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Welcome to the Z-Team Wiki!

"In 2009, a cracked group of gamers decided to make their own stamp on the world. These gamers somewhat promptly escaped their exile to the Outer Rim underground. Today, not wanted by any government, they survive as scavengers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you accidentally find them, maybe you can hire..."


Active Z-Teamers: Adam · Ben · Brendon · Erik · Karen · Lisa · Mark · Tim

Former Z-Teamers: Alex · Jason · Matt · Sophie

Games: By Campaign · By Game System

The Z-Team wiki is home to 830 articles and counting!

Current Gaming


We are working towards a more timely gaming schedule. We are aiming to start at Noon, so please arrive at the game location by 11:45 AM to give you time to setup and greet folks. We are looking to end by 9:00 PM, so GMs should begin to wind down their game starting 8:30 PM. Other players should keep an eye on the clock as well to help us all stick to this schedule.

Schedule (See Discussion)

  • 1st Saturday of Month: Supernatural: The Remington Files (GM: Lisa)
  • 2nd Saturday of Month: Open Weekend; Game TBD
  • 3rd Saturday of Month: Open Weekend; Game TBD
  • 4th Saturday of Month: Open Weekend; Game TBD
  • 5th Saturday of Month: April 30, 2016

Rotating Games for Weekends

Upcoming Gaming

Date Game Location Attendance Notes
July 7 D&D 5e Erik's House Mark GM
July 14 The One Ring Erik's House First game of Lisa's campaign
July 21 Star Wars (TLB) Erik's? Ghosts of Dathomir
July 28

5th Saturdays for 2018

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 29
  • December 29

Local Conventions and Gaming

Convention Games in Planning


Other Games

Forum Games

Games in Planning

  • Mass Effect: From the Ashes - A possible Shadowrun 5th Edition game (GM: Mark)
  • Rise of the Inquisition - (Early Pre-production) A 'reverse Dawn of Defiance' campaign where PCs play Imperials hunting down Rebel scum. (GM: Mark)
  • Edge of the Imperium - An adaptation of FFG's Edge of the Empire for the Warhammer 40k universe (GM: Adam)
  • Superheroes: DC Universe - A short arc set in the DC Universe (GM: Erik)
  • Ryuutama - A campaign planned for after the One Ring finishes, in a system that has a heavy focus on travel (GM:Benjamin)