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Ars Magica: Nova Semitae Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
5 Neanne 1, Hiems
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXXXV, hiems
A.D. 1235, winter
6 Aulus 2, Hiems
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Geoffroy de Dreux of Jerbiton
Joshua Levi of Verditius
Magni of Flambeau
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Lady Angharad ferch Madog, Princess of Powys Fadog
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Sir Daniele d'Audrieu, Norman merchant
Sir William Cornwell, English ex-Crusader
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Fr. Thomas Telarius is a highly trained and skilled priest. Fr. Thomas was trained at the University of Oxford, earning his Doctor of Arts and the right to teach anywhere in Christendom. During a stint back in his homeland of Cambridge, England, he was discovered to be Gifted by the Jerbiton magi of Schola Pythagoranis and offered a chance to join the Order. He was enrolled in House Ex Miscellanea, though Edward of Milton -- his Hermetic sponsor -- is working to have him join House Jerbiton.

Fr. Thomas is trained in the magic of the Mathematici of Oxford as a Learned (Natural) Magician. His approach to magic is to view the world as a series of secrets placed by God and requiring education and special knowledge to unlock it.

Ring of St Catherine, given to pilgrims visiting Mount Sinai.

He is a devout Christian and is responsible for the founding of the chapel outside Nova Semitae. St. Catherine of Alexandria was a saint he ran across during his studies and is a saint he is personally devoted to. Using his contacts, he arranged for a curate to handle his duties, as his education occupies a great deal of his time. Fortunately for him, House Jerbiton has some pull with the local bishop who was willing to allow the chapel to be built with a full-time priest to tend the souls of the local Christians.

In 1234, Thomas was approached by members of the House from Schola Pythagoranis who had been eyeing him with an offer to join the House after seeing his contributions to relations with the Church and his interactions with scholars at Cambridge. Although his transfer into a 'proper' House is controversial in some circles, nothing prevented it in Hermetic law, as House membership is determined by the House and he was already in the Order. A formal offer was tendered early 1235, which he accepted.


Name: Fr. Thomas Telarius
Formal Name: Thomas Telarius filius Edward scholae Jerbitoni ab Schola Pythagoranis
Race/Nationality: English
Place of Origin: Cambridge, England
Year of Birth/Age: 1188 (38)
Known Specialties: Natural Magic (Hedge Magic)
Apprentices: None

Character Sheet


Intelligence +3 Presence +1
Perception +1 Communication +1
Strength -1 Dexterity -1
Stamina +0 Luck +0

Virtues and Flaws


The Gift
Arcane Lore (Free)
Mathematicus of Oxford (Free)
Gentle Gift (Major)
Doctor in Theologia (Major)
Book Learner
Good Teacher
Affinity (Salutem)


Hedge Wizard (Free)
Favors (Major)
Painful Magic (Major)
Ability Block (Martial)
Magical Animal Companion (cat)
Weak Magic


Updated to Autumn 1232

Skill Specialty Score XP Books Written
General Skills
Awareness Searching 2 15
Carouse Staying Sober 1 5
Charm First Impressions 2 15
Concentration Lab Work 2 15
Etiquette The Church 2 15
Folk Ken Students 3 32
Guile Lying to Authority 2 15
Intrigue Gossip 2 15
Leadership Students 2 15
Lore: Oxford Area University Masters 2 15
Lore: Cambridge Area University Masters 2 15
Lore: Canterbury Area Clergy 1 5
Lore: Rome Area Clergy 1 5
Lore: Order of Hermes, Organization House Jerbiton 2 16
Lore: Mathematici, Organization Personalities 3 30
Lore: Church, Organization History 5 89 2 tractatus (1229, 1232)
Profession: Scribe Composition 3 33
Speak Middle English Academic 5 75
Speak Middle Italian Roman dialect 1 9
Speak Norman French Academic 4 52
Speak Welsh Conversational 4 50
Speak Greek Academic 3 30
Speak Arabic Academic 2 15
Teaching Artes Liberales 3 40
Academic Skills
Artes Liberales Astronomy 5 82
Civil and Canon Law Treatment of Magic 5 85 2 tractatus (1223, 1229)
Common Law Laws regarding Academics 2 15
Medicine Physician 1 5
Philosophiae Moral Philosophy 3 30 2 tractatus (1230, 1231)
Speak Latin Academic 5 75
Theology Biblical Knowledge 4 50
Arcane Skills
Code of Hermes Church Relations 1 5
Magic Theory Exotic Magic 1 5
Lore: Dominion Names of Power 3 30 1 tractatus (1220)
Lore: Faerie Names of Power 1 5
Lore: Infernal Names of Power 1 5
Lore: Magic Names of Power 1 5
Parma Magica Mentem 4 53

Mundane Qualities


A middle-aged man of health disposition, very english. Sandy-brown hair, clerical robes, tonsure with a studying gaze that always seems to be trying to discern the hidden meaning of things.

Known Languages

Language Dialect Specialty Fluency Level Score
Middle English Oxford Dialect Academic Fluent 5
Latin Church Latin Academic Fluent 5
Northern French Norman Academic Functional 4
Welsh Powys Conversational Functional 4
Greek Standard Constantinopolitan Academic Haltingly Functional 3
Arabic N/A Academic Basic Conversation 2
Middle Italian Roman dialect Conversational Basic questions and answers 1


  • Hedge Wizard (Order of Hermes) 1 (+5 xp)
  • Gifted Priest (House Jerbiton) 2 (+15 xp)
  • Wizard of the Order of Hermes (Church) 2 (+16 xp)
  • Pilgrim to the Holy Land (Church, Local)) 3 (+30 xp)
  • Pilgrim to Rome (Church, Local) 2 (+15 xp)

Mundane Wealth

Updated to Autumn 1227

  • Cash £4

Personal Library


  • Meditations on Bodily and Spiritual Health. A set of 3 Tractatus each Q11
Written by Fr. Thomas Telarious Ex Miscellanea, 1230-1232
(3 + Com 3 + Good Teacher + skilled scribe (1) + skilled binder (1))
After spending a considerable amount of time studying the Art of Salutem, Fr. Thomas has written his first tractatus on the subject to begin training other members of his magical tradition.

Magical Qualities

Updated to Autumn 1232


Tueor 3 30 Fortunam 7 30
Succuro 5 84 Magicam 6 21
Vulnero 2 15 Salutem 10 40(60)
  • 3 Tractatus written about Salutem


Clarity of St. Cassian of Imola (+1 Profession (Scribe)), SuFo 5/+12
Charm of Teaching (+1), SuFo 5/+12
Illumination of St. Cassian of Imola (+2 Profession (Scribe)), SuFo 20/+12
Charm of Communication (+1), SuFo 20/+12
Charm of Presence (+1), SuFo 20/+12

Charm of Protection against the Faerie (Might 10), VuMa 10/+10
Charm of Protection against the Infernal (Might 10), VuMa 10/+10
Magical Fortitude against Magical Claws (+8 Soak), TuMa 5/+11
Magical Fortitude against Magical Teeth (+8 Soak), TuMa 5/+11

Amulet of Longevity (+2 Living Conditions), SuSa 10/+16
Charta for Healing a Broken Limb (+6 Recovery), SuSa 4/+16
Charm Against Unwanted Pests, TuSa 5/+15

Personal Vis

  • 4 pawns Imaginem
  • 4 pawns Corpus

Updated to A.D. 1226


Bartolomeo del Imola

Educated at Bologna, this younger son of a merchant family was being groomed for a minor role in the Church via his family's connections but for a chance encounter with Thomas. Bartolomeo spotted Thomas at Sunday mass and struck up a conversation with the foreigner who had recently arrived in northern Italy, later inviting him to his family's villa to rest up after his crossing of the Alps. Thomas impressed the young man with his piety and determination to visit the monastery of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Sinai to retrieve a relic despite the Crusade being waged. He left with his father's dubious blessing but having numerous healthy older brothers meant that his death would not jeopardize the family's holdings.

During the pilgrimage he came to learn about Thomas' gifts and about the Order of Hermes. After a successful, and exciting, trip through Egypt, Bartolomeo decided to continue traveling with Thomas back to England. After all, the Church was universal and one bishop's ordination rites was the same as any other's. Of particular interest was the fact that the chapel that Thomas had helped to construct was without a regular priest. Thomas' own studies and duties to the covenant meant that he could only intermittently attend to the souls of the few dozen Christians residing at the covenant. A full-time priest would settle the matter and this is something Bartolomeo felt he could do. Once he had been fully ordained, naturally.

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