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Ars Magica: Nova Semitae Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
5 Neanne 1, Hiems
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXXXV, hiems
A.D. 1235, winter
6 Aulus 2, Hiems
Magi of Nova Semitae
Geoffroy de Dreux of Jerbiton
Joshua Levi of Verditius
Magni of Flambeau
Obscurus Ignis of Flambeau
NPC Magi
Aulus · Neanne · Fr. Thomas
Aline · Ysabelo

Hermetic Status
Lady Angharad ferch Madog, Princess of Powys Fadog
Ritter Sigmund, German ex-Crusader
Sir Daniele d'Audrieu, Norman merchant
Sir William Cornwell, English ex-Crusader
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Beta rules, subject to revision

Hermetic Status


Geoffroy +0

Status: Mixed due to focus on, and entanglements with, mundane society, which the Order doesn't generally respect
Friends in High Places +1 (Connected with Welsh Princely families, Brittany Ducal family)
Machiavellian +1
Pedigree +1 (lineage traceable to founder)
Miscreant -2 (Significant fine in 1227 Tribunal)
Troublemaker -1

Obscurus Ignis +1

Status: Regularly speaks at Tribunal with skill
Machiavellian +1
Orator +1
Master of Parma Magica, Creo, Ignem +1
Miscreant -1 (Fine for minor offense in 1227 Tribunal)

Magni +2

Status: Worthy magus following in the footsteps of his pater, reliable member of the Order
Famous Parens +1 (Aduro)
Hoplite +1
Pedigree +1 (lineage of Apromor)
Master of Parma Magica, Rego +1

Joshua +0

Status: No significant actions that sway Hermetic opinion one way or the other


Aulus +3

Status: Well-known and well-respected in the Order, significant political figure in Tribunal
Cultured +1
Friends in High Places +1 (Church connections, House Mercere connections)
House Bonisagus +1
Machiavellian +1
Pedigree +1 (lineage of Trianoma)
Wealthy +1
Quaesitor +1
Achievement +1 (Served as Proctor of Hermes)
Master of Magic Theory, Creo, Vim +1
Covenant Leader +1 (Temporary)

Neanne +2

Status: Well-versed in Hermetic Theory, one of Tribunal's foremost experts
Theorist +1 (regularly organizes colloquium at Tribunal)
Master of Magic Theory, Vim +2
Wealthy +1

Fr. Thomas +0

Status: Mixed, Well-connected priest, recent recruit to House Jerbiton, but hedge wizard legacy causes some to not respect his abilities
Friends in High Places +1 (Church Connections all the way to the Papal Curia)
Achievement +1 (Attended Proctor of Hermes in Rome)
Hedge Wizard -2

Adjustments to System

The following are changes to the article linked below.

Status Score Points Total
+5 15
+4 10
+3 6
+2 3
+1 1
+0 0
-1 -1
-2 -3
-3 -6
-4 -10
-5 -15

Master of (Hermetic Ability)

As a rule of thumb, the following bonuses would apply:

Bonus Arcane Ability Art
+1 Score of 6+ Score of 15+
+2 Score of 10+ Score of 22+
+3 Score of 15+ Score of 30+

Note, only the highest bonus applies. If a magus had Magic Theory of 10 and an Art at 21, this would only add +2 to standing, not +4.


Miscreant penalties from past crimes fade with time at Storyguide's discretion. A rule of thumb is that crimes for which only a fine was levied (even significant ones) are reduced over successive Tribunal periods based on cost of the penalty. However, subsequent crimes may extend the period it takes to fade as new crimes linger in the memories of the magi. Other crimes may be more infamous and will never fade. Murder of a wizard, or being punished with the loss of apprentice or familiar, will regularly haunt a magus unless they move to a distant Tribunal.

For example:

Obscurus Ignis earned a fine for a minor infraction in the 1227 Tribunal. This was only a -1 Miscreant penalty and thus will fade in 1 Tribunal period. By the 1236 Tribunal, this is no longer affecting his Hermetic status.

Geoffroy earned a large fine for in the 1227 Tribunal. This was worth a -2 Miscreant penalty and thus will fade after 2 Tribunal periods. It will remain at the 1236 Tribunal but be reduced to -1, but at the 1243 Tribunal it will fade completely -- provided there are no additional convictions in the meantime.

Social Status for Ars Magica

Original Article: Social Status for Ars Magica

by Andrew P. Smith

Briefly, A Social Status characteristic is determined from the net total of your social attributes, in pyramid points. e.g. +1=1,+2=3,+3=6,+4=10,+5=15...

A social attribute is one particular thing about you which either enhances or damages your standing. These things only count if they are reasonably widely known or fairly self-evident. Many are not applicable for starting characters (but may be gained during play), and some require other V/F to justify. Some replace existing V/F. Starting characters pay for their starting Social Status with an equivalent number of V/F points.)

Social Status

+5 You are effectively regarded as a demigod - it's as if one of the Founders themselves had returned.
+4 You are universally recognised as one of the foremost magi of the Order, and you probably have the age to go with it. A leader, a mover and a shaker, you might be a primus or praeco, very likely an Archmage.
+3 You are well-known and very well-respected. You have power and self confidence and are a significant member of the Order.
+2 You are well-respected and known by numerous people - a worthy magus.
+1 You are an upstanding member of the Order, and are likely to be treated with some measure of respect.
+0 You are an unremarkable member of the Order. Not many people may know you, or if they do, perhaps you have a chequered history.
-1 You are viewed in some circles as mildly inferior or a little shady.
-2 You have little respect amongst your peers, and your acts have earnt you disfavour. You are generally frowned upon.
-3 You have lost nearly all your respect as a magus. You may be widely despised and viewed with contempt. Few would be sorry to see you go.
-4 You are either universally shunned, outcast, or notorious for your misdeeds. Few, if any, magi will have any dealings with you. If not already Marched, the Quaesitores won't need much persuading.
-5 Your name is so vile and black that it is simply impossible for you to function in the Order - magi you meet will either flee or attack. Stay hidden or expect to be slain.

Positive social attributes

Master of (Hermetic Ability / Art) +variable

You are acknowledged as an expert in your field. At +1, you have publicly demonstrated your mastery, and it is well known. At +3, you are unsurpassed as the foremost exponent in the Order.

Sigil Holder +variable

(Tremere only) 1 pyramid point per each additional sigil owned.

Primus +4

"Disrespect me, and you disrespect my entire House!"

Archmage +3

Not everyone likes an archmage, but everyone respects one. You've shown you've got the raw power, willpower and tenacity to join this elite club, and are not to be messed with.

Praeco +2

Authority and respect come with your great age.

Covenant Ruler +2

You rule your covenant as a dictator (whether benevolently or malevolently matters not). Its entire resources (perhaps including its Tribunal votes) are at your sole disposal. (Also applies if you are the absolute ruler of some other group of magi, e.g. a secret society.)

Enforcer +2

Likely the most senior hoplite in your Tribunal, when the Quaesitors or the Tribunal itself calls for a March to be implemented, they call YOU. You're the one with the track record of numerous renegade wizard slayings under your belt, and you've got the raw power.

Fabulously Wealthy +2

You're rolling in it. Hordes of vis, innumerable retainers, priceless ingredients, the finest clothes and furnishings, you've got the lot. Some may be jealous, but everyone wants to be your friend.

Famous Author +2

You have written books that have been very widely copied, and are renowned as among the most outstanding in their subject area.

Achievement +1

You've done something fairly famous, which made people stand back and take notice, and is remembered. (For example, banishing a major demon, slaying an infamous renegade, discovering a lost secret, etc.)

Author +1

You have written a number of good-quality tomes which have been copied and disseminated.

Challenger +1

You haven't yet succeeded, but are actively trying to become an Archmage. Some, at least, view you as worthy for the honour.

Covenant Leader +1

You are the nominated disceptator/princeps of your covenant. Whilst your vote there may only be one of many, you are nevertheless regarded as your covenant's figurehead, or most pre-eminent magus. (Also applies if you are the leader of some other group of magi, e.g. a secret society.)

Cultured +1

You seem to have the right Hermetic breeding. Speaking fully-correct archaic latin, a temperate manner, and with your formal and correct dress, you look and act every inch the upstanding magus. (Must have Speak Latin of 6 or more.) (A common one for Jerbiton.)

Descendants +1

You've trained at least one apprentice, who is now a competant magus in their own right. Your lineage is assured, and you've done your bit for the continuance of the Order.

Eponymous Spell +1

A spell which you are known to have invented, perhaps which even bears your name, has achieved widespread usage.

Famous Parens +1

Your parens is a well known and powerful magus (Social Status of 3+), and you are treated accordingly.

Friends in High Places +1

"Oh yes, I know the Primus of Flambeau quite well. He owes me a favour, in fact."

Great Covenant +1

"Hi, I'm from Doissetep/Durenmar/Magvillus."

Hoplite +1

House Bonisagus +1

Machiavellian +1

You've demonstrated significant interest and ability in Hermetic politics, and always seem to be in your element at Tribunal. People come to you for gossip (you're always the first to know) and are wary of betraying you.

Orator +1

You've demonstrated notable skill when speaking up for your chosen cause at Tribunal, expounding eloquently and at length. You aren't afraid to stand up and be counted, and some may even ask you to speak on their behalf.

Pedigree +1

Your Hermetic lineage is impeccable. You can probably trace your predecessors directly to one of the Founders, and are descended from a line of powerful and famous magi. Surely you are destined for the same. (You like to advertise this fact, or it is well-known.)

Quaesitor +1

Slayer +1

You have slain another magus in a righteous (or if not righteous, at least legal) Wizard's War. People know not to mess with you...

Theorist +1

You are the leading proponent of a Hermetic theory, which, while it may not yet be widely accepted, is acknowledged as credible and noteworthy (and largely your own work).

Wealthy +1

You've always got plenty of vis to spare, have a cushy lab, dress finely. Obviously a magus of means.

Negative social attributes

Miscreant -variable

You have been found guilty of a Hermetic crime. At -1, this might be a fairly minor transgression / fine of a small quantity of vis. At -3, this is a very serious offence (e.g. murder) / fine of loss of apprentice / familiar.

Addled -1

You have some nonmagical vice which clouds your judgement and thinking, e.g. drink, drugs, women. How can you contemplate magic like that?

Bumbling Parens -1

Your master was very badly regarded, for whatever reason. (Master had/has Social Status of -3 or worse.) Little better is expected of you.

Certamen Abuser -1

You are known to make excessive and inappropriate usage of certamen, to the annoyance of your peers. "Ugh, I hate the colour of your shoes - certamen!" (A common one for Tremere.)

Certamen Refuser -1

You have repeatedly refused plausibly-grounded certamen challenges against you, without seeming good reason. It's not the done thing. You must either be a coward or are just irritatingly obstinate.

Crude -1

More refined magi look down on you. Perhaps you speak latin poorly or with a thick accent (must take this if your Speak Latin is less than 3), dress uncaringly, or have unesoteric pursuits. (Suitable for non-Roman Houses, esp. Bjornaer.)

Gauntlet Pending -1

There's just the little detail that, um, you haven't quite passed your Gauntlet yet, although in other ways you are ready to become a full magus. Perhaps you won't screw it up on your 2nd try...

House Ex-Miscellanea -1

House Mercere -1

In Search of Covenant -1

"Hi there, you wouldn't happen to have a free lab going in your nice covenant, would you?"

Incompetant in (Hermetic Ability) -1

You have publicly proven your ineptitude in some important area (e.g. certamen, magic theory, etc.), much to the amusement or derision of your peers.

Loner -1

No one generally bothers to look you up, because they know you aren't the kind who likes to speak to other magi. Perhaps you rarely show up at Tribunal.

No Sigil -1

(Tremere only)

Orbus -1

"So, um, what did you do that was so bad, that they had to throw you out?"

Pawn -1

You have no vote or say in the running of your covenant's affairs, and only perform less important or menial tasks on its behalf. Alternatively, it's known that you're still running errands for your master.

Poor -1

You always seem to be scraping together your last few pawns of vis. Perhaps you aren't seen with many retainers, and those you are with seem very poorly outfitted. You have a mediocre lab at best, and can't afford decent parchment/inks. You'll never make it with such meagre assets!

Suspect -1

You may not have been officially found guilty of any Hermetic crime, but the accusations have nevertheless come up often enough so that most people suspect you've got at least some form.

Tainted Lineage -1

Someone among your predecessors did something real, real bad. You don't like to talk about it. (Although others whisper about it behind your back.)

Troublemaker -1

You're always stirring it up, whether creating grief at Tribunal, or with your unwelcome involvement with the fae / church / nobility. If you were more subtle about things, your might attract less unwanted attention.

Warmonger -1

You have a history of declaring Wizard's Wars, perhaps not for the strongest of reasons. You are seen as either bloodthirsty or a bully.

Worthless Covenant -1

"Hi, I'm from <insert name of PC covenant here>."

Diabolic Parens -2

Boy, are the Quaesitors keeping a beady eye on you, what with the infamous acts and subsequent Marching of your parens...

Hedge Wizard -2

To put it charitably, you're, erm, a new recruit. Others may regard your lack of familiarity with matters Hermetic with open disdain - either a sucker fit for fleecing or a villian fit for Marching.

Hermit -2

"So you live alone, in a hut, on the hillside. Out of choice? Er, OK..."

Impoverished -2

You don't seem to have any vis, or indeed any even semi-valuable possessions at all... "Please, I'll do anything for a pawn of Herbam!" Maybe you even turn up at Tribunal in rags - a bit of a laughing stock, really.

Subservient -2

You effectively have the status of a servant in your covenant. You are at the beck and call of the ruling council/leaders, to perform menial tasks at their whim. You obviously have very little self-respect, to suffer such abuse. Alternatively, another magus (perhaps your master) is known to completely dominate and command you.

Outcast -3

You were thrown out of your previous covenant for your misdeeds, and now you are widely shunned, no covenant seems to want to take you. As per Hermit, except it's not through choice.

Marched -4

Oh dear. Run! And try to avoid other magi... (Does not apply if you have successfully avoided justice and changed your identity or whatnot, i.e. starting characters should instead take Dark Secret.)