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Jon Clarke, aka FBI Special Agent Millard Fillmore
Season 2

"In my last job, I didn't have to stick around after they were dead. Burying them was someone else's problem."

Hartmann Khan, known to his team as Jon Clarke, is an assassin-turned-Hunter who was "hired" by the FBI to supplement a team of Supernatural troubleshooters. Although reluctant at first, he has since learned to work within a team structure to complete their missions, though he gripes about the lack of support offered by all the "higher ups" — including not just the FBI, but all the various "gods" and "angels" who seem to expect mortals to drop what they're doing for them while providing nothing but inscrutable gibberish as clues and rarely any material assistance.

Despite these reservations, something about taking down these targets appeals to the erstwhile hitman; after all, a predator can only find so much satisfaction hunting down rabbits. The prey that Hunters seek to eliminate are far worthier opponents and have the side benefit of keeping his government handlers (relatively) happy that an otherwise destructive asset has been turned to more productive means.

Within his group of Hunters, he is the heavy fire support of the team; while virtual all members have firearms of some sort, he specializes in them. Until recently, he was the only one with fully automatic weaponry via his assault rifle. He has since given lessons to Amanda so that her use of the Uzi she picked up in Croatia will not be detrimental to the group. Jon also has a wide range of contacts from his assassin days that he can call in for additional assistance — handy, since Hunters are a self-organized, self-funded group whose existence is denied by officials.


Name: Hartmann Khan
Alias(es): Jon Clarke, FBI Agent Millard Fillmore, Daniel Webster, Secret Service Special Agent Woodrow Wilson Guthrie
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Date of Birth: 08/22/76

Place of Birth: Dover, DE
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160 lbs
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Blonde

"Bad Ass" Theme: Drowning Pool - Bodies

Experience 6 (As of 9/2/23)


  • "I don't just shoot people randomly. I shoot people that need shooting."
  • "That's what the salt is for. Sometimes it's for the ghosts, sometimes it's for seasoning."


Life as a "Cleaner"

Stanislav Markov

This was one of Jon's "marks" in Ukraine, an important member in a Russian mafia that had ties to the Russian military. After the 2008 Russian-Georgian crisis, high-ranking members of the Georgian military wanted to hurt the Russian military in an indirect way. Having used him in 2001, they hired him once more to take out 'Markov' in Ukraine while Markov was making deals.

Prior to his joining the ranks of the Hunters, Jon Clarke worked as a "cleaner" — a freelance hitman who "cleaned up" other people's messes. Jon was ecumenical with his clientele, taking jobs from corporate types, criminal elements, and even everyday Joes wronged by someone else. This work took him around the country and occasionally around the world to complete a job, and gave him wide exposure to many elements that would prove useful as contacts as a Hunter.

A sampling of jobs he has taken:

  • 2000 - 2009, he has taken contracts on both sides of domestic gang wars, though in different cities
  • 2001, a U.S. Attorney in Seattle, Thomas C. Wales. The contract was paid for by an undisclosed billionaire in the software industry of the Greater Seattle area who grew impatient at what he perceived to be federal persecutions and harassment. (Incidentally, 2001 was the same year that Microsoft settled anti-trust charges in U.S. v. Microsoft. Coincidence?)
  • 2001, Giorgi Sanaia, a Georgian journalist known for opposition to government, shot in his apartment in Tbilisi.
  • 2007, several gang members in Boulder, CO. He avenged a pilot's wife who was killed by a local gang too powerful to be taken on by local law enforcement. This would come in handy later when he needed to fly to Europe and Israel as a Hunter
  • 2008, Stanislav Markov, a Russian mafia head. (See inset.)

While his respect for what's legal or illegal is not especially strong, he does have a code he stands by. He does not kill indiscriminately; causing a death (usually via firearms) is fine if he has accepted it as a job for which he is hired, or in self-defense. Note that the latter does extend to "pre-emptive" defense, if killing someone will prevent known future retribution.

Becoming a Hunter


Khan was discovered an during undercover operation of a criminal syndicate operating in the Philadelphia area. Government operatives were doing surveillance on a suspected syndicate head when Khan was observed entering the facility. Operatives thought he was another syndicate member until he was caught executing the suspected syndicate head. He was apprehended shortly after and interrogated. He claims to have been hired by a rival criminal organization as a "cleaner". With the syndicate head removed, operatives were able to shut down the syndicate quickly. Due to his inadvertant assistance, Khan was offered the opportunity to work for the government in an unofficial capacity or face prosecution and incarceration. He has accepted our offer and been transferred to Project Spectral Twilight.

In 2009 he was hired by a criminal syndicate to take out a high-ranking member of a rival syndicate. What he didn't know (or was told) was that the FBI were in the process of descending on his target for arrest. As such, the FBI was surprised when they captured the target's death on undercover surveillance by an unknown party who was subsequently captured by the FBI. In a way, the FBI benefitted because it ended their operation without the need for a messy trial (a number of the agents had privately argued that the syndicate head was too powerful to put on trial), but they couldn't simply free a known killer. They investigated Jon and discovered at least some of his past "activities" and confiscated all known bank accounts containing the proceeds of his jobs.

A solution came up while Jon was being held in an "undisclosed location" (aka extrajudicial rendition). The FBI had become aware of a number of supernatural occurrences threatening the safety and stability of the United States and the fact that an unknown number of people (Hunters) were attempting to fight off these incursions. Aware that they could not public become involved in "ghost hunting", as it became known within the Bureau, they set up a small group tasked to dealing with the phenomenon. Interviews with Jon revealed that he had a particular approach to his "jobs", namely that he could be reliably counted on as long as he was "employed". In the end, he was offered the opportunity to work as a private contractor with the FBI to enter the "Hunter" community and use his skills for the United States Government. The alternative was jail or simply a bullet and an unmarked grave. He accepted the offer and was assigned a 'handler" to keep an eye on him and direct his shots.

Since joining the "Remingtons", he has found his role as the firepower and backup when diplomacy and covert actions were no longer working, or appropriate for the situation. While he was never especially studious as a student (and never attended university), he has taken to spending long drives across country reading Wikipedia and other sites and "primary sources" on his iPhone or his Macbook Pro. The notion of having to fight werewolves, ghosts, or demons may sound ludicrous, but having survived a number of encounters with them and having taken on a major plot by a demon that took out angels and old gods, he definitely prefers having an edge with knowledge — even if it all sounds completely crazy. If nothing else, his philosophy of watching a target and learning about them before taking them out is now getting a more rigorous workout. These enemies just happen to often leave clues in books and in mythology rather than the street.

Jon Clarke, Milan, 2010

Due to the confiscation of his bank accounts by the FBI, he has taken to looting a number of the wealthier accomplices of the various Supernatural creatures they have hunted down. One example includes the raiding of high-end liquor from the basement of one target while they were searching his personal library for clues to a ghost. During a heist in Idaho, Jon was tasked with getting into the Bank President's private office, access a safe where a relic was thought to be stored. As it turns out, it was not, but records for the Bank President's involvement in an illegal bioweapons lab were found, as well as $100,000 in cash and several expensive watches. He took the incriminating evidence as well as the watches and cash. As he justifies it, the FBI would only confiscate it and they needed to provide funds to continue their operations. This way, he was cutting out the middle-man.

He has hidden this larceny from his team; he doesn't know how they support themselves, and mostly doesn't care. A man should support himself, he believes, in all circumstances. In addition to his opportunistic larceny, he has made contact with a couple of the FBI's "supernatural" team and obtained direct contacts for "expense reports", after passing himself off as a "fellow FBI member" to undercover agents working in an ice cream parlor. He did this under Kieran's nose, and has been getting expenses reimbursed when he thinks the FBI won't put up too much of a fuss. He has learned that keeping receipts helps. To this end, he has obtained a laptop (MacBook Pro to go with his iPhone) to better submit the expense sheets. (This is how Apple gets its products placed within the show.)

Season 1 Post-Mortem

Following the defeat Asag the Green-Eyed Demon and the subsequent ‘mess’, as he terms it, of the aftereffects of their fight, Jon decided that 10 months of being constantly on the road was quite enough for a while. Once the immediate issues were taken care of, Jon disappeared from the group for his own ‘vacation’, having somehow found a way to abscond with all of his gear (and money!) This time he left his iPhone in the G-Man’s car with a text message to himself so that it would be visible if the phone was checked: “Don’t bother looking for me. I’m on vacation.” (This also will explain why he shows up with an iPhone 4 for Season 2.)

For the pedantic fans who populate IMdB, IMFdB, Television Without Pity, and countless other fan sites, the following is a non-comprehensive list of a few changes between Season 1 and Season 2:

  • His iPhone 3GS was upgraded to an iPhone 4 (which came out in June 2010)
  • During the season, he will likely be seen with the iPad 1
  • A number of his firearms will be different, for those who notice such things:
    • M4A1 changed to H&K HK416
    • Colt 1911 changed to an H&K P30 to eliminate multiple ammo types
    • Winchester 1300 Defender change to a Kel-tec KSG
  • His hair will be lighter (to match actor Mark Valley; was originally described as "dark")

The obvious move would be to return to Dover, Delaware and have a nice visit with his mother, though he suspects the FBI would guess that. Instead, he arranges to have an old neighbour take a message to his mother to meet him in Southern California, where she’s always wanted to visit, though Jon can’t figure out why. By mid-June, the Khans are enjoying a nice vacation through Wine Country, Disneyland, and even celebrity watching. He finds the clumsy, brutish paparazzi’s methods of stalking celebrities amusing, but doesn’t bother correcting their technique.

After a month, he parts way with his mother who flies back to Delaware on her own while Jon decides to do a more leisurely cross-country tour of his own. After heavy, regular use, his gear has gotten to the point of needing maintenance, so he makes stops at various contacts across the nation both to catch up with colleagues and contacts and, in Florida, to have his equipment serviced. An arms dealer friend offers to trade in Jon’s existing gear for new pieces with the cost difference made up with a small job involving a small-time car thief who had twice stolen a Mercedes the arms dealer gifted to his sister. The job was quickly done -- the car thief was too impressed with his own cleverness to realize who he was stealing from and didn’t take adequate precautions at his chopshop.

With most of his immediate needs taken care of by the end of August, he ponders where to head next when a ghostly memory re-inserted itself. After the destruction of Asag, Raphael (at least he assumed) had offered him a thought: that choice was a precious thing and to not squander it. Despite his evasion of the FBI for the past two months, he doubted he could keep it up indefinitely. Better to embrace the option to fight for the G-men with relative freedom than be perpetually chased down.

Gear in tow, he started the journey northwards to Pennsylvania. He called ahead to the couple of FBI contacts he had made in Philadelphia and insisted he be allowed to discuss his “situation” with his former captors. Jon informed them that he was heading back to the program and was willing to be a cooperative partner in the FBI’s fight against supernatural threats, but that his cooperation worked better when their leash was light. He offered the fact that he was calling in of his own accord and returning to a known FBI safehouse as well as his willingness to work with the “handler” they had assigned to him nearly a year ago.

Just before the beginning of Season 2, Jon turns up at the covert FBI ice cream shop in Philadelphia, apparently willing to be the government’s hitman against the Supernatural once more, where he awaits his “partner”, Ciaran Brennan.

Assets and Complications


  • Cool Under Fire (d6)

Add d6 to rolls to avoid being freightened, intimidated, etc.

  • Contacts (d4)

Acts as if 2 plot points (+d4) were added to a contacts roll, once per session

  • Split-Second Timing (d4)

Add d4 to rolls reacting to danger, initiative, dodging, etc.


  • Paranoia (d4)

Add d4 to rolls trying to discover other people's secrets

  • Wrong Side of the Law (d2)

Khan has the attention of federal authorities (See: Ciaran Brennan)

  • Rotten Luck (d8)

GM can force a reroll twice a session. Must take the lower result



Agility d10   Strength d8   Vitality d10
Alertness d8   Intelligence d6   Willpower d12

Derived Attributes

  • Initiative (Agility + Alertness) d10+d8+d4 (Split-second timing)
  • Endurance (Vitality + Willpower) d10+d12
  • Life Points (Vitality + Willpower) 22
  • Resistance (Vitality + Vitality) d10+d10


Middle Class (d6):

  • We’re talking stereotypical Mom and Pop America here. You’ve got a house, probably with a mortgage you’ll never pay off in a typical hunter’s lifespan. You’ve got one car, maybe two. You’ve got food in the pantry and the freezer, bought in bulk to stretch the dollars. You’ve got plenty of entertainment and gadgets, mostly paid for with credit cards and loans. This lifestyle comes with a helping of debt and stress, but it’s the underbelly of the American dream. If you’re a hunter and can pull this off every month, you’re way ahead. This is the starting Lifestyle level for those with the d4 Wealthy Asset.


  • Athletics d6
    • Dodge d8
  • Covert d6
    • Stealth d8
    • Streetwise d8
  • Craft d4
  • Discipline d6
  • Drive d2
  • Guns d6
    • Rifle d8
    • Pistol d10
  • Influence d6
    • Bureaucracy d8
    • Intimidate d8
  • Knowledge d6
    • Law d8
  • Lore d6
    • Cults d8
  • Melee Weapon d6
  • Perception d6
    • Search d10
  • Ranged Weapon d2
  • Survival d4
  • Tech d2
  • Unarmed Combat d4


  • Armor - Roman chainmail (lorica hamata)
  • Hipflask filled with Salt
  • Hipflask filled with Holy Water
  • Hunting Licenses (WI, NJ, WV, OH, TN, AZ, RI, WA, PA, DE, NC, MT, ID, IA, ND, CA, MD, NM, CO, TX, AR, NV, OK, KS, MO, OR, IN)
  • ID: FBI badge (Agent Millard Fillmore)
  • ID: Driver's license with bus classification (Daniel Webster, Pennsylvania)
  • ID: Driver's license (Jon Clarke, Pennsylvania)
  • ID: OSHA Inspector (Daniel Webster)
  • ID: Secret Service (Woodrow Guthrie)
  • Lighters & Matches
  • Mobile Phone (iPhone)
  • Multi-tool
  • Two-way radios
  • Watch


  • Pistol, Medium (d6W)
(H&K P30, Season 2, 3; Colt 1911, Season 1)
Suppressor available
  • Sniper Rifle (d10W)
(Cheyenne Tactical M200, Season 2, 3)

Melee Weapons

  • Roman Gladius, "Crocea Mors" (d6W)
  • Brass Knife, (d4W)


  • 1 can (50 rounds) of .408 Chey Tac

Weapons Case
Stickers from Season 2 include:

  • Baltimore Ravens and Orioles
  • Kansas City Chiefs and Royals


Destroyed at end of Season 2

  • Backpack
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Canteen
  • Clothing - 1 set formalwear (Armani)
  • Clothing - 2 sets work clothing
  • Construction Helmet
  • Construction Signs, "Men at Work"
  • Flares
  • Flashlight
  • Flask
  • Laser printer, color
  • Lockpicks
  • Laptop (MacBook Pro)
  • Paper, laser printer, 1 ream
  • Pylons
  • Restraints
  • Safety Vest
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Hatchet (d6W)
  • Rifle, Assault (d8W)
(H&K HK416 Season 2; Colt M4A1, Season 1)
  • Shotgun (d10W)
(Kel-tec KSG, Season 2; Winchester 1300 Defender, Season 1)
  • Submachinegun, "Leila" (d8W)
(Uzi, Seasons 1-2)
  • Suppressors for pistol, rifle, submachinegun
  • 1 case (1000 rounds) of 9x19mm
  • 1 can (1000 rounds) of 5.56x45mm
  • 1 can (175 rounds) Shotgun, 12 gauge 00-Shot (Buckshot)
  • 50 rounds (10 boxes) Shotgun, 12 gauge rifled slugs
  • Specialty shotgun rounds as needed

Regularly Carried

  • Hipflask filled with Salt
  • Hipflask filled with Holy Water
  • Hunting Licenses (WI, NJ, WV, OH, TN, AZ, RI, WA, PA, DE, NC, MT, ID, IA, ND, CA, MD, NM, CO, TX, AR, NV, OK, KS, MO, OR, IN)
  • ID: FBI badge (Agent Millard Fillmore)
  • ID: Driver's license with bus classification (Daniel Webster, Pennsylvania)
  • ID: Driver's license (Jon Clarke, Pennsylvania)
  • H&K P30, Pistol, Medium (d6W)
  • Lighters & Matches
  • Mobile Phone (iPhone)
  • Multi-tool
  • Portable tactical flashlight

Equipment Gallery

Shopping List

  • Body armor with trauma plate (Minimum IIIa, level III or IV with plate)
    • Replaceable identifier for back of body armor (FBI, POLICE, ATF, etc.)
  • Flashbang Grenades
  • Frag Grenades
  • Reversible Jacket/Windbreaker with 'Security' on the back


Of the $100,000 "obtained" during a bank heist (as a secondary object). Remaining:

  • Roughly $29,000 in cash carried or hidden in bags, or the Fed's Audi
  • $4,500 in prepaid cards (Prepaid Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Bullseye cards)
  • $10,000 wired to his mother in Dover, Delaware
  • $10,000 in a 529 Plan
  • $41,500 in 3 different bank accounts, all credit unions

Note, most of the above is not known to anyone else.

Approximately $10,000 in casino winnings from Milan, currently in Euros (€7,400).


The Sun Remains, Remember Me (early May 2010): -$3500 from bank account for fake IDs, -$500 from prepaid cards for ritual expenses

Note: $500 expensed to FBI due to presence of receipts, sent via Philadelphia FBI contact

Southern Discomfort (November 2010)

Two quilts @ $500 each = $1000 (cash)

Liquid cash lost in bus fire at end of Season 2