3/15/07 On Ritual

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Supernatural: The Remington Files
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Season 4, Episode 1
(November 2011)
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Keep in mind
my student
my apprentice
that we are ritualists.

Ritual provides a focus, a means to heighten our work, a node to increase and let flow the power bestowed to us by the Goddess, the God, and the Earth around us. When you enact a ritual, you acknowledge the sources of power, and the beauty in it. To perform a ritual is to pay respect.

Human beings are ritualists.

We all have our set routines and customs and rituals that bind society together. Ritual is a cultural universal. It is something those important to you will, in time, understand.

You are young.

It may feel like power should come now, be immediate, and flow like a sorcerer in a fairy tale, but we are better than that. We have controls, we have our limits. When in doubt, remember your faith. Perform a ritual that would appease, please, enhance, or increase. These are not empty actions. You have a wellspring of power. You can’t draw from the well unless you have a bucket. Ritual is your bucket. Never forget that.

You can’t expedite this but with practice. Practice drawing that bucket from the well and the water that flows will be all the sweeter.