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Supernatural: The Remington Files
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Season 4, Episode 1
(November 2011)
Team Remington
Scott Remington · Marcus Remington
Amanda Grey
A Dose of Doctors
Dr. Alexander Airy · Dr. Richard Magnum
The X-Files
Ciaran Brennan · Jon Clarke
Razik Ericson
Supporting Characters
Áine Ni Seachnasaigh
Gabriel, aka Loki
Deceased Characters
Archangel Raphael
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John Remington's Journal
Aunt Agatha's Book
Supernatural Ritual Compendium
Roman Rite 1999 English Edition

Along with many things Amanda inherited from her aunt and mentor, the teen received a large journal containing Agatha's notes and musings on magic and various topics from throughout her life. This Book of Shadow is often searched for clues by Amanda, and is comparable to John Remington's Journal, though it's contents are of an entirely different nature and theme.

Entries are sorted by episode, with a brief mention to their topic.

Season 1

S01E01 Pilot

S01E02 His Lesser Half

none in my digital folder. check physical copies

S01E03 Synchronicity

S01E04 Trick or Treat

S01E05 Hellhounds On My Trail


S01E06 A Walk In the Park


S01E07 Transmutations

none in my digital folder. check physical copies

S01E08 Nightmare on Hill Manor