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DDC Mega Game 2016
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Adam, Benjamin, Brendon, Erik
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Mark and Tim
Game Time
Saturday evening
Game Year
Between Episodes IV and V
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The PC Group consists of a group of five Stormtrooper Sergeants who form the upper end of the city garrison's Stormtrooper NCOs.  Unbeknownst to anyone except each other and the base commander, the PCs are not the humans they pretend to be, but rather were drawn from exceptional recruits among the planet's non-human population.  They are as follows:
Note: (The full stats can be found on the discussion page.)


Able to produce remarkable social connection despite the dehumanizing armor, TK-8311 is the local garrison's 'face' and in many cases primary investigator.  8311's long time on the streets of the city have given him connections stronger connections and knowledge of the criminal underworld then are technically within regulation, but it's helped keep the peace.  TK-8211 is actually a Zeltron.


A naturally skilled in mechanics, TK-1240 has made quite the off-time hobby of taking various pieces of machinery apart and, on occasion, putting them back together.  He has a reputation for keeping his equipment working in even the worst of conditions.  TK-1240 is actually a Ugar.


Starting originally in the Scout Trooper division before being promoted back to regular duty, TK-0577 is an expert tracker and survivalist, as well as skilled outdoorsman.  TK-0577 is actually a Rodian.


As the division's most skilled vehicle operator, TK-1218 is as at home behind the controls of a hovertank as most stormtroopers are with their rifle.  All reports of racing during off-duty hours are entirely false.  TK-1218 is actually a Duro.


TK-1313 is a stormtrooper that, like 8211, seems to be a little to connected to the shady side of the planet for entirely innocent explanation.  In 1313's case, however, it has more to do with his abilities to bypass security then his social connections.  TK-1313 is actually a _____ (Insert Furry alien)