Zabrak Commander: Tactician

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Has a job as a local officer of the law after arriving on planet. Ostensibly the "Commander" of the team.

  • Duty: TBD
  • Motivation: Freedom
  • Total XP: 0/+150


Brawn Intellect Willpower Agility Cunning Presence
2 2 3 2 2 3

Soak Wounds Strain Defense
2 16 12 0 0 0


  • Class (Commander): Coercion, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Warfare), Leadership, Perception, Ranged (Light), Vigilance
  • Specialization (Tactician): Brawl, Discipline, Leadership, Ranged (Heavy)
  • ✓ denotes class/specialization skill
Skill Ability Level Roll
General Skills
Astrogation Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Athletics Brawn Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Charm Presence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Coercion Willpower ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.png
Computer Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Cool Presence Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Coordination Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Deceit Cunning ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.png
Discipline Willpower ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Leadership Presence ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.png
Mechanics Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Medicine Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Negotiation Presence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Perception Cunning Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Pilot (Planetary) Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Pilot (Space) Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Resilience Brawn Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Skulduggery Cunning Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Stealth Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Streetwise Cunning Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Survival Cunning Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Vigilance Willpower Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Combat Skills
Brawl Brawn Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Gunnery Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Melee Brawn Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Ranged (Light) Agility ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.png
Ranged (Heavy) Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge Skills
Core Worlds Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Education Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Lore Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Outer Rim Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Under World Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Xenology Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Warfare Intelligence Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png

Talents & Abilities


  • Begin game with one automatic rank in Survival.
  • Automatically add Eote-advantage.png to all Coercion checks made by character.


  • Side Step: Once per round, suffer 1 strain to upgrade difficulty of all incoming ranged attacks.
  • Toughened (2): +4 Wounds.
  • Commanding Presence (2): Remove Eote-black-die.png Eote-black-die.png from Leadership and Cool checks.
  • Confidence: Reduce difficulty of Fear tests by 1.
  • Improved Field Commander: (Action) Make an Eote-purple-die.png Eote-purple-die.png difficulty Leadership check. Six allies may immediately suffer 1 strain to perform 1 free manuever. May spend a Eote-triumph.png to have a single ally suffer 1 strain and perform a single free action instead.


Credits Encumbrance
Capacity Current
0 0 0


  • Padded Armor


  • Heavy Blaster Pistol

General Items