DDC Rebel Cell Game 2016

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DDC Mega Game 2016
Alpha GM
Beta GMs
Adam, Benjamin, Brendon, Erik
Prologue GMs
Mark and Tim
Game Time
Saturday evening
Game Year
Between Episodes IV and V
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Prologue Plots
Rebel Plot · Inquisition Plot
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Act I
Act I Summary
Act II
Act II Summary
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Prologue Groups
Rebel Team · Inquisition Team
Mega Game Groups
Adam's Group · Erik's Group
Ben's Group · Brendon's Group


Plot Outline/Backstory

  • PCs are an Alliance deep cover team, set up on planet to listen and report on Imperial ship traffic, especially any supply convoys. Word comes down that an Imperial frigate has arrived in system and the Captain has made a request of the Alliance to get him out (will try to bring his ship with him, but no guarantees as most of the crew are loyal). Mission priority will be to get the Captain out and onto an escape vessel out of system and back to the Alliance. Of additional importance is the copy of the ship's database he'll be bringing with him. Besides a lot of maintenance and personnel logs, it will have copies of the current Imperial Naval security codes. Naturally, as things do, the mission goes awry at the start leaving the team on planet with their images plastered all over the news calling them terrorists.

Will think more on this later.