Supernatural: The Remington Files

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Supernatural: The Remington Files
Air Time
Next Episode
Season 4, Episode 1
(November 2011)
Team Remington
Scott Remington · Marcus Remington
Amanda Grey
A Dose of Doctors
Dr. Alexander Airy · Dr. Richard Magnum
The X-Files
Ciaran Brennan · Jon Clarke
Razik Ericson
Supporting Characters
Áine Ni Seachnasaigh
Gabriel, aka Loki
Deceased Characters
Archangel Raphael
Episode Guide · Synchronizing Serials
Contacts · Lore Index
John Remington's Journal
Aunt Agatha's Book
Supernatural Ritual Compendium
Roman Rite 1999 English Edition

Dramatis Personae

Team Remington: Scott Remington · Marcus Remington · Amanda Grey
A Dose of Doctors: Dr. Alexander Airy · Dr. Richard Magnum
The X-Files: Ciaran Brennan · Jon Clarke · Razik Ericson

Remington Files Episode Guide

Main Article: Supernatural Episode Guide

For a graphic view of the season's travels, check out the | Supernatural Game Google Map!

And how do we fit in with the show? What are those Winchesters up to? Has The French Mistake Happened YET? For that turn to this page: Supernatural Synchronous Serials in which Remington episodes are alongside their Winchester counterparts.


Main Article: Supernatural Contacts

The hunters don't hunt alone. Everyone has someone they can go to for help: family, friends, colleagues, former enemies...

Lore Index

Main Page: Supernatural Lore Index

Do you know what that is? Seen that before? Heard of it? Is it worth rolling on? Have an expert in your party? This space keeps track of the things that went bump in the night.

Hunter Resources

Texts Characters Have

Oh, there they are!

  • John Remington's Journal
  • Aunt Agatha's Book
  • Just because you might pick up some things: the Roman Rite 1999 English Edition. For example, Hey look, Catholic holy water has salt in it! Airy has been holding out on us! Also you know the exorcism, and the blessings should overlap with some things you know. Useful stuff. Respect to priests who know their full job description.

Supernatural Ritual Compendium

Main Page: Supernatural Ritual Compendium

You have a variety of sources, from fabulous Aunts, native shamanism, kooky strangers, bizarre cults, weird secret societies, and scraps of napkins written on in cafes that serve pie. All those bits of potpourri form a nice compendium when you know where to look. Here's a listing of things you know how to do that we might forget. So far, this includes the core book and not John Remington's Journal or Aunt Agatha's Book of Shadow.

Reoccuring Companies

Bullseye: A country wide oversized drug store akin to Walmart and Target. Rurel areas often have 'superstore' versions with anything under the sun.

Bulkko: A warehouse store with large size quantities of various products.


Rules Clarifications


Everyone should make lifestyle maintenance roles. We'll have our first at the beginning of the next game. The roll will cover maintaining your lifestyle (i.e. WORK) though the current session on up till the beginning of the next, and thus future purchases as you often come up with them after a game and we declare before the next.

Roll: Attribute + Skill that is your primary trade. Right now the difficulty is Easy, but it could change with circumstances.

Successes mean your lifestyle stays the same, failures mean your lifestyle is lowered for that period, and botches mean it is permanently reduced! If you get an exceptional success, then it is temporarily raised.

House Rules

Healing Rolls

From: Cortex RPG Forum

The Cortex System is indeed the only roleplaying system I know in which there is no way to quickly restore lost Wounds. An injured character has to heal naturally which has been quite a hinderance in my games as well because there is little downtime between my adventures. If that bothers you, you could use the following optional rule.

If a character makes a HARD (11) Alertness + Medical Expertise / First Aid roll to treat an injured character, a number Wounds are converted into Stun damage. The character must rest until the Stun damage heals normally or the wounds will re-open, re-converting the Stun damage back to Wounds. Any remaining Wound damage must be healed naturally over time. The number of Wounds converted into Stun depends on the degree of success:

Result Effect
Botch Patient suffers 1 additional Wound
Failure None
Success d2 Wounds are converted to Stun
Extraordinary Success d4 Wounds are converted to Stun

Supernatural Traits

I see we have some non-human characters. COUGH! Here are traits that are supernatural and not found in the core book. If you have a valid reason for thinking of taking one, feel free to petition. I mean, if you get some of the things the Winchester Boys went through, you would have some of these:

  • Attuned to Nature d2-d12+ Supernatural Trait
  • Enhanced Senses: D2-D12 Supernatural Trait
  • Longevity d2-d12+ Supernatural Trait
  • Enhanced Movement d2-d12, multiple times for multiple ways Supernatural Trait
  • Spirit: d2-d12+ Trait for ghosts and other spirits to take actions in the physical world
  • Plausible d6-d12 Seems legit.
  • Animal Enmity d2-d6 What it says on the tin.
  • Eerie Presence d2-d12+ Supernatural Trait



(Chasing 2 people on donkeys) "We're going out and chasing ass...."