Star Wars: The Unknown Regions

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Star Wars: The Unknown Regions
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Campaign Start

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Set approximately 5-7 years after Endor (9-11 ABY), the crew for this game are unrelated to the original TLB characters, who have all found retirement or other non-TLB activities to do. TLB has found success in the monopoly on transportation granted by their deal with Rotta the Hutt and now seek to expand into the Unknown Regions and Wild Space.

At this time, some sectors in the Unknown Regions and Wild Space are opening up to trade following the collapse of the Empire. Civilizations who looked outwards saw a humano-centric authoritarian government that would not have treated them at all fairly. The Republic, on the other hand, is built on the notion of inter-species and inter-region cooperation. This has allowed some previously isolated areas to open up trade with the broader galaxy. These regions are still very new with new species, and even new civilizations with familiar species. (Humans seem to be everywhere in the galaxy!)

TLB wants a piece of this trade and has created a new division within the company to open up trade. They are partnering with companies, freelance ship captains, and newly created crews, to explore and find new opportunities for TLB... for a share of the profits. This has caused many entrepreneurial types to flock to the Outer Rim to strike it rich.

We begin on Terminus, where your characters have traveled to at the edge of known space. The TLB recruiter awaits.