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Supernatural: The Remington Files
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Season 4, Episode 1
(November 2011)
Team Remington
Scott Remington · Marcus Remington
Amanda Grey
A Dose of Doctors
Dr. Alexander Airy · Dr. Richard Magnum
The X-Files
Ciaran Brennan · Jon Clarke
Razik Ericson
Supporting Characters
Áine Ni Seachnasaigh
Gabriel, aka Loki
Deceased Characters
Archangel Raphael
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If a urban legend, myth, or news story was used, a Legit! follows it. While there are many ghosts, were looking for that particular kind in that particular location, or, say, that it's based on the story wholesale, like researching the truth behind the reactive Beast of Bray Road, or Elissa Lam's story being moved to Washington D.C. to incriminate the guilty.

Season 1

Pilot episode! September 25, 2009: Fort Douglas, WI. A childhood tragedy sends brothers Scott and Marcus Remington and cousin Amanda Grey on a path to confront their demons, literally. (Supernatural Handout. Old School.)

October 2, 2009: West Milford, NJ. A call from Chuck Savage sends the hunters to a bed and breakfast in New Jersey to meet a fixer who fears for his life from an unknown assailant. (Supernatural Adventures)

October 16, 2009: Marlinton, WV. The Hunters are invited out to a weekend barbecue and party from a fellow hunter named Lilah Walker to celebrate her husband's return from Iraq. But all's not as it seems in Lilah's small West Virginia town. (Supernatural Adventures)

October 30, 2009: Portage County, OH. With Halloween approaching, the hunters head to Ohio to investigate a crater that is being blamed on a propane tank explosion, armed with the knowledge that craters like that have been seen around the country more recently but no hunter knows quite why. Even more, their Halloween might be spent somewhat differently than they imagined. (Propane Tank was a Legit News Story)

November 6, 2009: mostly around Salt Lake City, UT. A plea for help from an attacked motorist takes the Remington cousins on a demonic detour. (Supernatural Adventures)

November 13, 2009: Yosemite National Park, CA. A call from a friend about missing hikers takes the Remingtons to meet up with a Californian hunter and park ranger, Josh, to put to rest the real reason behind a string of disappearances in Yosemite National Park. (Chief Tanaya's Ghost is a Legit Urban Legend)

November 20, 2009: Baltimore, MD. Old friends from Alaska draw the brothers back to the East Coast and deep into even older black magic. (Supernatural Adventures)

November 27, 2009: Knoxville, TN. Thanksgiving Special. The crew rejoin in what, for a change, is a rather nice inn instead of a seedy motel room with aged wallpaper and a Magic Fingers on every bed. The hunters get to know the staff and long term residents: clearly something isn't right here. (WoD Adventure)

Aired December 2009. Camp Verde, AZ. Christmas Special. The hunters head to the Southwest to get in the Christmas spirit. Or are they spirits? (The Red Ghost is based on Legit History. I dunno if anyone ever saw a camel ghost. lol)

January 8, 2010: Exeter, RI. The hunters, recovered from the holidays, find a detour returning them to New England on a lead about vampires, specifically a girl who served as inspiration for author Bram Stoker. Could there still be a vampire presence here when hunters had supposedly eradicated them from the area? Or is there something more sinister that lead to the deaths of two teens? Will they learn more about the Asag, the Green-Eyed Demon and his plans? Just who is Birkenstock Man; is he Ninurta and what kind of monster is he anyways? ( Mercy Brown is a Legit Urban Legend)

January 12, 2010: Fort Douglas, WI and Elkhorn, WI. The hunters go to check out what happened at the church they encountered the Green-Eyed Demon in and get sucked into reports of a werewolf attacks nearby that the locals call the Beast of Bray Road. (The Beast of Bray Road is a Legit Urban Legend. This is the Supernatural "The Hunt Begins" jump start Adventure.)

January 15, 2010: Niles Village, Chicago, IL. The hunters head to Chicago to retrieve a vial of Saint Martha's tears hidden in an underground vault, but are waylaid by a critical mass of creepy children - changelings.

January 22, 2010: Columbus, OH. The search for Martha's relics continues to a church in Columbus where a banshee is plaguing the largely Irish parish. It seems the worried clergy sent the relic overseas to a cousin... who just happens to live in Ainé's hometown of Gort, Ireland.

January 29, 2010: Chicago, IL. Gort brings back old memories for Ainé, who's hiding the key to the bloody bones that is currently plaguing the town. A damaged relic sends the hunters on a desperate mission to Avalon, but they encounter someone they did not expect. (This is one particular place people theorize for Avalon.)

February 5, 2010: Chicago, IL. The archangel Raphael has sent the hunters back to Ancient Rome to intercept Martha and obtain her girdle before it's lost to time, but this is not the only relic in their midst. Dr. Airy discovers a hidden truth about himself that explains quite a lot. (Historical people are legit!)

February 12, 2010: Wernersville, PA, (where the institution is). Happy Valentine's Day! The hunters follow the trail to a mental institution where strange things are reportedly going on, only to confirm it as a testing ground for the Croatoan virus. Holding out against zombies only goes so far until Asag ups the ante with his Twins who are revealed to be reluctant partners after all.

February 19th, 2010: Various New England locations. Visiting with Zach turns deadly - hellhound deadly - and the hunters flee to the neutrality of Idylease Inn for some recouperation. R&R soon turns to cabin fever and Amanda begins getting visions that lead the hunters to the history of Roanoake colony, the Croatoan virus, and Asag's nefarious plans to distribute. If only they can figure out what part it has to play in the Apocalypse- or stop it anyways.

April 2nd, 2010: Twin Falls, Idaho. Research into the Croatoan facility takes the hunters to Chuck's ranch as a home base for the operation and into a classic bank job to get plans for the facility.

April 15th-29, 2010: Wold locations. Knowing they'll need some Big Guns to take out the Mission Impossible that is Asag and his research facilities, the hunters back Marcus up on a jet setting adventure of impossible tasks set by a surprising ally in disguise, with locations revealed by a surprising ally, which makes a bit more sense.

May 13, 2010: Laramie and North Dakota. The hunters size up Asag's facility to take him out once and for all, but that doesn't mean some truth bombs aren't dropped in the process, or that victory doesn't come without heavy losses.

Season 2

  • Episode 1 - Burden Our Remembrances - Baltimore, MD
  • Episode 2 - Leaning on the Fourth Wall - Hollywood, CA

(Supernatural sourcebook)

  • Episode 3 - The Unhappiest Place on Earth - Anaheim, CA

(Internet crazy idea dialed up to 11.)

  • Episode 4 - Out Playing Hunters and Indians in the Back Yard - Gallup, NM
  • Episode 5 - The Hearts of Men - Winchester, OR

(WoD Adventure)

  • Episode 6 - Welcome to the Hotel Colorado - Glenwood Springs, CO

(Thanks, Cíaran! Legit Colorado Ghost Stories.)

  • Episode 7 - Paved with Good Intentions - Miller County/Arkadelphia, AR

(The Fouke Monster is a Legit Local Legend. The pit in Megachurch is a WoD Adventure.)

  • Episode 8 - Southern Discomfort - Kingsport, TN

(Legit Urban Legend and Ghost Stories. This area is brimming!)

  • Episode 9 - The Road to Shambala - White Sulphur Springs, WV

(Nazis. Real cancelled research threads dialed up Indiana Jones style. Not hard.)

  • Episode 10 - Back to Castle Wolfenstein - Berlin, Germany (October 6-8, 1939), White Sulphur Springs, WV, and an elder home in AZ

(Nazis Take II. Real cancelled research threads dialed up Indiana Jones style. Not hard.)

  • Episode 11 - Who'll Come a Juaquin Murietta With Me? - Twain Harte, CA (December 10, 2010)

(Lots of very real supposition over the murderous bandit turned popular hero. That's legit. Just ran with it to horrible places.)

  • Episode 12 - Where in the World is Cameron, Kansas - Cameron, KS (December 17-24, 2010)

(WoD Adventure)

  • Episode 13 - Chupathingy - Kansas City, KS (December 24, 2010 - January 1, 2011)

(Supernatural sourcebook. History of sightings for El CHupacabra pretty close, however.)

  • Episode 14 - Crossover - Kansas City, MO (January 7, 2011)

(Supernatural sourcebook - Springheeled Jack is a Legit Urban Legend Abroad)

  • Episode 15 - Black Watergate - Washington DC (January 14, 2011)

(Elissa Lam is an ongoing hot topic. Transferred from sunny CA to cold D.C. Pretty legit!)

  • Episode 16 - Jesus of Suburbia - Novato, CA (January 19, 2011)

(Anne Rice's werewolf novel has the dude romping around Marin, so way to go, PCs. slow clap.)

(Legit news stories and legit speculation before more info came out about the girl in the story.)

When a mysterious man in ragged condition shows up in Amanda's trunk claiming to be on the run from 1972, the hunters follow the trail to his former employer, a carnival with mysterious secrets and connections, the fate of which may be intertwined with their own. (WoD Adventure and separate WoD hook)

  • Episode 17 - Strange Magic - Anaheim, CA (January 20, 2011)

(Season Finale. Return to Disneyland where things get more than a little magical.)

Season 3

  • Episode 1 - Leavin' Shadows Far Behind - Fort Myers, FL (August 5, 2011))

When a college friend of Becky's is worried about a possible haunting, the team reassembles to hunt down ghosts of Thomas Edison's past. (Based on actual stories, and creepypasta rumors and real articles about Edison. You lived the equivalent of a nut job's website or a History Channel special.)

  • Episode 2 - Seven for a Secret - Outer Hebrides, Scotland (August 12, 2011))

When a popular supernatural investigation team goes missing on a job, who you gonna call? Real Hunters. (Trail of Cthulhu/Fear Itself + Good Old Supernatural + legit creepy history)

  • Episode 3 - Saturday Night Special - Lake Arrowhead, CA (August 19, 2011))

Unable to help from the events in Scotland, Maggie Zeddmore sends a case to the Remington team from a worried mom at an old, haunted California resort with a history from Prohibition and the Golden Age of Hollywood. Naturally, it's not the ghosts that's the problem. (legit creepy history)

  • Episode 4 - Witchy Woman - Northfield, MN (September 2, 2011))

Finally meeting up as a whole team after Scotland, the team witnesses a fatal car crash that sends them on an investigation to find a spectral old woman in an apartment building - the same woman in Airy's night hag attacks. (Cthulhu)

  • Episode 5 - Never Reply to a Nigerian Prince - Pueblo, CO (September 9, 2011))

(Good Old Supernatural +WTF Internet) Played April 7, 2018

  • Episode 6 - Lonely is the Night - (September 16, 2011))

(Cthulhu.) Famous novelist Richard Ahern (and icon of Airy) needs help when his research on La Llorona became far too real. The lonely acolyte of an old film star seems to be acting as the famous weeping woman, or being possed by her as a side of the Three Sisters the Hunters keep facing. Scenes drawn by the kids in the old Three Sisters apartment building seem to be coming to pass.

  • Episode 7 - Because You're Mine - Kingman, Arizona (September 23-26, 2011)

(Cthulhu - arc end - two-parter, part one) (Played ???) The Three Sisters solidify more clearly in the Mohave Desert... or are things even hazier in the desert heat?

  • Episode 8 - Darkness' Eve - Kingman, Arizona (September 23-26, 2011)

(Cthulhu - arc end - two-parter, part two) (Played March 23, 2020) While continuing to investigate the disappearances in the desert, the Hunters find themselves face to face with Hecate herself.

  • Episode 9 - Hotel California - Amboy, CA (September 30, 2011)

(Wild Hunt - and it's the song, haha) (Played June X, 2020) A decision to visit a roadside attraction proves fateful as the Hunters get invited into a fairy wild hunt to celebrate the end of summer, and get embroiled in a charade of Oberon, King of the Fairies, to keep Titania from discovering both a dumb deal he made with a human and that something terrible is stalking the vacationers, fae and human alike.

  • Episode 10 - The Ecstasy of Gold - Oakdale and San Miguel, CA (October 7, 2011)

(Found Article hook and real spooky history) (Played August 1, 2020) Traveling north so that Amanda can visit family and friends in Northern California, the Hunters decide to follow up on a news article about a crucifix stolen from the body of a man who died only a day after retirement. Investigations lead the Hunters to the mysteries surrounding an 1848 massacre at Mission San Miguel, pirates, ghosts, and cursed stolen gold.

  • Episode 11 - Remington and Mothman: The Battle for Earth Hermiston/Umatilla, OR (Airs October 14, 2011)

(Good Old Supernatural + legit creepy history, I mean, it's the Mothman)(Played Dec 20, 2020)

  • Episode 12 - The Heist Job - San Jose, CA (Airs Nov 28, 2011)

(Leverage, Warehouse 13, etc)(Played Jan 29, 2022 - after The House that McGuffins Built) The Hunters must stage a heist to retrieve the Edison Device from a secret government warehouse and avoid Leviathan in the process

  • Episode 13 - The House that McGuffins Built - San Jose, CA (Airs for Halloween, October 28, 2011)

(Sarah Winchester + Local Mystery House Lore) - (Played June 27, 2021- before The Heist Job) Originally expecting the Winchester counterpart to the Colt, a demon-slaying revolver that operated as a key to a portal to Hell, the Hunters continue their use of flashbacks to describe finding the key for the Edison Device from the old Men of Letter's bunker underneath Sarah Winchester's elaborate mansion.

  • Episode 14 - Remington vs. Space Mothman Hermiston/Umatilla, OR (Nov 4, 2011)

(Return to Mothman Lore, terribly real disaster predictions, and Supernatural Lore)(Prepped to play Jun, 25, 2022) All caught up, and armed with a device that will open a rift, the Hunters prepare to send Mothman back to Purgatory.

Future Episode seeds

(legit creepy history)

(Good Old Supernatural)


(Supernatural and variations.)

  • Episode X - It's a nice Day to Start Again -


(Supernatural and local lore)


(Supernatural and variations.)

  • Episode X - Barbara Eden Rubs Me the Right Way -


(Ripped from the Headlines)

  • Episode X - Every Rose Has its Thorn - the Garden State, your favorite

(Real Local Lore)