The One Ring: The King's Own

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The One Ring: The King's Own
Starting Year
Fourth Age, 1 (3021 TA or 1421 SR)
Current Year
Fourth Age, 1 (3021 TA or 1421 SR)
The Fellowship
Laramie Twofoot
Déor, Horseman of Rohan
Vidar, Son of Veig
Former Fellowship Members
Chapters Past

The Road So Far. Wait! Wrong game!

The Fellowship

Prior Fellowship Members

The Company

Traveling Roles

Guide (Travel)


Scout (Explore)


Huntsman (Hunt)


Look-out Man (Awareness)

Thor, Gilithion

Fellowship Focus

Night Watches

First Watch (Settleing)

Deor; Eva

Second Watch (Starlight)

Gilithion , Thorondir

Third Watch (Breakfast)

Vidar, Laramie

Skill Chart

(This grid shows the highest for each skill in the group)

Awe ■■□□□□ Inspire ■■■□□□ Persuade ■■□□□□
Athletics ■■□□□□ Travel ■■■□□□ Stealth ■■■□□□
Awareness ■■■□□□ Insight ■■□□□□ Search ■■■□□□
Explore ■■■□□□ Healing ■□□□□□ Hunting ■■■□□□
Song ■■■□□□ Courtesy ■■■□□□ Riddle ■■■□□□
Craft ■■■□□□ Battle ■■□□□□ Lore ■■■□□□

The Story So Far

For past session stories and recent canon events, go to Chapters Past

The MacGuffin and Objectives

  • The Company will be embarking on a search for the Lost Palantiri of Arvedui. Aragorn sensed a presence "both saddened, cold, and yet hopeful," and hazy images, as though the palantir was quickly shrouded by the user after sensing another. He felt a pull was in a northerly direction, confirming the continued existence of at least one of the lost stones.
  • The Company knows the outlined history of the seeing stones, but not, for example, usage or apocryphal stories.
  • The Company will be granted access to the libraries of Minas Tirith, Orthanc, and Rivendell, though what aid or assistance the Company receives in these locations, and what they find - is up to their own endeavors.

Important Characters you have met

For memorable characters by location, go to Memorable Characters

In Rivendell

  • Elladan and Elrohir

Elladan and Elrohir are the twin sons of Elrond and Celebrian and brothers to Arwen Undomiel. With Elrond's departure, the two now share lordship over Rivendell and have become stewards of its treasure and lore. The two admit freely that there are many tasks still to do in Middle Earth, although their prime objective has been as it was since their mother's abduction and rescue: clearing the land of creatures of orcs and other creatures of shadow. Despite their lordly status, the brothers are more familiar to several members of the company whom they worked, fought, and lived with prior to the War of the Ring.

  • Lindir

The chief seneschal of Imladris, Lindir has an uncanny ability to be where he is needed and equally to know and arrange what is needed. He is often the first and last face one sees when visiting the Valley. Lindir took on this role as a sort of self-censorship as he did not trust himself after failing to rescue Celebrian before she was harmed. Although much of his guilt has passed, he remains committed to his role and helping her children. Lindir is also an accomplished luthier and singer, though hearing the soft-spoken elf sing is truly rare.

  • Damron

Damron is the last of the Elven smiths of Eregion, and therefore, the best currently in Middle Earth. He is notably scarred from burns suffered in war and was rescued by Elrond. Fueled by revenge, he led the weaponsmiths to outfit the hosts of Gil-Galad and Elendil. (Rivendell still has several replanted groves and meadows from the sheer amount of wood needed for the forges. Shh.) A big change came over Damron with the reforging of Narsil into Anduril as he seems more accepting, self-forgiving, and dedicated to further "repair" projects. He took a shine to Vidar and Laramie. While the two showed genuine interest in his work this perhaps further fueled by some annoyance at his student, Gilithion. He examined the false palantir and agreed to work on cleansing Berelas' ring.

In and Around Bree

  • Twyc Greenleaf, Reeve of Bree

Now in his third term as Reeve, Twyc Greenleaf is very practical and "Bree-like" in nature. He does not hold for superstition but equally does not brook anything that might threaten the safety of Bree. Reeve Greanleaf was impressed by Thorondir's support for the due process of law and the local authority of Bree and offered him the ability to sentence Hirlinion. When Thorondir further declined, the old Reeve proclaimed both their good relations as agents of the King and the death penalty for Hirlinion.

  • Grandmother Tunnelly

Both warm and fierce, Grandmother Tunnelly is not only the matriarch of her prestigious hobbit family, but also the de facto head of Staddle. She is both no-nonsense and deeply loving to those in her care... including their possible defense if needed. The Company made a good impression on Grandmother Tunnelly with the rescue of her niece Geneva Tunnelly Undertree and Geneva's family.

In Gondor

  • Aragorn, King Elessar Telcontar, High King of the Reunited Kingdom

Aragorn has a lot of titles and some were surprised to hear "Elessar" rather than "Aragorn" being used. The name Elessar, or Elfstone, was given to him somewhat prophetically by Galadriel and he was called such by the people of Minas Tirith for the stone he wore as they did not yet know his name. Telcontar is "Strider" in Quenya; he took it for the name of his house and line. These would be his formal names and were used in his coronation. Those with older habits may still call him how they knew him first, such as (King) Aragorn, Strider, The Chieftain, or even Estel, his boyhood name in Rivendell.

  • Arwen Undomiel, High Queen of the Reunited Kingdom

Arwen is made of hope. She is inspiring to all and emblematic of all that was good in Middle Earth, light, bright, and worth fighting for. Those who had yet to meet her gain an XP or point of Hope and those who have known her still take comfort from her very presence, graced with a feeling like all is right in the world and even the most impossible of tasks do not seem nearly as difficult.

  • The Prefect of Osgiliath

Shrewd and insightful, the Prefect is the current political, civilian head of Osgiliath. The Prefect organized the needed posses to investigate the rumors of destroyed homesteads and murder in Anórien. After the Company's success, and hearing their entreaties to share the Troll hoard with the survivors and Imhar's Dunlendish hunting party, the Prefect both arranged an audience with the King for the Dunlendings and brought the company to the attention of the King and Queen.

In Rohan

  • Éomer, King of Rohan

Éomer and many of his Éored are newly returned to Rohan after a long year of campaigning with King Elessar and the forces of Gondor and a winter spent in Minas Tirith/Osgiliath. He is not quite looking forward to the statesmanship that needs to happen at home but is joyful to be there. Discerning and just, Éomer has high hopes that Lothiriel will be a valuable partner in diplomacy.

  • Lothíriel, Queen of Rohan

Formerly the Princess of Dol Amroth, Lothíriel has just arrived in Edoras, her new home. She has already formed a connection with Sunnifa of Meduseld, a serving girl, to learn the language and better understand her new people. There is some comfort that the court of Rohan has incorporated Sindarin for the last few generations. Lothíriel first suggested marriage as a way to secure peace between the feuding marshalls.

  • Éogar

Second Marshal of the Riddermark and Lord of Westfold, Éogar is stout and strong, though his beard is gray. Éogar rewarded the companions for their pivotal role in the rescue of his wife, Esfled. Hearing this, and that the Dunlendings were also under attack by raiders led him to be amenable to a peace using Mildryd Shielding, the captain of his éored, and her long-lost childhood friend, Esmund of Eastfold. It was clear that Éogar feels a responsibility to Mildryd akin to fathership.

  • Cenric -

Third Marshal of the Riddermark and Lord of Eastfold, Cenric is of similar age to Théoden King, were he still alive. His eyes are hard and cunning. Despite his wariness and craftiness, Cenric was well-disposed to the company for their critical role in saving his men and cattle when a ferocious storm sparked a stampede. For this, Cenric readily showed his friendly side, and it was clear why his men were so loyal to him.

  • Gálmód of Aldburg

Gálmód, the foster-son of Cenric, is cunning but genial to those who know him. As he was never brawny or a strong raider, Gálmód became an artful diplomat. He still encurs teasing and taunting as an adult, however the wise respect him as the real power in Aldburg. Gálmód was happy to give his insight on the feud and did not hold back on his feelings - both positive and negative - about Cenric.

  • Mildyd Shielding, daughter of Galwyn and Esmund, son of Edwin

This newly reunited couple may continue to play a role in the future of Rohan. For now the upcoming union between the captain of Éogar's personal éored and a charismatic captain of the Eastfold is promising peace between the feuding marshals in the Riddermark. Both lost families and spouses and Esmund has a small son.

  • Esfled

Wife to Éogar and mother of Erkenbrand, the company rescued Esfled when she was taken by Caswelun. Not much is known to the players of Esfled, however, she would consider herself indebted to them.

  • Erkenbrand

Son of Éogar, and still only ten years old, this young boy may play an important role in the future.

  • Grimhelm son of Grimbold

Grimhelm is the new Lord of Grimslade, inheriting from his father, Grimbold, who fell at Pellenor Fields. Grimhelm raised the muster for Éogar at the Fords of Isen. The company only interacted with him briefly.

  • Déormod

Nephew to Frána, the Dunlending lord of Frecasburg, Déormod had a lot on his shoulders and needed to put on a bit of show to make his points heard and felt to Éogar and his men. Despite the bravado, Déormod was considered a diplomat/representative for his uncle and treated as a respectable guest. Déormod is joyful and merry in peacetime and over ale or mead. In addition, he related the identities of Caswelun and Rhonwen as particularly notorious raiders, though as they are a mixed band, he is under the impression that they are yet another band of Rohirrim raiding DUnlending villages, as had happened often in the past.

Location Updates for the Fourth Age

These reflect the current conditions of notable places in our current year of play. Please refer to the Tolkein Gateway or the One Wiki to Rule Them All for further information or history.

  • Osgiliath - formerly the capital of Gondor, Osgiliath is a shade of what it was. Severely sieged by the Enemy, more than half of Osgiliath remains flooded or partially ruined. However, areas on the high ground, and along the main road through the city are bouncing back. Dwarven teams are working to rebuild the city's canal structure and halt the flooding. Laborers haul ruined stonework to be re-worked, the quays welcome merchants and travelers, and the inns are bustling. The company visited Serondo's Cellar located just off the Forum of Turambar.
  • Minas Tirith - Like Osgiliath, much of Minas Tirith also lay in ruins. It is told how the Men of Gondor quarried their own homes, many ruined in the siege, for stones to use as artillery against the Enemy. As the city is steeply vertical, damage to a high level would rain down on those below with deadly force, compounding the destruction. Thanks in part to the coronation of the King, the main switchback road from the Gate to the Citadel is in excellent condition. Many industries that were vital to rebuilding have their quarters cleaned up nicely, however, for many locations away from the main road conditions are a toss-up as to whether they are good or no more than rubble. Teams of dwarves and elves are working to redesign and beautify the city.
  • Anórien- the northernmost realm or fief of Gondor, it is an oblong fief bordered to the south by the crest of the White Mountains, and rounded to the north by the border with Rohan on the Mering Stream, Entwash, and Anduin. Anórien is known for fertile farmland and forests rich for hunting, such as the Druédan and Firien Wood. As the Mering Stream passes through the Firien Wood, a piece of the wood falls into Rohan. This parcel, the Everholt, is particularly well-renowned. There are no towns in cities in Anórien, only homesteaders scattered in the vales or on the plain and those hardy few manning the Beacons in the White Mountains. The Great North-South road runs East-West here, parallel to the White Mountains from Minas Tirith to the Everholt. As it has been in more continual use, this section of the Road is considered in good condition.

Rules Clarifications

House Rules

Archer rules:

When an archer rolls an EYE, they should then roll a d6: on a result of 1-3, the archer has just one last arrow in his quiver. Being “low on ammo” makes for dramatic choices. When an archer fumbles his shot (i.e., rolls an EYE and fails the attack roll), he has emptied his quiver and is out of arrows! Being “out of ammo” makes for very dramatic choices.

Rules Errata

Concerning Blighted Places - a Clarification

The rules found on page 57 of the Loremaster’s Book detail what happens when a company of adventurers enters an area qualifying as a blighted place. From the way the rules have been presented in that chapter, it seems that players are required to make Corruption tests every time they cross areas rated as Wildlands, Shadowlands and Dark lands, making for a rather unforgiving rule.

The original intent of the rule was that it is always left to the discretion of the Loremaster to determine whether a place must be considered blighted or not. The Blighted Lands table must be used when the Loremaster has decided that an area is indeed blighted, to determine the frequency of the required Corruption tests.

For example, the text for the Marsh-bell adventure applies the rule as intended, when at page 130, under the Entering Mirkwood paragraph, the bulleted text states that “The part of the Long Marshes that is inside Mirkwood qualifies as a blighted place.”

Under this interpretation, it is entirely possible for an area found within a region classified as Wild, Shadow or even Dark not to require any Corruption test to traverse. As far as the accumulation of Shadow is concerned, the various region types as classified in the Loremaster map serve as guidelines for the Loremaster to decide whether the region currently traversed by the company is blighted or not, with Free lands being rarely blighted, and Dark lands being mostly so.

The Cultural Blessing of the Elves of Mirkwood should be:

FOLK OF THE DUSK: When an Elf of Mirkwood is inside a forest or under the earth, or it is night, his Attribute bonuses are based on his favored rating in all rolls involving the use of a Common skill.

Starting Gear

Small-sized Heroes: The list of weapons available to Dwarf characters (AB, p.76) should include Sword.

Background (Woodman)

Woodmen (Fairy heritage) erroneously has Search as a Favoured skill: it should be Awareness instead.

Page 75, Spider-poison.

The sentence, “... is paralyzed and falls to the ground after a number of rounds equal to his Body or Heart rating ...”, should be read as “... falls to the ground paralyzed after a number of rounds equal to his Body or Heart rating ...”.

A paralyzed character is considered to be unconscious, or otherwise defenseless