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Ars Magica: Nova Semitae Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
5 Neanne 1, Hiems
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXXXV, hiems
A.D. 1235, winter
6 Aulus 2, Hiems
Magi of Nova Semitae
Geoffroy de Dreux of Jerbiton
Joshua Levi of Verditius
Magni of Flambeau
Obscurus Ignis of Flambeau
NPC Magi
Aulus · Neanne · Fr. Thomas
Aline · Ysabelo

Hermetic Status
Lady Angharad ferch Madog, Princess of Powys Fadog
Ritter Sigmund, German ex-Crusader
Sir Daniele d'Audrieu, Norman merchant
Sir William Cornwell, English ex-Crusader
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All council decisions are recorded here by year.


The covenant charter defines several membership levels and officers. The membership levels are: Senior Member, Junior Member, Probationary Member, and Recognized Guest. The covenant leader is the Princeps, and rotates among the Senior Members. The Princeps cannot make unilateral decisions, but is charged with overseeing the implementation of the Council's decisions. The disceptator may cast an additional tie-breaking vote in Council meetings.


Current: 1230-1236 Aulus of Bonisagus

Previous Office Holders:

  • 1223-1229 Neanne of Verditius
  • 1216-1222 Neanne of Verditius
  • 1209-1215 Aulus of Bonisagus
  • 1202-1208 Maribus of Mercere
  • 1194-1201 Julissa of Criamon
  • 1187-1193 Litha of Bjornaer
  • 1179-1186 Maribus of Mercere
  • 1173-1179 Aislinn of Tytalus
  • 1170-1172 Justen of Tremere

Council Members

Full Members, in order of precedence

  • Aulus, Senior Member
  • Neanne, Senior Member
  • Thomas, Senior Member
  • Geoffroy, Senior Member
  • Obscurus Ignis, Senior Member
  • Magni, Senior Member
  • Joshua Levi, Senior Member

As of 1234:

Probationary Members

Protected Guests
Hortense of House Bonisagus

Mundane Guests

Outstanding Issues

The following are issues pending the Council's decision. Your autocrat offers her take to each as well. These are in no particular order, so read carefully!

Magister Requests

These are incoming issues appealed to the Magister.

Request Cost Requester Autocrat's Notes
Answer to the Bishop of St. Asaph's charges: Violations of Canonical Law; Tithing Violations; Lateran Council Violations Regarding Jews TBD The Dean of Marchia, on behalf of Bishop of St. Asaph The bishop has expressed extreme distaste at dealing with the Council's assigned autocrat and has already attempted an end-run by going to Sir William. Jusef has petitioned Sir William to redirect the bishop to the Magister. Additionally, it is Jusef's opinion that the appointment of a priest of the Council's selection to the vacant chapel has angered the bishop, resulting in a revocation of the tithing agreement, and charges of violations on behavior of the covenant's Jews.

Visitor Requests

These are incoming magus visitor requests that have been delivered to the Magister.

Requester Request Income Cost Notes
Tholin of Jerbiton One month visit of relatives in the area in 1235 TBD Standard hosting for magus without a lab This is Catherine's distant cousin. Geoffroy was originally contacted by him years ago to try and deal with the issue of Catherine's mother. He has returned to check in on his relatives and will be in the area for approximately a month.
Angelica of Tremere, Archmaga At least one season (Summer and/or Autumn) 1236 TBD Standard hosting for a magus without a lab She was temporarily posted to Vigil as part of the Quaesitorial contingent. She is spending a little more time in the Tribunal and is looking to study at the library.
Atlas of Tytalus, Quaesitor Two seasons (Summer, Autumn) 1236 TBD Standard hosting for a magus without a lab He was posted to Vigil as part of the temporary Quaesitorial contingent. He is looking to study Tribunal records additionally before departing back to Normandy.