SWMG 2016 Act I

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DDC Mega Game 2016
Alpha GM
Beta GMs
Adam, Benjamin, Brendon, Erik
Prologue GMs
Mark and Tim
Game Time
Saturday evening
Game Year
Between Episodes IV and V
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Act I should progress towards these goals, and introduce any special combat rules that will be used later in Act II so they aren't unfamiliar, however by the end of Act I we may have the big revelations that:

  • The rebels have called for backup and a Nebulon B (with fighters!) has just arrived in system.
  • The transfer of weapons and/or skimming is not the rebel goal, the key lies in the knowledge and history of the captain, who knows/knew what else is being done at the facility, something so horrible that he would ditch a promising young career, i.e. the secret weapon macguffin.
  • Maybe something about the Jedi.
  • etc. etc. lots of options!

And more room for info here.

Navy Outline

rough outlind for the navy- the opening is: "The captian is overdue, and the inquisition wants you to blocade the world so you have to stick around. Why is that freighter launching snubfighters?" After capturing/destroying the freighter (card opportunity) weapons are detected, and/or rebels are captured. The planetary govenor isnt happy about the blocade, but not so suicidal as to talk to the inquisition directly. Instead he wants to talk to the captian... who is still missing. A Rebel bomber squadron shows up to take out the secret facility, tries to get around the blocade, then tries to get back home. Ship develops some kind of technical problem. Possible rebel sabotauge? Evidence that the captian sabotauged the ship just before going on leave. Rebel nebulon B with remaining fighters/bombers hypers in near the end of act 2.

Optional: set up a system for orbital strikes to support Inquisition/garrison forces- do not mention this option to players, but have checks needed to put it together and ways of resolving it on hand.

Unique combat mechanics

Vehicular chases and starship combat

Garrison outline

Unique combat mechanics

Squad ground combat

Inqisition outline

Unique combat mechanics

The Force, lightsabers

ImpInt outline

Bothan spy outlines events of Rebel group.