Record of Councils and Offices

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Ars Magica: Nova Semitae Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
5 Neanne 1, Hiems
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXXXV, hiems
A.D. 1235, winter
6 Aulus 2, Hiems
Magi of Nova Semitae
Geoffroy de Dreux of Jerbiton
Joshua Levi of Verditius
Magni of Flambeau
Obscurus Ignis of Flambeau
NPC Magi
Aulus · Neanne · Fr. Thomas
Aline · Ysabelo

Hermetic Status
Lady Angharad ferch Madog, Princess of Powys Fadog
Ritter Sigmund, German ex-Crusader
Sir Daniele d'Audrieu, Norman merchant
Sir William Cornwell, English ex-Crusader
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References are used for council decision references which are marked by who holds the office of Princeps. This mimics the legislation reference used by the English.

Council of 1170 - 1172

  • Princeps: Justen
  • Magister: Aislinn
  • Librarian: Maribus
  • Master at Arms: Litha

Reference: Justen 1

Council of 1173 - 1179

  • Princeps: Aislinn
  • Magister: Justen
  • Librarian: Litha
  • Master at Arms: Maribus

Reference: Aislinn 1

Council of 1180 - 1186

  • Princeps: Maribus
  • Magister: Litha
  • Librarian: Justen
  • Master at Arms: Aislinn

Reference: Maribus 1

Council of 1187 - 1193

  • Princeps: Litha
  • Magister: Maribus
  • Librarian: Julissa
  • Master at Arms: Justen

Reference: Litha 1

Council of 1194 - 1201

  • Princeps: Julissa
  • Magister: Aislinn
  • Librarian: Maribus
  • Master at Arms: Litha

Addendum: Council term extended due to Tribunal being rescheduled to 1201.

Addendum: Justen has not been seen in several seasons as of 1201.

Reference: Julissa 1

Council of 1202 - 1208

  • Princeps: Maribus
  • Magister: Julissa
  • Librarian: Aislinn Aulus
  • Master at Arms: Litha

Addendum: Librarian Aislinn replaced by Aulus in 1202 by vote of Council due to disappearance.

Addendum: Council periods re-aligned to the new Tribunal schedule in Stonehenge.

Reference: Maribus 2

Council of 1209 - 1215

  • Princeps: Aulus
  • Magister: Litha Aulus
  • Librarian: Maribus
  • Master at Arms: Julissa

Addendum: Magister Litha replaced by Aulus in 1210 by vote of Council due to disappearance.

Addendum: Maribus has not been seen in several seasons as of 1215.

Reference: Aulus 1

Council of 1216 - 1222

  • Princeps: Neanne
  • Magister: Aulus
  • Librarian: Julissa Neanne Thomas
  • Master at Arms: Aulus

Addendum: Librarian Julissa replaced by Neanne in 1218 by vote of Council due to disapperance.

Addendum: Librarian Neanne replaced by Thomas in 1219 by vote of Council.

Reference: Neanne 1

Council of 1222 - 1229

By decision of the council, the offices were assumed immediately after the Tribunal of 1222.

  • Princeps: Aulus (scheduled) Neanne
  • Magister: Geoffrey
  • Librarian: Veloxia
  • Master at Arms: Magni

Addendum: Neanne resumed the office of Princeps after Aulus was excused from his covenant duties for a period of seven years to attend to his Quaesitorial qualifications and studies to serve as the Proctor of Hermes in Rome.

Reference: Neanne 2

Council of 1230 - 1236

  • Princeps: Aulus
  • Magister: Obscurus Ignis
  • Librarian: Joshua
  • Master at Arms: Geoffrey

Reference: Aulus 2

Council of 1237 - 1243

  • Princeps: Thomas
  • Magister: TBD
  • Librarian: TBD
  • Master at Arms: TBD

Reference: Thomas 1