - fell down the chimney into an outdated heating boiler for their apartment/condo complex. dead
Natalie King - Dennis' wife who is trying to send her kid back to Happy Valley. Is actually the Mother changeling, killed dramatically in their apartment by the hunters amid lots of fire, a, because fire is the only thing that will damage changelings, and b, because killing the parent results in spontaneous combustion of the children. dead
Leo Page - Natalie's brother who bursts into Juliana's to deliver the news about dying fathers of young children.
Stanton King - Natalie's son and changeling. dead

Minor characters:

M.E. Sean Sellars - a 65 yearr old with an Einstein worthy mop of white hair.
Detective Rosalin Pringle - a 30-ish brunette with freckles that keep her looking more 20-ish.
Beth Coleman - Supervisor Head of Happy Valley Day Care - a kind looking woman in her 50’s, but hesitant and nervous because of previous lawsuits against the daycare for chemicals near children. She keeps them locks up, which created a red herring for the hunters.
Dawn Thackeray - Beth's cagey assistant.
Diane Holmen - Administrative Assistant at St. Juliana's.
Eduard Dolan and Robert Ryan - Deacons at St. Juliana's.
Rev. Krzysztof Paluch- assistant at Saint Juliana's.

S01E13 “Luck of the Irish” (Aired January 22, 2010)

Minor Characters

  • Fr. Jordan Lenaghan is the one who manages the Shrine of B. Margaret and is (secretly) in charge of the relic and took care of the laundry at the parish, which got him in contact with the banshee Maureen. Hearing about the attack on the church in Wisconsin, Fr. Lenaghan decides to send the relic they possess into the safe hands of his Irish cousin, David.
  • Maureen Grimes - pretty red-head who was brutally raped and murdered by her boyfriend. She's become a banshee, doing her laundry as well as the bloody laundry of the men who fall for her and die by her hands. She sings in Gaelic and warns Ainé about people seeking vengeance.
  • Justin Cavanaugh - Maureen's killer and former boyfriend. Besides being a killer, he's also a douche who likes the Dodgers and eats egg salad sandwiches with mayo. This only fuels the hunters' antagonism, so they lead him directly to Maureen so she can have her vengeance on him.

Minor Characters

  • Fr. Michael Mary Dosch - pastor of St. Patrick's and B. Margaret's
  • Fr. Gregory Schanckenberg - was good friends with Fr. Jordan Lenaghan, and is able to point the hunters to the dead priest's things to figure out what he did with the relic of St. Martha.
  • Constance O’Brien - apartment super who had heard a scream and found the deceased Fr. Lenaghan.
  • Siobhan McMurphy - Fr. Lenaghan's sister, who lives in Galway and was willing to transport the relic for him back to Ireland to leave with a trusted cousin named David. She's mentioned but does not appear until the next episode. Screentime Recurring Character
  • David Lenaghan - Fr. Lenaghan's Irish cousin whom he trusts with the relic of St. Martha. Screentime Recurring Character

S01E14 “The Search for the Holy Girdle” (Aired January 29, 2010)

Major Characters

  • David Lenaghan - Fr. Lenaghan's cousin is revealed to also be a priest. He believes that the Bloody Bones currently plaguing the town is a challenge for the hunters to prove that they are the true recipients of the relic of St. Martha. He also bands with a local Neo-Druid to ward the area while the hunters hunt. He does not know that the relic - Martha's girdle - is trashed or false.
  • Conchobhair O’Dea - Ainé's intended who participated in the taunting and accidental murder of Gainey, the Bloody Bones of Gort. When Ainé makes her deal with a demon to bring back the dead children killed by the Bloody Bones, he dies in the ensuing pint-sized zombie apocalypse. He also looks remarkably like Cíaran. Recurring Character in Flashbacks
  • Valefar - the demon to whom Ainé sold her soul. He made a bargain that if she were to take her own life before her contract was due, he would possess her instead of Hell. He entrapped Ainé and would force her to sing for his pleasure. Recurring Character
  • Gainey - a bum once taunted by local boys until one night when things got to far and he was killed. Because Cíaran looks like Conchobhair, he identifies him as his original attacker, and he holds a grudge against Ainé for not stopping the boys as he saw her watching them torment him from her window in Gort Castle. It is possible that he resurfaced in anticipation of their arrival. He sees both as targets for his vengeance, but he is eventually laid to rest by some creative uses of Molotov cocktails and firearms in confined spaces.
  • The Archangel Raphael - Birkenstock man is finally revealed to be an angel, and he's been following the hunters around for some time, though his motives are unclear. He has a sense of urgency and sends them back to 50 AD (and gives them tongues) to obtain Martha's girdle from the last known time it existed - her battle with the Tarrasque. He tells the hunters to seek out a man in town named Lucius. Recurring Character

Minor Character

  • Siobhan McMurphy - Fr. Lenaghan's sister, who lives in Galway. Finally seen on screen, she reveals that David lives in Gort, Ainé's hometown.
  • Neo-Druid garden store keeper - Helps supply Amanda and works with the priest to secure the area. He and the father both notice that there is someone else warding the area besides themselves and Amanda.
  • Merlin, King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, Morgan, and the other Queens of Avalon - while none of these legendary figures appear in this episode, Dr. Airy's contacts point him to finding Avalon as Merlin, a cambion, could bend reality to send the hunters back in time to obtain Martha's girdle. Raphael confirms the existence of one or more of these figures as when the hunters' boat arrives in Avalon, he stops them saying that "You don't want them, you want me. They could only give you a few days, but I can give you two weeks." Recurring in Character Hallucinations
  • João - one of the dead kids of Gort with the coolest name
  • Lucius - a Roman hunter who takes in the dazed crew and puts them to bed in his villa. Recurring in Next Episode

S01E15 “When in Rome” (Aired February 5, 2010)

  • Lucius (thank you, Ben!) - Semi-retired Roman hunter who owns a villa in what will become Glastonbury, England. He uses what money he has left to pay for his occupation. He helped the hunters get to Londinium in exchange for help digging up a ghost's bones on a hunt. He was willing to help with few questions asked, as "you don't want to know" is a common enough line in his experiences as a soldier on the German front.
  • Gaius Julius Alpinus Classicianus - an actual historical figure! Classicianus was starting his career in Britannia and recognized both the potential in the province and predicted revolts from the governor's mismanagement of the situation. He also happened to have built his new villa on a suspicious burial site of a woad covered and shackled Celt. In thanks, he helps procure armor and orders for the hunters to lubricate their path to southern Gaul. Dr. Airy found his wall paintings fascinating.
  • Martha - future Christian saint but now a follower of Christ believed by some to have greater abilities. She is asked by a closet Christian to visit Emaginum to help with the Tarrasque. She briefly asks Scott for directions and is followed by Amanda and Airy. She is killed by The Twins on the way to Emaginum but is resurrected by Raphael using Airy's body. Thematically/Spiritually Recurring Character
  • Lazarus - brother of Martha, follower of Christ, in other words, the resurrected one from the New Testament. He is a little more timid than his sister but supports her. He accompanies her so she would not have to travel alone.
  • The Twins - young looking male and female twins possessed by some pretty powerful demons. They attacked Martha and Lazarus on the road, killing Martha and severely wounding John and Amanda. The girl used a large knife and held off the hunters so that the boy could exit his vessel and "tell father" what was going on. Their father is presumably Asag, the Green-Eyed Demon. At least, that was the initial thought. the Twins are the Ashvins, Dasra and Nasatya, Hindu dieties, who were enslaved to Asag. It gets complicated. And now they are friends. Recurring Characters
  • Raphael/Airy/Birkenstock Man- Raphael reveals that Airy is his intended vessel, while the Birkenstock Man (name still unknown) is an imperfect but willing vessel. Birkenstock man cannot sustain Raphael for long, and apparently enjoys crêpes, though Rafael does not. Airy agrees to let Raphael use him as a vessel to resurrect/heal Martha and the other hunters and protect the them during the battle with the Tarrasque. Airy also agrees to let Raphael use him "when the time comes" during the apocalypse and their eventual fight against Asag. Recurring Character/PC

Characters on "The Party Boat," a.k.a., "What happens in Rome stays in Rome:"

Merchant Crispus - the owner of the boat the hunters booked passage on to get to Burdigala.
Marcus Fabius Nero and wife Aemelia Tertia - couple traveling home on the boat to Burdigala. Cíaran winds up in a threesome with them.
Hortensia - barely legal fourteen year old slave of Aemelia Tertia's who is cornered by both Drusus and Cíaran
Felix - slave of Marcus Fabius Nero's, also on the boat.
Gaius Flavius Crispus - worried brother of Drusus who knows his brother has changed in some way.
Drusus Flavius Crispus - dead teen brother of Gaius who is possessed by a Stryga (plural, Strix). The Stryga wants to have a good time, which involves a lot of partying on the way to Gaul, which he plans on burning, raping, and pillaging. He is sated by some clever uses of herbs by Amanda and pork from the boys, trapped in light, and killed with a swift exorcism.
Pedagogue Vitus - Greek slave and tutor to the brothers and guide on their journey, he also agrees that Drusus was lost in Londinium
Stinky Septimus - initial suspect on the boat, the straight man of the ensuing comedy.

S01E16 - "The Boys From The Institution" (Aired February, 12, 2010)

S01E17 - "DARE To Keep Kids off Drugs" (Aired February 19th, 2010)

S01E18 - "To Catch a Thief" (Aired April 2, 2010)

S01E19 - "The Labors of Marcus Remington" (Aired April 15th-29, 2010)

Thor - It’s a good thing Marcus got to know him a little, because he’s dead. Marcus now is the keeper of his gear.

S01E20 - "The Sun Remains, Remember Me" (Aired May 13, 2010)

Odin - The audience has seen, and Loki/Gabriel and Thor both have referred to Odin, who died during the Apocalypse.

S02E01 - "Burden Our Remembrances" - Baltimore, MD (Aired September 24, 2010)

S02E02 - "Leaning on the Fourth Wall" - Hollywood, CA (Aired October 1, 2010)

Tara Benchley - Lead actress in the Hell Hazers Series, and on set, she witnessed an apparition standing over Marty Thornton.

The Ghosts of Studio 9:

Elise Drummond- Elise was a siren of the silver screen until she met her untimely end on set in 1932. Her ghost was in black and white. Poltergeist moved on by the hunters.
Billy Beard - Poltergeist moved on by the hunters. An electrician whose head was chopped open by a large wind fan in 1948.
Agnes Mandrell - Poltergeist moved on by the hunters. An extra who died in a set fire in 1967.
Marty Thornton - Poltergeist moved on by the hunters. He died when his arm was severed by a falling light pole. Sheesh.

S02E03 - "The Unhappiest Place on Earth" - Anaheim, CA (Aired October 8, 2010)

S02E04 - "Out Playing Hunters and Indians in the Back Yard" - Gallup, NM (Aired October 15, 2010)

Nascha Ghost Wind - Nascha is not Nascha’s real name. She made a lot of bargains, and loathsome human sacrifice, to get where she is today, and to become powerful in her use of magic. She is a powerful alchemist, which is not necessarily true of all skin walkers, and shamanic magic as well. Despite her shady past, she came back to try to set some things right, and was willing to help (and accept help from) the hunters. She was willing to teach them what she knew, but also felt it dangerous since she was the one wanted for murder at the time. Now, the Hunters are burned. Nascha Ghost Wind is considered an ally.

S02E05 - "The Hearts of Men" - Winchester, OR (Aired November 11, 2010)

S02E06 - "Welcome to the Hotel Colorado" - Glenwood Springs, CO (Aired November 18, 2010)

S02E07 - "Fouk Monster/(Megachurch)" - Miller County/Arkadelphia, AR (Aired November 25, 2010)

S02E08 - "Southern Discomfort" - Kingsport, TN (Aired November 26th, 2010 Special!)

S02E09 - "The Road to Shambala" - White Sulphur Springs, WV (Aired December 1, 2010)

Characters in Time Stream Flashbacks!

  • John Remington Scott and Marcus' father has a cameo as a baby, and then as a teen wooing Linda Carson before going to Vietnam.
  • Linda Remington has similar cameos as tyke and teen.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Windsor visiting a POW camp
  • Robert Carson and Elaine Chulyin Carson - We see the budding romance of these two: One can see Elaine (a nurse) and Robert (a soldier) meet and converse in similar tongues. They have a moment of excitement in finding someone who speaks a similar native language. She puts in the most effort. He knows only his dialect, while she seems to know a couple. Later they come back for the start of Project Greek Island.
  • Henry Remington and Myrtle Remington - We see a little of Myrtle, but it's mostly Henry hanging out with Henry Winchester. The two Henries visit the Greenbrier as a team for the first time to investigate reports (some paranoia, but it's national security, and they are both young and roped in). They, surprisingly, hit it off. They blend in with the other soldiers (so are both terribly young). They are both brought back for Project Greek Island.
  • Henry Winchester - Young Henry Winchester! You could've been friends with Sam and Dean! (If things were different.) But there is a reason why both Henries named their sons John.

S02E10 - "Back to Castle Wolfenstein" - Berlin, Germany (Aired December 1 2010- took place October 6-8, 1939, ends 12/4/10), White Sulphur Springs, WV, and an elder home in AZ

S02E11 - "Who'll Come a Juaquin Murietta With Me?" - Twain Harte, CA (Aired December 10, 2010)

Joaquin Murrietta - The vigilante really did go into hiding after his reign of terror and popular heroism up and down the state of California drew death and bounty threats. The head of Joaquin Murrietta presented in the capitol all those years ago was not his, but some poor schmuck's. Why did he do it? Who knows, maybe there was some romance after all. Whether for love or not, either way the bandit was in cahoots with the local sheriff to keep the peace in town for some time, acting as a model citizen, until he was found out and dragged out to be hung one cold winter's day... all for his damned hand. Murrietta was sure as hell thankful you got his hand out of the hand of others and let him finally have some rest.

S02E12 - "Where in the World is Cameron, Kansas?" - Cameron, KS (Aired December 17-24, 2010)

S02E13 - "Chupathingy" - Kansas City, KS (Aired December 24, 2010 - January 1, 2011)

Emilio de Luyando- The eldest child of Gustavo de Luyando, the original Chupacabra, Emilio was encountered in Kansas City, MO. While he was suspected at first in the current hunt, he turned out to be an ally and partner fighting the spirits loose in the mall. de Luyando’s prognosis for his inherited cursed lymphoma is not good. According to Dr. Airy, he is likely to live only a few more years. Depending on reason or condition, he may be a contact or an ally.

S02E14 - "Crossover" - Kansas City, MO (Aired January 7, 2011)

Priscilla-Lou Belanger - First victim of "Batman" (Springheel Jack)

Bob - Owner/operator of lost property and estate sales company. Asshole.

Greg Gibson, sales agent - "Springheel Jack", was convinced to give up costume, asked to remain in contact with team

S02E15 - "Black Watergate" - Washington DC (Aired January 14, 2011)

S02E16 - "Jesus of Suburbia" - Novato, CA (Aired January 19, 2011)

S02E15.5 - "Fargo" - Fargo, ND (Unaired)

S02E15.6 "Forget Me Not” (Unaired)

Major Characters

  • Michael
  • Jacob Sharpe
  • Francesca
  • Madam Fortuna
  • Marco
  • Diana

Minor Characters

  • Linda Remington - In cut away scenes with Marcus and Chuck Savage. Returning Character
  • Chuck Savage - In cut away scenes, and a phone call to take in Marco and Michael at the end of the episode. Returning Character
  • Marcus Remington - After cut-away scenes bonding with mom and Chuck, seemed to be spending the episode getting plastered trying all the beers at the brew fest with even vaguely naughty names, including (but not limited to) Bear Bottom Blonde and Olde Stache and ending with Faceplant (which he did).

Other Missoula, Montana characters:

Scott's hot date, who had her fortune read by Madame Fortuna last year
The three carnie thugs: one killed by Jon Clarke, one merely shot by Clarke, and one turned around smartly and ran away.
Joe, a carnie signed on who showed Scott around, knows him as Jack.

S03 E01 “Leavin' Shadows Far Behind” (Aired August 12, 2011)

Major Characters

  • Cassie Price - Keeping Scott aloft and being a good neighborhood Buffy. Returning Character
  • Becky Wells - Willow to Cassie's Buffy, and has a friend with a lead. Returning Character
  • Zach Schram - A well known fixer in the hunting community and go-to guy for the Hunters, he's now operating out of the Idylease Inn neutral territory for supernatural persons to meet. Returning Character
  • Myrtle Remington - Grandma Remington, who is enjoying her cruise and will tell you all about it and (begin Virginian accent) how do you know - did your father tell you about your Grandfather???

Minor Characters

  • Mason Garten - a classmate of Becky's with some apparent psychic awareness, he thought the phonograph he operated was haunted, but it was just him. He's gonna get it broken to him by the Hunters later. He almost joined them on the adventure to Florida.
  • Marcie Rumford - journalist and elder lady in New York City, got the ink in her blood from her father Ferris Rumford, who wrote the Edison story when he was young.

Other characters:

Thomas Edison - into some deep "dark things"
Nikola Tesla - out to kill those dark things
Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge - scientist and researcher into wireless and the paranormal, aided Edison and had his own device.
Oliver Lodge, Jr. - inherited his father's recordings (at least) of the events at Seminole Lodge
Unknamed Librarian at Duke - friendly on the phone, liked the opportunity to research something crazy for a change. Possible contact if played right.
Mason's stern Edison Estate boss.

S03 E02 “Seven for a Secret” (Aired August 26, 2011)

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Other characters:

S03 E03 “Saturday Night Special” (Aired September 2, 2011)

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Other characters:

S03 E04 “Witchy Woman” (Aired September 9, 2011)

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Other characters: