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Ars Magica: Nova Semitae Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
5 Neanne 1, Hiems
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXXXV, hiems
A.D. 1235, winter
6 Aulus 2, Hiems
Magi of Nova Semitae
Geoffroy de Dreux of Jerbiton
Joshua Levi of Verditius
Magni of Flambeau
Obscurus Ignis of Flambeau
NPC Magi
Aulus · Neanne · Fr. Thomas
Aline · Ysabelo

Hermetic Status
Lady Angharad ferch Madog, Princess of Powys Fadog
Ritter Sigmund, German ex-Crusader
Sir Daniele d'Audrieu, Norman merchant
Sir William Cornwell, English ex-Crusader
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Current Enchantments

Note: Unless otherwise noted, laboratory tests are available for all magic items below, though they are not necessarily translated.

Serving the Magi

Doorway Through the Veil of Realities

InVi 30
A wooden doorway which is created and installed in the mundane level of Varana's Tomb in the exact location of doorways in the other two levels of the regio. When activated, the door allows the user to "see" the regiones of the Tower and to step into the one they want to go to. A separate doorway needs to be installed in each regio level to allow exit. A piece of the doorway at the mundane level was fixed as an arcane connection and stored at the covenant so that any magi who may wish to can teleport themselves to the doorway.
As of 1227, only one doorway exists, intended as the mundane level entrance. One will be needed for the Level 1 and Level 5 regiones in order to exit with the same ease.
(Base Piercing the Magical Veil InVi 20, +10 levels for unlimited uses)
Shape Bonus: Doorway (movement through doorway +7); material: hazelwood (divination +3)

Julissa's Portal ("The Stargate")

In Julissa's former lab, she has a stone ring standing some eight-foot tall decorated with gems and small ledges to hold stones. Nearby is a shelf holding additional stones that appear to be arcane connections to several locations - some were inactive, some were still active that connect to places near other covenants, and some are to other places. A ring embedded into the floor that seems attached to the Portal marks out an area where people can stand for a group teleport. (Counts as 'Ring'). Given Julissa's expertise, it's expected that she used this to teleport to other locations, though as of 1228, the magi don't know how it works. It's expected that there are additional effects.
What Lies Yonder
InIm 30
Investigated by Geoffrey, Spring 1228. By placing an arcane connection onto a shelf on the ring marked with an opal, the enchantment activates an image that appears in the portal allowing the user to view and hear in the vicinity of the arcane connection. Julissa seems to have used this to scry locations she would teleport to. However, this effect can also allow someone to scry on individuals, and so magi must be cautious on using this with Hermetic magi and their covenants lest they be charged at Tribunal.
(Base Summoning the Distant Image InIm 25, +5 levels for 24 uses per day)
Material Bonus: Opal (+2 to images)
Leap to the Far-away Ground
ReCo 50
Investigated by Neanne, Autumn 1229. By placing an arcane connection onto a shelf on the device, the enchantment will briefly show the location before transport the activator to the spot linked by the arcane connection. Note that the arcane connection remains with the device.
Anyone using this effect will gain 1 Warping point.
(Base The Leap of the Homecoming ReCo 35, +1 Touch, +5 levels for 24 uses per day)
Transporting the Household
ReCo(An,Aq,He,Te) 40
Investigated by Neanne, Autumn 1229. By placing an arcane connection onto a shelf on the device, the enchantment will briefly show the location before transport the activator to the spot linked by the arcane connection. Note that the arcane connection remains with the device. This is an upscaled version of teleportation that will transport everything within the ring in front of the device to a location. It includes 4 additional requisites to account for anything that the activator isn't carrying or wearing. Because Julissa apparently restricted the uses to just once a day, this item is a lower level than the single-peron teleport, though the requisites make it a more challenging effect to pull off.
Anyone using this effect will gain 1 Warping point.
(Base The Leap of the Homecoming ReCo 35, +1 Circle)

Scale Arcanum

The Scale Arcanum consists of a wool-lined, decorated oak box containing a small but finely made brass merchant's scale with two hanging weigh-pans. It also includes a brass weight set consisting of a 1-pennyweight, two 2-pennyweights, a 5-pennyweight, and a 10-pennyweight, which allows the scale to measure up to one tower ounce. While perfectly useable as a mundane scale, if a vis-containing item is placed in either of the pans, the scale will translate the vis to exactly 1-pennyweight per pawn. In addition, the vis-item will begin to softly glow in accordance with its type. A color-rule is provided in the box to allow for consistent identification. The actual enchantment lays in the removable Saphire needle which marks the "balanced" state.
(Invested item with Unlimited Scales of Magical Weight (InVm 5) and Unlimited Sense the Nature of Vis (InVm5))
Crafted by Joshua of Verditius. Has been opened with 10 pawns of effects, of which only a few levels are used at the moment.

Smokeless Oven

Creo Ignem 20
Pen +0, 24/day
R: Pers D: Conc, T: Ind, the device maintains concentration
The device takes the form of a hollow box of iron encased in fire-brick with a detachable iron lid. On command, the hollow interior heats up until sunset or command to stop is given.
If the heat is too high, food may be placed on the oven's lid or the grid above the brick.
(GL 5, +1 Conc, +5 maintain concentration, +5 levels for 24 uses)

The Enchanted Loom

Rego Herbam (Animal)
This loom takes a bundle of raw fibers and weaves it into large pieces of cloth. The loom is enchanted to take both plant-based and animal-based fibers, so it can produce wool and linen. This loom is used largely to service the magi and their servants in the covenant. It's possible that a series of these looms and a large enough sheep flock would create another source of income for the covenant, particularly since English wool is so valued in Europe.

The Magical Lift

Rego Terram 20
Tired of walking up 7 stories to his tower, Geoffrey of Jerbiton enchanted a 3x4' slab of rock, 2" thick, to float up to each of the landings of his tower. This allows effortless access to the 3rd, 5th, and 7th stories of the towers for those brave enough to use a highly unnatural device.
(GL 2 highly unnatural movement, +1 size, +2 Stone, +1 Diameter, +10 levels unlimited uses ) = 20

The Tireless Sweeper (2 devices)

Rego Herbam 20
Pen +0, Unlimited uses/day
One of the simplest magical items around, these brooms are voice-controlled to sweep an area at the direction of a servant. This helps save on the number of servants as one can do other tasks while the broom sweeps up the room.
(GL 3, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +5 levels to maintain, +10 level unlimited uses)

Pen of the Unseen Scribe (2 devices)

Rego Terram 19
Pen +0, Continuous
T: Voice, D: Sun, T: Self
Consisting of a single sliver of soapstone ornately carved into the shape stylus, this device is able to write on its own, recording what is said. This does not allow the magi to create notes any faster but does write them out fully in the standard language being spoken. Any laboratory notes made this way are created in a "translated" state.

Umbreal Weapons (3 devices)

Perdo Mentum 20
Pen +9, Unlimited
R: Touch, D: Instant, T: Individual
A silver banded quartz crystal which is embedded into a melee weapon to allow it to strike at ghostly forms and cut away their might. Created and primarily used to combat the spirits found in the tombs during the annual harvest of Terram vis. As they are not completely fixed, the enchantment will fade over 70 (1302) years. The currently created impliments are a large war hammer, a hand ax, and a sword.

Serving the Village

Enchanted Fishing Boats (2 devices)

Crafted by Maribus, these fishing riverboats are intended to be operated by 1-2 fishers. They lack a mast and oars, being powered by magic to move at the will of the boat pilot.

Ever-filled Barrel of Sweet Water

Numerous Rego Aquam enchantments
Pen +0
Due to the amount of mead that the covenant produces for sale, the meadery requires a great deal of freshwater. Located next to the River Severn, this oversized barrel has a wooden ramp leading into the river. The ramp is enchanted to draw water from the river, up the ramp and into the barrel until it is full. A second enchantment separates out the water from all other contaminants, which is ejected out a hole in the bottom. This happens twice a day. The alewives use a container to collect up the ejecta and toss it out regularly (usually back into the river). The pure water is then used with mead and ale production, which increases the quality (not to mention the health factors) of the end products.
Draw water up a ramp from the river: ReAq 9 (GL 1, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 unnatural control, +1 twice/day, +3 levels environmental trigger (Sun))
Separate water from non-water: ReAq 17 (GL 1, +1 Touch, +1 Part, +10 levels many parts, +1 twice/day, +3 levels environmental (Sun))

Perfection of Aristaeus' Art

Rego Animal 19
Pen +0, 50/day
Natural honey is filled with all sorts of impurities -- pollen, tiny bits of flowers, wax, dead bees and the like. By pouring raw honey into this barrel-like container shaped like a honeycomb and capping it, the enchantment then activates which separates pure honey from everything else.
This enchantment is named after Aristaeus, a minor Greek god credited with discovering bee-keeping.
(GL 1, +1 Touch, +1 Part, +10 levels many parts, +6 levels for 50 uses)

The Death of Vermin

Rego Animal 20
Pen +0, 1/day
This box is enchanted to fill specific vermin with a desire to approach and enter the box. The box is placed where vermin is found, triggered, and left to gather any that approach the box. The effect lasts until sunset or sunrise, most vermin are either active by day or night, so one use gathers all vermin in that area.
Once in the box, the vermin by be destroyed by a suitably equipped grog.
(GL 2, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +2 Group)
A spell exists to kill pests but is a level 50 Perdo Animal, and a device to perform this task would require 5 or 6 pawns of vis, as such it is cheaper to have a grog to sit by and stomp on the vermin necessary.

The Motivated Plow (4 devices)

Rego Terram 15
Pen +0, 24/day
T: Touch, D: Conc, T: Part, device maintains concentration
This lightweight plow-shaped device can easily be pushed along even by a single grog, not needing any harnessed beasts. If settled on the ground, it transformed even hard-packed earth into loose, well-plowed soil in a circle 15 paces across.
(GL 2, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +1 Part, +5 levels to maintain, +5 for 24 uses; based on The Forviging Earth)

The Pond House

Rego Aquam
A 2-story house situated over a river allows coven folk a place to dispose of animal and human waste in a way that immediately renders the waste into two useful forms: water, and everything else. Often, the 'everything else' is useful as fertilizer, while the waterfalls into the river. This helps both with processing and health as waste is not simply thrown into the streets. Enchantment by Adria of Jerbiton

The Provision Paddle

ReHe 15
A rod that broadens into a paddle, stick it into a pile of chaffed wheat in a barrel, and the chaff will be ejected.
Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Size, Unlimited +10

The River's Traverse (The Northbridge)

Creo Terram 20
Pen +0, 24/day
T: Touch, D: Conc, T: Part, the device maintains concentration
This device is anchored into the opposite sides of the River Vrynwy with two halves of a large block of grey stone dug up locally. On the covenant-side, touching a marked area of the anchor stone and speaking the trigger word creates a grey stone bridge that spans the river. One coven folk family has the duty of extending the bridge in the morning and withdrawing it at night.
(GL 2, +2 Voice, +1 Conc, +5 levels to maintain, +1 additional size, +5 levels for 24 uses)

The Tower Lift

Rego Terram, unlimited uses
Tired of walking up to the top of the North Tower, Geoffrey spent some time creating a stone slab with railings and a gate and a control mechanism to stop at each of the three landings outside the tower as well as the ground floor. In this way, he could save himself a hike up 8 flights of stairs. Of course, this has also made it easier for all other visitors and covenant servants to access the tower as well, leaving the stairs largely for emergencies or if one wanted to hurry and didn't wait for the lift.

The Glass Lift

Multiple effects, unlimited uses
Taking Geoffrey's basic design, Neanne (and her apprentice) created an ornate, all-glass gazebo/lift car, complete with roof and side panes, to allow people to go up and down the South Tower in style. Not only does it carry people, it enchanted to be illuminated, to keep the rain off, to melt the glass and stone away when it docks with each landing and, as a final touch, causes the floor to become transparent as it rises in order to lend the illusion of flight. The glass has been further enchanted to provide a sturdy grip for when water is tracked inside (so that riders don't slip and fall). Finally, the entire lift has been hardened with a ritual that makes the glass as hard as steel to give it a resiliency for many years' use. Of course, it only adds to the covenant's reputation of wonder as locals will see a glowing, well-lit lift carry people up and down the South Tower, even at night.

Intertwined Tablets

Rego Animal 18
Pen +0, 24/day
R: Self, D: Continuous, T: Self
A set of three large wax tablets whose wooden frame had been enlayed with magnetite and silver. Each of the three tablets created at the same time has an arcane link to each other. Any mark that is made on one of them is instantly translated to the others in the set, so that each one always displays the same marks as its siblings. One of these tablets is kept in the Autocrat's office, one has been sent to Veronica's tower, and the third is slated to head to the Roman Town. This allows for instantaneous communication between the far flung outposts of the Covenent.
(GL 1, +4 Arcane, +2 Sun, +3 levels Continuous)

Serving the Hospital

Enchanted Hospital Beds of Healing (3)

Creo Corpus 19
Create hospital beds that give +9 bonuses to healing for those who recover on it
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +4 levels continuous effect)
The first of these beds was created in 1230 by Geoffrey to provide the hospital with magical enhancements that wouldn't look unusual in the Hospital. Two others were created by Joshua a season later.

Pending Projects

This list can serve as ideas on enchantments to create as part of covenant service. Consider that everything in the medieval world is done manually. A good enchantment will save people time, resources (consumables), or a number of people from doing a task. Items that can be used in the manufacturing or harvesting of resources can potentially be used to create a new income stream for the covenant.

Expenditure Reduction Items

The idea behind these items is to reduce the expenditure costs, either by reducing labor or by increasing production. For consideration, our three biggest expenditures are "Wages" and "Provisions" (food & drink) with "consumables" (Candles, Clothing, Fuel, Utensils, Etc.). So we should probably concentrate on that direction.

Crow's Scare

Rego Animal
An enchanted scarecrow which causes any bird within range shouting range of the scarecrow to want to fly away from the agricultural fields for the next minute or so.
(ReAn 24 - Base 2, Group +2, Voice +2, Sun +2, Continuous +4lv)

Miller Stone

Rego Herbam
Although the covenant does have a mill with which to grind flour and other grains, the traditional problem is that the millstone occasionally grinds up stones with the grains. This wearing out of the grindstones leads to both poorer quality flour as well as broken and worn teeth as stones are baked into bread. An enchanted miller stone would transform raw grains into perfectly ground flour without all the nasty side-effects of 13th-century grinding technology.
Magi should consider how this will affect the current miller, who makes a living by charging a fee to use his mill. The covenant collects a fee for the use of the mill (which belongs to the covenant), allowing the miller to keep the rest as a salary.
Option 1: Miller's stones naturally push everything out to the edges. This spell causes the milled grain to instead move to the center, where it will fall through a central hole. (Item 24 - Base Level 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun +2 group, +3 levels environmental trigger, +1 level for twice daily) Or (Spell 5 - Base level 3, +2 Ring, +0 Circle)
Option 2: This item would cause either all rocks & animal mater ejected out the side and the grain falls through. (Item (ReTe(An) 19 - Base Level 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun +2 group, +3 levels environmental trigger, +1 level for twice daily)

Miller's Cart

Multiple - Perdo Herbam / Rego Herbam
A thrashing edge that runs just above the ground and causes any grain it touches to crumble into flour. A second enchantment (or item) causes the flour to be pulled up off the ground and into the cart. Combined, a laborer would simply have to drive the cart over the fields during harvest time and bag the flour as the cart fills up, saving both milling time and harvest time.
(PeHe 25 - Base 10, Touch +1, Momentary, Unlimited +10 levels) (ReHe 29 - Base Level 3, +2 Voice, +2 Sun +2 group, +3 levels environmental trigger, +1 level for twice daily.

Cold Box

CrAn(He) 19
A enchanted chest which preserves food. A cold effect may be added with a Perdo Ignem (or Creo Imaginem) effect to explain to mundanes why it works. The preservation is actually done through a Creo Animal (Herbam) enchantment which stops spoilage as long as the item(s) remain within the chest.
Base level 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun +2 group, +3 levels environmental trigger, +1 level for twice daily

Room of Ever-Fresh Provisions

CrAn(He) 19
A larger version of the Cold Box enchantment. The room is enchanted to preserve all plant and animal-based provisions placed within it. Food never decays due to the ongoing Creo effect. This assumes a room roughly 20'x20' or an equivalent area. Adding 1 magnitude (raising it to level 24) would cover 10 times that area and should be sufficient for any room that might exist in the covenant or effect a distinct structure of up to 10 rooms.
Base level 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun +2 Room, +3 levels environmental trigger, +1 level for twice daily

Planter Box of Instant Timber

CrHe 23
A round wooden planter box large enough to hold a fully grown pine. Any tree planted within the box will grow to maturity by the next morning. So long as a grog fells the tree and plants a new one during each day, this could provide 90+ pines worth of lumber per season. A couple of these combined with a normal or enchanted lumber mill could also be an income source.
(Base 15, +1 Sun, +0 Circle, +3 Levels Environmental Trigger, +0 once daily)

Income Source Enchantments

Rather than reducing expenses, the idea of these items is to help create a new income source to support ourselves.

Lead Extraction Kiln

Muto(Rego) Terram (35)
The idea here is to create a large enclosed crucible enchanted with a Rego Terram with a few associated effects. (Separate Lead from Rock, Lead flow like Syrup, Crumble remaining Rock) or one very complex effect. Activated when closed and warming the crucible to a slightly-to-hot-to-touch level. The lead will continue to flow as though molten for about two minutes.
(Base 3, Metal +2, +2 "Room" +1 Diameter, +10 levels unlimited uses) (+1 Complexity?)

Perfect Stone Shaping

Muto Terram (25)
The idea is to take an unevenly cut stone and turn it into a liquid or semi-liquid (like clay). Then put the liquid/semi-liquid into a mold. Once the spell wears off the stone will be perfectly in the shape of the mold. This is similar if not the same as the spell "Rock of Viscid Clay". We need to see if it is the library (roll for it).

(Base 3, +1 touch, +2 Sun, +1 part, +10 unlimited uses)

Stone Polishing

Rego Terram (16/20)
The idea is to create a device like a grinding wheel that will magically polish stone. The spell already exists. Only a device would need to be enchanted with it.

(Base 3, +1 touch, +1 momentary, +1 Part, +6 50/day or +10 unlimited uses)

Enchanted Hospital Beds of healing

Creo Corpus (19/24/29/34)
Create hospital beds that give bonuses to healing.
(Base (Base 4/5/10/15, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +4 levels continuous effect)

Aesculapius' Mark

Creo Copus (34/39/44/49)
Create a magical sigil which will enchant the hospital to give a bonus to healing to those within. Add +1 magnitude if the hospital has over 10 rooms.
(Base 4/5/10/15, +3 Structure, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +4 levels continuous effect)

A knife of stone cutting

Rego Terram (15)
The idea is to create a spell that can slice stone and then enchant a knife or saw with that spell. This could be used to cut stone into smaller sizes. If the covenant were to take over one of Angharad's quarries or open up a new one then this would be useful.
(GL 2, +1 stone, +1 Touch, +1 Part, +10 levels unlimited uses)