Star Wars: Clone Wars Missions

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Missions
XP: 650
House RulesBestiary
Jedi Knights
Akari Sora
Chandra Devi
Tammine Zinko
Zak Tanner
Jedi Padawans
Key NPCs
Jedi Master Haneul
Associated Jedi
Ami Kyuchi
Raj Vashin
Shalla Tane

Star Wars: Clone Wars Missions is a Force and Destiny-based game. Set at the start of the Clone Wars, players take the role of newly-minted Jedi Knights conducting missions against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


  • Akari Sora, Miraluka Jedi Knight (Padawan, Jedi Knight, Seer)
  • Chandra Devi, Zeltron Jedi Knight (Niman Disciple)
  • Tammine Zinko, Dathomirian (Hunter, Ataru Striker)
  • Tyndale, Twi'lek Jedi Knight (Makashi/Peacekeeper/Warlord)
  • Wrrlevgebev, Wookie Padawan (Shii-Cho Knight)
  • Zak Tanner, Human Jedi Knight (Shadow/Shien Expert)

Associated Heroes

  • Ami Kyuchi, Pantoran Jedi Knight (Seer/Makashi/Sentry)
  • Raj Vashin, Bothan Jedi Knight (Niman Disciple/Artisan)
  • Shalla Tane, Human Jedi Consular (Sage, Niman Disciple)

13th Army of the Grand Army of the Republic

  • The Ascendancy, a Venator-class Star Destroyer, serves as the flagship of the 13th Army and the center of all of strategic and Jedi operations conducted by the 13th army.
  • The serine Jedi Master Haneul, a Miralukan, is the senior Jedi General in the 13th Army and over all commander of the Army's operations. Before the war, she was well regarded as a counselor and Jedi Shadow.
  • Among the Ascendancy's complement of spacecraft are typically several T-6 Shuttles.

Campaign Diaries

Miscellaneous Group Assets

  • During one mission, the team acquired a mysterious Sith Sword and brought it back to the ship.
  • After a number of successful missions, Master Haneul has set aside a Consular-Class Ship specifically for the use by the Jedi Knights. It has rarely been used.
  • After the conclusion of the mission to Arkania, the Jedi held onto the JumpMaster 5000 republic intelligence had procured for the mission.
  • During Political Thriller the team acquired a camera droid who goes by "Cammy".


  • Contribution Rank: 1
  • Current Duty: 75

Rank 1: Consular Ship - Swapped for JumpMaster