Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
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The Flaming Cantina
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Bad Part of Town
Cosmopolitan · Martini · The Shot
Bacta Max · Jarash · Jax Bauer
Merick Tel · "Red" · Zael
NPC Crew
Gwynnel and Jessiel
BS7-SAMI · S1-R1
R2-R9 · 41-VEX · AC Security
Cookie · W-11e · Bric & Brac
The Kids
Yote Reynard · Kerrimapia and Jowdrrl
Nell Davengatt · Wookie Engineers
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Aris Shen · Jedi Master Elaiza
Chief Ereen · Honest Cal
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Former Enemies
Teemo & Co · Inquisitor An'ya Fell
Crew Obligations · Crew Duty
House Rules · Adventure Log

Scums and Villains

  • Bacta Max, Chief Medical Officer, Twi'lek (Lisa)
  • BS7-SAMI, Media Relations Droid (Adam)
  • Jarash, Captain, "Public relations officer" (à la Jayne) (Brandon)
  • Jax Bauer, Trainee Medic and "Illusionist" (aka Force User), Human (Erik)
  • Merick Tel, First Mate, Mechanic, Pilot, Gunner, "Contortionist-in-Training" (aka Force User), Human (Mark)
  • "Red", Chief Mechanic and Slicer, Wookie (Karen)
  • S1-R1, Universal Database with Human-Interfacing Protocols (Ben)
  • Zael, Chief Pilot, Human (Tim)

Missing in Action

  • Skylar Bel, crossdressing "entertainer" (à la Inara), Zeltron (Jason)

The Company

A holding company, TLBI (Totally Legitimate Business, Inc.) d/b/a TLC, Ltd (Totally Legitimate Company) was formed with Jax, Max, Merick, Red, and Zael as company officers. This company was registered on Naboo in order to lend it credibility to legitimate authorities both local and Imperial. In time, Jarash was voted in as a co-owner. Each co-owner is entitled to one share when dividends are paid out.

In-game, the droids played by PCs do not have voting rights nor receive a share, but for out-of-character fairness, they receive an equal share of any dividend payments which is counted as 'droid maintenance fund'.

Company Assets

Company Accounts

  • Accounts Receivable (Cash): 58,339 as of 2/9/19
    • Jarash, Merick - owed cash for modifications, not yet accounted for
  • Ship's Repair Fund: 22,495
  • Accounts Payable (Company Expenses): 0

Previous Expenses

  • -200 Credits (operating expenses)
  • -400 Credits (paying off cargo reduction)
  • -1400 Credits (fine accrued on Corellian Trade Run)
  • -3100 Credits (fines/payments to get off planet faster)
  • -5000 credits (Hutt shakedown on Toydaria)
  • -3900 credits for a Class 4 hyperdrive for the Cosmopolitan

Gear Locker

  • Long Range Commlink (Enc 2) (donated by Merick)
  • General Scanner (Enc 0) (donated by Merick)
  • Data Chip (Enc 0) (donated by Merick)
  • Scanning Goggles (donated by Merick)
  • several medpacs
  • restraining bolt tool (with Red)
  • portable computer
  • (Planet X): License for stolen property retrieval (1 Wookie named "Red", and personal effects) (no lethal force, only incidental damage), 2 license use for breaching charge use, 1 license for stolen vehicle (land speeder only) - 1700 credits
  • data slates from Jedi Temple
  • data crystals + reader from Jedi Temple
  • stimpack x 10
  • emergency repair patch x 10
  • spray armor (3 doses/can) x 2 cans

Small Arms Locker

  • 1 Blaster Carbine
  • 1 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • 4 Blaster Pistols
  • 1 Hold-out Blaster Pistol w/concealment holster
  • 2 ion pistols
  • 1 BlasTech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster
  • Shock Gloves
  • Truncheon
  • auto pistol turret (FINALLY INSTALLED)
  • Disruptor Pistol (hidden)
  • 16 frag grenade
  • 6 stun grenade

Bridge-Stored Armaments

  • 1 Blaster Shotgun
  • 1 Blaster Pistol


  • High-Output Ion Turbine Engine - 5,300 credits from company bank - intended for speeder
  • Concussion Missile Launcher - 7,125 credits from company bank
  • Purchased 3 Concussion Missiles - 1,500 credits from ship share
  • Reinforced Shield Generator - 5,800 from company bank
  • Smuggling compartments - 3,200 from company bank
  • Sensor Jammers - 5,000 from company bank
  • E-Web Fix - 1,500 from company bank
  • E-Web Fix, take 2 - 6,000 from company bank
  • Defense Speeder repair + speeder bike purchase - 10,000 credits from accounts receivable
  • Onboard Amenities Unit (aka Mini-bar) for the Molotov Cocktail - 750 credits
  • Stimpack x 10 = 250
  • Emergency Repair Patch x 10 = 250
  • Frag Grenade x 16 = 1550
  • Stun Grenade x 6 = 450
  • Duro Purchase Trip
    • Expedition Fee 1,000
    • Koensayr AD-1S Modular Starfighter 25,000, Rarity 7 (@ +20%) => 30,000 credits
    • Koensayr AD-1S Modular Starfighter "Project Ship" with no engine => 12,500 credits
      • Life support system needs overhaul/refurbished needed
      • Navigation software needs reinstalling
      • Chassis damaged due to rough removal of engine (hull damage)
      • Full user manual available
      • Completely clean title
    • 2 Cargo Pods, x 1,400 (2 HP each) Rarity 2 => 2,800
    • Shield Generator = 8,000 credits, Rarity 6 (3 HP) => 9,600 (no discount)
    • Engine for the "Project Ship" to get it running => 8,000
    • Sublight Boost Thrusters = 9,000 credits, Rarity 7 (2 HP) => 8,100
    • Concussion Missile => 500
  • 2 cans of Spray Armor (x3 each) => 1000

To Buy

  • Hyperdrive module = Class 4 - 5,000 credits, Rarity 9 (4 HP)
  • Hyperdrive module = Class 8, Rarity 6

Dividend Payments

  • 1/18/14 - 500 credits paid to 8 PCs
  • 3/29/14 - 2,231 credits paid to 9 PCs and ship share
  • 11/8/14 - 5,700 credits paid to 7 PCs and ship share
  • 12/6/14 - 3,000 credits paid to 8 PCs, ship share, new ship fund
  • 3/14/15 - 10,000 credits paid to 8 PCs, ship share, new ship fund
  • 7/25/15 - 6,600 credits paid to 8 PCs
  • 2/20/16 - 6,700 credits paid to 8 PCs, ship repair fund share, accounts payable share, 2,000 credits for supplies

Company Policies

  • PROPOSED: While in port, all crew members are to be armed to the extent permissible by local laws and regulations. Crew members may use personally-owned arms, or retrieve arms from the ship's armory for this purpose.
  • PROPOSED: While in port, all crew members are to don armor to the extent permissible by local laws and regulations. Crew members may use personally-owned armor, or retrieve company-provided armored clothing from the ship's armor for this purpose.
  • PROPOSED: All crew members will assist, as their other duties permit, in the security of ship while in port.
  • PROPOSED: The Company shall purchase armored uniforms (jump suits, jackets, or other) for use by ship's crew while in port.
  • PROPOSED: While planetside, stationside, or otherwise on an away mission on company business, the away team shall bring no fewer than two (2) grenades or other hurlable explosives for defensive purposes to the extent permissible by local laws and regulations. Crew members may use personally-owned explosives or retrieve them from the ship's armory for this purpose.


  • PETITION: By Jarash to be included in the articles of incorporation as an officer. He argues that he came in on the ground floor during the company's formation. Petition has been postponed at successive board meetings now.
  • PETITION: Jarash shall replace Zael in the position of Captain of the Flaming Cantina.

Company Ships

The Flaming Cantina

KDY Space Master

The Flaming Cantina is a Kuat Drive Yards Wayfarer-Class Medium Transport. The name Flaming Cantina was Merick Tel's proposed name given the party's propensity to leave cantina's in such a state. (Through no fault of their own. Most of the time.)

Wayfarer-class Floor plans

Two new ships call the Flaming Cantina home, a pair of AD-1S Modular Starfighters converted into shuttles and short-range transport, called the Cosmopolitan and the Martini.

The Bad Part of Town

The Bad Part of Town is the rear half of a highly modified Lictor-Class Prisoner Transport. Won by Zael in a card game from 'Honest Cal' the Hutt on Naboo, this highly "customized" ship is considered a death trap by sane spacers. Even the Rebellion doesn't want this ship. Naturally, the TLB crew finds a use for it.

The Cosmopolitan

The Martini

The Shot

Former Ships and Vehicles

Molotov Cocktail

The Flaming Cantina once housed a planetary transportation, a Guardian 5E Personal Defense Speeder.

Kraayt Fang III

Trex's former Firespray, currently completely stock. Recently sold on Naboo.

NPC Crew

Over the course of the our encounters in the Outer Rim, the party has picked up several NPC crew members:

  • 41-VEX, a mechanic/medical droid "legitimately stolen" from Teemo the Hutt.
    • Serves as an all-around task droid, assisting where needed. This varies from mechanical duties that keep the ship systems running, assisting Bacta Max in sick bay, astrogation supplemental calculations, and docking bay security patrols.
  • R2-R9 ("Red", or "Red the Droid"), an astromech droid re-assembled from the Krayt Fang.
  • Gwynnel and Jessiel, twi'lek twins rescued by Bacta Max who didn't want them to be enslaved
    • Jessiel serves as a general office manager and executive admin for TLC
    • Gwynnel serves as the Flaming Cantina's Chief Steward, which is fancy speak for cook, housekeeper, go-for and general jack-of-all trades, including piloting & quadguns.
  • Bric & Brac, Two binary load lifters taken from Bandon Doba (Aqualish pirate)