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Welcome to the Z-Team Wiki!

"In 2009, a cracked group of gamers decided to make their own stamp on the world. These gamers somewhat promptly escaped their exile to the Outer Rim underground. Today, not wanted by any government, they survive as scavengers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you accidentally find them, maybe you can hire..."


Current Z-Team Members: Adam · Ben · Erik · Karen · Lisa · Mark · Tim

Z-Team Alumni: Alex · Brendon · Jason · Matt · Sophie

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The Z-Team wiki is home to 888 articles and counting!

Current Gaming


We are working towards a more timely gaming schedule. We are aiming to start at Noon, so please arrive at the game location by 11:45 AM to give you time to setup and greet folks. We are looking to end by 9:00 PM, so GMs should begin to wind down their game starting 8:30 PM. Other players should keep an eye on the clock as well to help us all stick to this schedule.


  • 1st Saturday of Month: Shorts & Boards
  • 2nd Saturday of Month: Star Wars
  • 3rd Saturday of Month: Fantasy
  • 4th Saturday of Month: Modern/Future
  • 5th Saturday of Month: Wildcard Slot

Short & Boards

Star Wars



Upcoming Gaming

Date Game Location Attendance Schedule
June 22 Adam & Lisa out; Ben possibly out Modern & Future
June 29 Erik out of town Wildcard
July 6 Erik out of town Shorts & Boards
July 13 Star Wars
July 20 Fantasy
July 27 Adam and Lisa out backpacking Modern & Future
Aug 3 Adam and Lisa out backpacking Shorts & Boards
Aug 10 Star Wars
Aug 17 Lisa out WFR recertification, Adam available Fantasy
Aug 24 Modern & Future
Aug 31 Adam and Lisa likely at Pleasanton Highland Games Labor Day Weekend

5th Saturdays for 2019

  • March 31st
  • June 30th
  • August 31st
  • November 30th

Local Conventions and Gaming

Other Games

Forum Games

Games in Planning