D&D: Ghosts of Saltmarsh

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D&D: Ghosts of Saltmarsh
Level 8
Ajasz, lizardfolk scout
Arkis "Elric", kobold paladin of Tiamat
Chimalli, tortle barbarian
Elora, elven bladesinger
Ayida Ginen, half-elf undying warlock
Sond, halfling barbarian
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The Sea Ghost
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The Town of Saltmarsh
Saltmarsh Region
Saltmarsh NPCs
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Saltmarsh is a sleepy fishing town tucked away at the edge of the Mere of Dead Men, a "haunted" swamp halfway between the city-states of Neverwinter and Waterdeep. Although influenced by both powerful neighbors, it remained a backwater settlement, barely considered a "town" controlling no particular resource, river, or region of importance. This allowed it to be left alone as garrisoning the town would be a considerable waste of money.

This neglect allowed for the town's independence but also opened it up to piracy from time to time as it also could not count on any particular defenders. Every once in a while, it will get hit by ambitious pirates looking for loot and slaves, before inevitably getting greedy and hit a town important to Neverwinter or Waterdeep -- and then meeting their end by those towns' more powerful naval forces. Memories of these raids by pirates have left scars on Saltmarsh and their hatred of pirates runs deep.

The recent events of the War of the Dragon Queen have caused the town to become flooded with refugees fleeing dragon attacks up and down the Sword Coast. Thousands sought the shelter of towns able to defend themselves from dragon attacks. While Saltmarsh's remote location limited this flood, it nonetheless has a population who arrived on makeshift seacraft, while a very few desperate souls braved the Mere of Dead Men and its myriad dangers before finding Saltmarsh. Due to its location, Saltmarsh was unwittingly under the protection of Voaraghamanthar, the Black Wyrm of the Mere of Dead Men. The powerful black dragon brooks no draconic interference in his small domain, so other dragons left the town alone, assuming it fell in his domain.

With the War of the Dragon Queen over, news has begun to arrive that life is returning to normal in the Sword Coast. Locals are hoping the refugees will leave while some refugees refuse to believe the news and prepare to begin their new life in Saltmarsh. This has brought new life to the town as the increased population also means increased activity and work. A band of dwarves from Leilon across the hills to the northeast have arrived looking to excavate the hills and seaside cliffs near town for precious metals. Lizardfolk traders, long watched warily by the townsfolk, have arrived with limited trade and news that a nobleman has established a settlement and castle deep in the swamp.

Naturally, not all of Saltmarsh’s residents feel the same way about the recent developments in and around their community, which is the key issue that affects their lives and livelihood. Although the recent changes stand to bring new prosperity to the area, many locals don’t want to see their home changed. It is this setting that brings the adventurers to the shores of Saltmarsh as they begin their careers.


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