Lynn (Lynne) Horton

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Ars Magica: Nova Semitae Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
5 Neanne 1, Hiems
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXXXV, hiems
A.D. 1235, winter
6 Aulus 2, Hiems
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Geoffroy de Dreux of Jerbiton
Joshua Levi of Verditius
Magni of Flambeau
Obscurus Ignis of Flambeau
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Hermetic Status
Lady Angharad ferch Madog, Princess of Powys Fadog
Ritter Sigmund, German ex-Crusader
Sir Daniele d'Audrieu, Norman merchant
Sir William Cornwell, English ex-Crusader
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Lynn and her company are a small mercenary outfit who, when not gainfully employed, are loosely based in Wales around the city of Pool. They have a reputation for honesty and discipline and are often employed to guard merchants or break up ruffian gangs. They have worked with Magi before and seen more than their share of strange things.



Lynne's father was an older English mercenary captain who, as history and mortality weighed on him, strongly desired a son to raise, train and carry on his legacy. Lynne's mother was a caring but cunning welsh village woman who loved him deeply. The couple would only have one child to survive infancy. Thus it was when Lynne was born her mother introduced her as the boy Lynn, the son they had always wanted. When her father was home, he taught her everything he knew about leadership and warfare. When he was gone, her mother taught her what womanhood and how to hide it. The young Lynn grew up becoming skilled at both.

Lynn joined her father on the battlefield when she turned sixteen. They traveled across Brittan and France fighting side-by-side until his death in 1218. Her natural talent for holding the small band together even under the terrors of a cavalry charge saw her nominated into the leadership of the company without challenge. She’s subsequently lead the troop across the British isles from victory to well-paying victory.


Name: Lynn
Birth Name: Lynne of Horton
Race/Nationality: Welsh/English
Place of Origin: Pool
Birthday/Age: March 28, 1195 / 32
Known Specialties: Combat Leadership

Virtues and Flaws


Mercentary Captain (Minor)


Missing Eye


Intelligence: -1 Perception: +1 Bravery: +2
Strength: +2 Stamina: +2 Loyalty: +1
Presence: +1 Communication: +0 Disipline +3
Dexterity: +0 Luck: +0


General Skills

Skill Specialty Score XP
Athletics Balance 2 15
Awareness In Combat 3 30
Bargain Mercenary Services 3 30
Carouse Staying Sober 2 15
Folk Kin Employers 2 15
Guile Disguise 2 15
Leadership Combat 5 75
Teaching Great Weapon 1 5

Combat Skills

Skill Specialty Score XP
Brawl Dagger 3 30
Great Weapon Welsh Glaive 4 50

Language & Lore

Skill Specialty Score XP
Welsh Military Terms 5 75
Middle English Military Terms 3 30
Gaelic Military Terms 2 15
Area Lore: British Isles Getting Around 4 50


Dagger: Initiative: +0, Attack +2, Defense: +0, Damage: +3, Load +0
Glaive: Initiative: +3, Attack +4, Defense: +1, Damage +8, Load +2
Metal Scale: Soak +7, Load +7

Silver Company

While the Silver Company’s size and membership have changed over the years, even it’s highest mark never reached a score of men. This small, manageable size works for the kind of people the company attracts, who like to think of themselves as a more professional, elite team and better then a “typical mob-for-hire” thugs. This is further aided by their uniform armor and weapon (welsh glaive) all of which are provided by and owned by the company as a whole.


  • Dafydd: Vanguard A surprisingly agile bear of a man, Dafydd is the most veteran of the Company, save for Lynne herself, and has the scars to prove it. Tends to see combat as the ultimate physical contest and likes to be right up in the thick of it.
  • Lewis: Tall, but a little on the wiry side, Lewis always gives off the look of a boy in his father’s armor. Unusually good with numbers, he is the one who actually keeps the company’s accounts and buys the supplies.
  • Robert: A farmer by trade before he joined up with the company, Robert is the most capable general hand in the group. A constant worker who cares by doing, he spends much of his time cleaning, cooking, mending, or otherwise maintaining the team's camp and gear.
  • Merfyn: One of the two most recent members, Merfyn first worked alongside the company as the separate hireling of a Magi before joining up after the contract expired. He's a brave and reasonably skilled warrior, but there is the air of something odd about him nobody has quite placed.
  • Duncan: The newest and youngest of the Company, what the seventeen year old Scotsman lacks in skill, he makes up for in enthusiasm and boundless energy.

Combat Scores

Based on Dafydd's Dexterity +1, Strength +2, Vanguard’s Great Weapon (Glaive) 6, Average Great Weapon (Glave) 4, Stamina +2

Initiative (Glaive): Dex +1, Weapon +3, Enc -1 = +3
Attack (Glaive) Dex +1, Ability +6, Weapon +4 = +11
Defend (Glaive): Dex +1, Ability +6, Weapon +1 = +8
Damage (Glaive): Str +2, Weapon +8 = +10
Initiative (Dagger): Dex +1, Weapon +0, Enc -1 = +0
Attack (Dagger): Dex +1, Ability +4, Weapon +2 = +7
Defend (Dagger): Dex +1, Ability +4, Weapon +0 = +85
Damage (Dagger): Str +2, Weapon +3 = +5
Organized Group Bonus: +15
Armored Soak (Metal Scale): 9


Pack Horse
3x Glaive handles
1x Glaive Blade
Armor & Equipment Repair Kit
Pot and Cooking Gear
Legionary-style army tent