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Ars Magica: Nova Semitae Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
5 Neanne 1, Hiems
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXXXV, hiems
A.D. 1235, winter
6 Aulus 2, Hiems
Magi of Nova Semitae
Geoffroy de Dreux of Jerbiton
Joshua Levi of Verditius
Magni of Flambeau
Obscurus Ignis of Flambeau
NPC Magi
Aulus · Neanne · Fr. Thomas
Aline · Ysabelo

Hermetic Status
Lady Angharad ferch Madog, Princess of Powys Fadog
Ritter Sigmund, German ex-Crusader
Sir Daniele d'Audrieu, Norman merchant
Sir William Cornwell, English ex-Crusader
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A Gently Gifted Trianoman Bonisagus, hailing from the Rhine. He was Gauntleted at Durenmar in the Rhine Tribunal. He stayed at Durenmar for a couple of years before spending some time in the Stonehenge Tribunal wandering and looking for a new covenant to settle down at. He was summoned back to Durenmar by the Prima of House Bonisagus (Murion) and ordered to join Nova Semitae with the intent on keeping an eye on Julissa, an orbus Bonisagus (now Criamon) maga who was accused of stealing and destroying a rare book written by Trianoma herself.

Aulus has taken Maribus' hut by the rivers as his lab at Nova Semitae.

Aulus became engaged to Jasmine of Mercere in 1219, and married her a few months later.

After impressing a visiting delegation of Quaesitores, Aulus was offered the opportunity to train to be the Proctor of Hermes at the Roman Curia. This involved a couple of years of training in Hermetic and Church law, a two-year stint in the court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, before spending two years in Rome. He completed his Quasitorial studies in 1224 and was granted the title of Quaesitor in early 1225 where he took up his post in Canterbury. He will serve there until the end of 1226. He will then be in Rome from 1227 to 1228.


Name: Aulus of Bonisagus
Formal Name: Quaesitor Aulus filius Quintus scholae Bonisagi Germanicus ab Nova Semitis (used primarily among non-Bonisagus magi)

Quaesitor Aulus filius Quintus scholae Trianomae Germanicus ab Durenmare (used primarily among other Bonisagus magi to denote his Trianoman lineage and training at Durenmar)
Race/Nationality: German
Place of Origin: Rhine Tribunal, Covenant of Durenmar
Year of Birth/Age 1165 (61)
Apparent Age 30
Known Specialties: Creo, Vim; Quaesitor (as of 1225)
Familiar: Sano, a magical sea otter
Apprentices: Ysabelo
Spouse: Jasmine of Mercere (Redcap)

Character Sheet


Intelligence +3 Presence +1
Perception +2 Communication +3
Strength -1 Dexterity +1
Stamina +1 Luck +2


Updated to Autumn 1232

Skill Specialty Score XP
General Skills
Athletics Running 1 5
Awareness Alertness 2 15
Brawl Dodging 1 5
Charm Being Witty 2 15
Concentration Spellcasting 2 21
Etiquette Magi 2 15
Folk Ken Magi 3 47
Guile Fast Talk 2 15
Intrigue Alliances 5+2 54->81
Lore: Church, Organization Politics 5 82
Lore: Order of Hermes, Organization Personalities 4 68
Lore: Canterbury, Area Clergy 1 5
Lore: Rhine Tribunal, Area Magi 2 15
Lore: Rome, Area Clergy 1 5
Lore: Stonehenge Tribunal, Area Covenants 1 12
Profession: Scribe Copying 2 15
Ride Casting 1 12
Speak Middle Italian Roman dialect 1 8->12
Speak Middle Low German Vocabulary 6 75->112
Speak Middle English Conversational 5 54->81
Speak Norman French Noble Talk 4 40->60
Speak Medieval Hebrew Conversational 4 40->60
Speak Yiddish Conversational 3 22->33
Speak Welsh Conversational 1 12->18
Teaching Parma Magica 3 30
Academic Skills
Artes Liberales Ritual Magic 2 15
Civil and Canon Law Papal Law 4 70
Speak Latin Hermetic Terms 6 75->112
Philosophiae Ritual Magic 2 17
Arcane Skills
Code of Hermes Political Intrigue 5 86
Finesse Precision 2 15
Lore: Faerie Fae Nobility 1 5
Lore: Magic Magical Traditions 1 5
Magic Theory Vim 6 119
Parma Magica Mentem 4 55
Penetration Perdo 2 15

Mundane Qualities


Of Germanic origin, he looks somewhat shorter and stunted for a grown male. He's a mere 4'6" tall (the shortest of all the covenant magi). Prior to his arrival at the covenant, he wore sturdy travel clothing as a result of his many seasons of wandering. 

Known Languages


  • Idyllic sanctum (local covenant) 2 (+25 xp) [Lab Aesthetics score]
  • House Acclaim (House Bonisagus): 1 (11 xp) [Title: Boukoloi]
  • Wizard of the Order of Hermes (Church) 2 (+16 xp)

Mundane Wealth

Updated to Autumn 1227

  • Cash £4

Magical Qualities


Current Qualities

Language Dialect Specialty Fluency Level Score
Middle Low German Holstein Vocabulary Elegant 6
Latin Hermetic Latin Hermetic Terms Elegant 6
English Middle English Conversational Fluent 5
Northern French Norman Noble Talk Functional 4
Medieval Hebrew Nova Semitae dialect Conversational Functional 4
Middle High German Yiddish Conversational Haltingly Functional 3
Middle Italian Roman dialect Conversational Basic questions and answers 1
Welsh Powys accent Conversational Basic questions and answers 1
Size +0 Refinement +0 General Quality +7 Upkeep +3
Safety +5 Warping +0 Health +3 Aesthetics +5

Lab Specialization

Creo 0 Animal 0 Ignem +1
Intellego +1 Aquam +1 Imaginem +1
Muto 0 Auram 0 Mentem +1
Perdo 0 Corpus 0 Terram 0
Rego +1 Herbam 0 Vim 0
Vis Extraction +2 Texts +2 Items 0
Spells 0 Experimentation 0

Contributing Factors

  • Dedicated Building: +1 Upkeep, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Re
  • Idyllic Surroundings: +2 Health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Aq
  • Servant +1 (Int/2) Safety, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Me (Portus)
  • Magical Heating: +1 Health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Ig
  • Magical Lighting: +1 Aesthetics, +1 Texts, +1 Im
  • Familiar: +3 Safety (Golden Cord), +4 General Quality (Modified Int + Magic Theory score)
  • Flawless Equipment: +2 General Quality, +2 Upkeep, +2 Vis Extraction
  • Highly Organized +1 General Quality
  • Magical Heating: +1 Health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Ig
  • Desk: +1 Texts, +1 In


Well-appointed sanctum 2 (25 xp)


Updated to Autumn 1232

Creo 19 (204) Animal 6 (25) Ignem 8 (37)
Intellego 13 (92) Aquam 5 (16) Imaginem 7 (28)
Muto 5 (15) Auram 6 (22) Mentem 10 (58)
Perdo 6 (25) Corpus 10 (60) Terram 7 (32)
Rego 9 (51) Herbam 9 (48) Vim 16+3 (99->149)


The Bountiful Feast, CrHe 35/+28

Prying Eyes, InIm 5/+17
Aura of Enobled Presence, MuIm 10/+13

Trust of the Childlike Faith, PeMe 10/+17
Calm the Motion of the Heart, PeMe 15/+17
Call to Slumber, ReMe 10/+20
Aura of Rightful Authority, ReMe 20/+20

Kiss of Twilight, CrVi 20/+39
Sense the Nature of Vis, InVi 5/+30
Piercing the Divine Veil, InVi 20/+30
Piercing the Faerie Veil, InVi 20/+30
Walking the Path through the Magical Veil, InVi(CrIm) 20/+30
Sense the Lingering Magic, InVi 30/+30
Impression of the Faded Sigil (InVi 30) [HoH:TL 75]
Wizard's Commune, MuVi 20/+25
Impotence of the Faerie, PeVi 10/+26
Agony of the Faerie, PeVi 15/+26
Unravelling the Fabric of Aquam, PeVi(Aq) 10/+26
Unravelling the Fabric of Auram, PeVi(Au) 10/+26
Unravelling the Fabric of Corpus, PeVi(Co) 10/+26
Unravelling the Fabric of Ignem, PeVi(Ig) 10/+26
Unravelling the Fabric of Imaginem, PeVi(Im) 10/+26
Unravelling the Fabric of Mentem, PeVi(Me) 10/+26
Unravelling the Fabric of Terram, PeVi(Te) 10/+26
Hammer of Thaumaturgical Shattering, PeVi 15/+26
Unravelling the Fabric of the Fae, PeVi 10/+26
Demon's Eternal Oblivion, PeVi 5/+26
Demon's Eternal Oblivion, PeVi 10/+26
Wind of Mundane Silence, PeVi 15/+26
Gather the Essence of the Beast, ReVi 15/+29
Aegis of the Hearth, ReVi 20/+29

Personal Library

Personal Vis

  • 4 pawns of Perdo
  • 6 pawns of Corpus
  • 2 pawns of Imaginem

Updated to A.D. 1226

Magical Enchantments

Other Magical Powers

Aulus has been trained in a new Parma Magica fold the blunts the effect of the Gift on mundanes. As a Bonisagus magus, he is dedicated to seeing this knowledge spread throughout the Order.

Longevity Ritual

Strength: 46 (+10 Living Conditions Modifier)


Level 2
XP: 22


In the course of his duties, Aulus has managed to grow his personal 'entourage'. The following are various NPCs affiliated with him. They are presented in roughly the order that Aulus acquired or associated with them.

Sano, Familiar

"Life ain't nothin but fishes and honey." --Sano


At the beginning of the Summer of 1210, Sano was discovered to be deathly ill. It became clear that the Cords that bonded familiar to magus had been severed, and that Maribus was likely dead. While his body recovered from the shock, Sano would likely have withered away in spirit after losing the bond to his master, and died anyway. On appeal by Julissa (Maribus' granddaughter and former apprentice), Aulus undertook the bonding ritual for the season in order to save Sano's life.


Sano is a magical water otter. Observed personality traits likely include Lustful and Gluttony. Known to be very intelligent, but flighty. Easily distracted.

Known likes: Honey, fresh fish, da women, bacon

Known Abilities

Being a magical creature, Sano has a number of magical abilities; however, not all are known to Aulus at this time.

  • Has outstanding stamina and can swim for extended periods of time
  • Has the ability to call fish to his location and have them jump up (and into his mouth)
  • Has the ability to summon forth water out of thin air
  • Has accumulated Lores, including Magic Theory; is good for "research", but less productive for long-term activities.

Known Abilities: Magic Theory 3, Swim (lots)

Known Languages: Latin, Hebrew

Known Abilities: Int +1 (minimum); Sta +7

Familiar Bond Ritual

  • Aulus used a CrVi ritual to Bond with Sano, with Samuel's assistance
  • The lab total was 50, enough for Bond scores of +3, +2, and +1

Future Familiar Enhancements

  • Mental Communication (words and images) (CrMe 15)
  • Metallic Claws (CrTe 35) - needs some study in Terram to reduce time in lab

Gentle, Faerie Mount

Aulus has a white faerie palfrey named Gentle, received as a gift from the local Seelie court after the rescuing of a faerie baroness' daughter from the Unseelie's tortures. Gentle seems to have the ability to speak, but is rather shy about doing so. She also has the ability to run and walk across water surfaces.

Gentle provides Aulus a bonus to spellcasting equal to his Ride score, up to a maximum of +3.

Jasmine, Redcap of House Mercere, Wife

The hardest-working Redcap of the tribunal, she is rarely seen at the Mercer House, as she believes that message-bearing is the least important duty of House Mercere. She spends most of the year travelling about Stonehenge, Loch Leglean, and Hibernia, keeping abreast with politics both mundane and Hermetic. She is rumoured to be the best-informed maga in all of the Isles.

Jasmine possesses a magical skiff which can sail across both water and land, at great speeds; she also carries a ring which renders her (and conveniently, everything she touches) invisible. Finally, she has a white-feathered cloak that can let her take the shape of a gyrfalcon. The latter was a gift from House Mercere for her wedding to Aulus.

Jasmine and Aulus were engaged in Winter 1219 and married with a huge multi-Tribunal festival in Summer 1219.

(See also the Mercer House page.)

Krunk, Shield Grog

Krunk became Aulus' personal shield grog in Summer 1219. He is Catalan, an excellent mace fighter and a superb chef. He is a very large man, smarter than the average grog, and speaks some Latin.

Portus and Lindra

During his wedding festivites, Schola Pythagoranis presented Aulus with Portus, an unGifted laboratory assistant (Int 2, MT 3), and Jasmine with Lindra, a young lady-in-waiting trained with some useful skills.

Tremere Soldates

During his wedding festivities, House Tremere magi presented the couple a small honour guard of soldates (5 grogs, each with 5 Latin and 5 single weapon, trained to fight as a cohesive unit).

Seasonal Activities

1220s: 1220 1221 1222 1223 1224 1225 1226 1227 1228 1229

1230s: 1230 1231 1232 1233 1234 1235 1236 1237 1238 1239

Proctor of Hermes Training

  • 1222: Study Hermetic Law
  • 1223: Study Civil and Canon Law
  • 1224: Study Lore: Church, Organization
  • 1225-1226: Proctor of Hermes at Canterbury
  • 1227-1228: Proctor of Hermes at Rome