7/20/92 More On Red

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I wrote earlier this month on protection spells and on how the color red (as well as many herbs, guardians, and the like) are used to protect an area. I have completely forgot about one instance of red that I really should include for you. Red as a ward is highly universal.

There’s such a spirit called an acheri, a disease bringer, that the natives tell about. Stories go that the acheri is a child, usually a girl, who died from disease and who lurks in the shadows. She beats drums and plays music like the pied piper so others come out to her. Her shadow infects those who do. The acheri spreads her disease, perhaps as acts of vengeance or misguided loneliness.

According to the Chippewa, the only way to kill the acheri (or put it to rest I reason) is to put the red sash of a medicine woman around it’s neck. I suppose a medicine man would work, but I have thoughts about it being a woman’s cloth and red if you get my drift. More on thaumaturgy later. You’re too young for that.

They say putting red around the neck of a child will protect them as well. My question... does that red cloth also protect the poor acheri child? if so, from what horrors?