Stargate: Phoenix

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Stargate: Phoenix
Dungeon Master
Level/Mission Points
29 Mission Points
Exploration Team
Lt. Bong Ha, USAF
Lt. Dawn Martinez
Hermogenes of Argos
House Rules

Campaign Start

Earth’s Stargate (SG) Program began when a Stargate was unearthed in Egypt in 1928. The device was brought to the United States in 1939 to keep it out of Nazi hands and was installed deep beneath Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.

When it was discovered that there were grave threats in the Universe, in the form of the Goa’uld System Lords, the United States established Stargate Command, under the command of General Hammond. Nine teams, known as Stargate teams (SG 1-9) were initially created to travel through the Gate to assess threats, open negotiations with other civilizations and procure technology to defend Earth.

As the SG teams went on missions, contact was made with several intelligent races as well as distant Earth descendants, which were under the control or influence of the Goa’uld. These team visits were many times a spark that lit the freedom fighting spirits of those worlds.

A well-kept secret for years, even from some SG-1 teams, the Stargate Phoenix site’s origins were born from a distinct need to allow independent in-galaxy work with our alien allies. The idea for Stargate Phoenix began as the SG teams went on missions and contact was made with several intelligent cultures, open distant Earth descendants, that were under the control or influence of the Goa’uld. These SG team visits were many times a spark that lit the spirits of that abject world. As more and more refugees from foreign worlds began to rise up, another classified SG program, separate from the primary SGC, was authorized by the President and headed up by General P.K. Loyer.

Its mission was to establish an off -world SG command center called Phoenix Site that would bring together and train volunteers from those worlds and cultures, encountered by the Tau’ri, that would choose freedom and knowledge over oppression. Once trained these SG teams would be sent on missions with the exploration and defense of the free galaxy in mind.

You are an operative of the Phoenix site.

Explorer Team

A'charka, Unas Scientist
Lt. Bong Ha, USAF, Human (Tau'ri) Engineer
Lt. Dawn Martinez, Human (Tau'ri) Medic
Hermogenes of Argos, Human (Argos) Diplomat
Pak'Nal, Jaffa Soldier
Torbjørn Haraldson, Human (Cimmeria) Scout

Former Members

Sadiki, Tokra Diplomat hosting Miemar

Phoenix Team Base Kit

  • Tactical Vest & 3 Uniforms
  • MREs (mission duration)
  • Combat Knife (Shortblade, Tech level 2)
  • Personal Tactical Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Water Purifier
  • Filtration/Radiation Mask
  • Multi-tool
  • Personal Medical Kit
  • Extended Climate Protection Clothing
  • Combat Tent
  • Sidearm (Beretta M9) w/2 magazines
  • Longarm (FN P90 or Mossberg 500) w/2 magazines
    • automatic, burst, extended capacity, reflex sight, snub upgrades
  • G.D.O.
  • any Character-specific gear from class or feats


Season One

  • Episode One, Groundbreaking COMPLETED
    • August 13, 2002
    • New to the Phoenix Program, you have been selected as a recruit for training. If all goes well, you may graduate to become a Phoenix team member to go off-world and explore the galaxy. Are you up for the challenge?
  • Episode Two, Watershed COMPLETED
    • August 17, 2002 (Game Day: 1/15/22)
    • As part of a Phoenix Site team, you have been pushed hard during your training and missions. With a much needed rest and relaxation in the local town of Haven, you come upon a dispute about water rights, as the river is low. Can you settle the dispute, and resolve the issues before catastrophe ensues?
  • DVD Special (side mission), Birthplace, COMPLETED
    • (Game Day: 2/5/22)
    • While several members are otherwise busy, part of the team goes to P3S-517, home of "Reese" and the replicators, to explore the laboratory. What else is still there on that supposedly abandoned planet?
  • Episode Three, A Matter of Fae, COMPLETED
    • August 26, 2002 (Game Day: 3/12/22)
    • While exploring P6H-970, the team finds an apparently barren world. Upon returning to the Stargate, however, they find it isn’t as abandoned as it seemed, and the figure waiting for them may hold the fate of the Stargate Program in their hands.
  • DVD Special (side mission), Mechanicus COMPLETED
    • (Game Day: 3/12/22)
    • “It’s a beacon, it predates the Stargate by several million years... and we activated it.”
  • Episode Four, Field of Reeds COMPLETED
    • September 16, 2002 (Game Day: 04/02/2022)
    • The Tok’ra need Phoenix Site’s help to rescue long-lost friends from an underground base on a world recently abandoned by the Goa’uld.
  • DVD Special (side mission), Run! COMPLETED
    • (Game Day: 8/27/22)
    • I usually cheer when System Lords fight, but not usually when I'm on the planet at the time.
  • Episode Five, Where Giants Tread COMPLETED
    • August 17th, 2002 (Game Day: 01/14/23)
    • The Goa'uld Wepwawet is hunting for Phoenix Site. Your team has been tasked with planting a listening device on his Ha'tak mothership to find out what he knows, but even more interesting developments follow.
  • Episode Six, Prey COMPLETED
    • February 5th, 2003 (Game Day: 01/21/23)
    • Wepwawet is determined to discover the location of the Phoenix Site, as it has become a thorn in his side. He has captured a Phoenix team and is interrogating them for the Phoenix Gate address. Your team is sent to PXY-787 to rescue them, where you must play a deadly cat and mouse game to survive.
  • Episode Seven, In Ruins COMPLETED
    • February 7th, 2003 (Game Day: 02/10/2024)
    • Earthquakes below the Phoenix site continue to worsen, and Stargate Command is considering evacuating the base. Can you find the missing piece of the puzzle to stop the shaking?
  • Episode Eight, Ave Maria COMPLETED
    • February 10th, 2003 (Game Day: 4/20/2024)
    • With Goa’uld scouts combing through the galaxy in the hopes of locating the Phoenix Site, tensions are growing. There may be a narrow chance to gain an upper hand, as reports reach SGP of a downed Argard vessel. There is a chance that the heroes may be able to recover this ship – but it won’t be easy, as Goa’uld forces are moving in.
  • Episode Nine, Perfidy
    • February 14th, 2003
    • The Artifact is discovered to be much more than initially thought, and a critical decision lies in your path. Meanwhile, plans are set in motion that could spell disaster for Phoenix Site. Your team could be the only chance of saving the day before all is lost.
  • Episode Ten, Knowledge is Power
    • March 14th, 2003
    • An abandoned temple on a hellish planet dedicated to the misdeeds and banishment of a rebel Goa’uld named Enki has been discovered on P3X-671. A subsequent UAV survey of the area has revealed someone near the temple. Can your team locate this individual, determine if they are indeed Enki, and recruit them back into the fight against the Goa’uld?
  • Episode Eleven, United
    • March 20th, 2003
    • While on a standard off-world mission, your team receives word that Wepwawet’s forces are rapidly approaching Phoenix Site! With only a limited amount of time, it’s up to your team to secure the base. But you can’t do it alone; you’re going to need all the help that you can get – and it’s no easy task to bring your allies together to stand united against your foe!
  • Episode Twelve, Fury
    • March 21st, 2003
    • Phoenix Site is under siege! Your team is tasked with obtaining evidence to identify who is responsible for the base’s security leak at this critical moment. Unfortunately, Wepwawet begins his attack simultaneously, and your team is forced to decide whether they should stay and fight or retreat to fight another day!
  • Episode Thirteen, Rise of the Phoenix
    • March 22nd, 2003
    • Wepwawet has arrived at Phoenix Base. Splintered Phoenix teams and allied forces must come together and take back what has been lost before it is too late. Can your team do the impossible and steal victory from the jaws of certain defeat?
  • DVD Special (side mission), Ecology
    • (Game Day: TBD)
    • “They’re like locust on steroids; nothing on this planet can kill them. All these worlds linked together by the gate system, it’s a wonder this hasn’t happened before.”
  • DVD Special (side mission), The Eyes of the Storm
    • (Game Day: TBD)
    • After a Goa’uld kidnaps innocent townsfolk, it’s up to the team to rescue them from almost certain death.

Living Campaign Unlocks

Equipment Unlocked

  • Climate Protection Clothing
  • SCUBA Gear
  • Ring transporter device
  • Handheld healing device
  • Zat'nik'tel
  • Memetic Imaging Device

Base Unlocks

  • Armory +1
    • This dedicated workroom is used to maintain equipment, most notably weapons and armor.
A team member who spends downtime in the Armory adds the facility bonus to their ranged weapon damage rolls.
  • ASH Archive +1
    • Collected from the research of the ASH (Accredited Safe Haven) archives and recovered texts, this lab/library possesses vast stores of data that might take decades of scholarly effort to fully understand.
A team member that spends their downtime in the ASH Archive chooses an Intelligence skill. They gain a bonus equal to its facility bonus on that skill.
  • Firing Range +1
    • With targets and marked ranges, the firing range helps calibrate firearms and hone a team member's accuracy.
A team member who spends downtime in the firing ranges adds facility bonus (+1) to ranged attack rolls
  • Rec Hall +1
    • With a full movie projector, stage and even a karaoke machine, the rec hall is a great place to for soldiers to blow off steam when they can't leave base.
A team member who spends downtime in the Rec Hall chooses a Charisma-based skill and add the facility bonus
  • Research Facility +1
A team member who spends their downtime helping perform a “Season” R&D project to develop synthetic Tretonin gains its bonus to their Science skill checks. At the start of each future episode roll a Science skill check with this bonus in front of the GM.
  • Gym +1
    • Designed for aerobic, martial arts and weight lifting, the gym helps dedicated team members stay in fighting shape.
A team member who spends downtime in the Gym adds the facility bonus to melee damage
  • Medical Bay +1
    • Considering the alien diseases and anatomies to be understood, the medical bay is often a hub of scientific discovery with the Phoenix Site.
A team member who spends downtime in the medical bay adds its facility bonus to the HP damage healed when they use a Med Kit.
  • Mess Hall +1
    • Soldiers universally appreciate a good meal, and the Phoenix Site mess hall has a professional kitchen with all the tools an expert chef could need.
A team member who spends downtime in the mess hall add it's facility bonus to their Constitution and Wisdom saves.


  • Atlantean Language
    • When rolling to read Atlantean, a team member may roll with Advantage.


  • The team has gained the favor of the Asgard, which may be called in later.