DDC Mega Game 2016

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DDC Mega Game 2016
Alpha GM
Beta GMs
Adam, Benjamin, Brendon, Erik
Prologue GMs
Mark and Tim
Game Time
Saturday evening
Game Year
Between Episodes IV and V
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Prologue Plots
Rebel Plot · Inquisition Plot
Mega Game Plot
Act I
Act I Summary
Act II
Act II Summary
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Prologue Groups
Rebel Team · Inquisition Team
Mega Game Groups
Adam's Group · Erik's Group
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THEN make the first line the infobox callout with: {{infobox megagame 2016}}

I've left mechanics pages as is for right now as we haven't discussed. One might be a rebellion thing, counter intel, one could still be ISB, who knows. I'm just leaving it and this as a reminder. We should also add a schedule with our goal dates. For example, we have a goal date for characters, we should just slap the whole thing up as a project planner.

While Tim and Mark have the Prologue games, the other boys need to choose their teams for the mega game. They have not been named/assigned on this page as of yet. This needs to be done prior to character gen. A forum topic has been created for this, if we don't want to wait until next game.

Dual Prologues

The Mega Game shall be prefaced by two "prologue" games, one for the Rebels, and their attempts to extract a defecting Imperial captain of a Nebulon B, and another for an Imperial Inquisition squad, who are tracking the presence of a Jedi, including at some point their boarding of that very captain's ship to go to the same planet he is planning to defect on. These will both have "conditions" that will affect the Mega Game, along with the flavor text of the end outcome (but the likelihood not the end outcome itself - if so, it's peripheral).

Mega Game Opening

The Mega Game opens with that captain having left the ship for a short visit, but either extracted or dead (potential results may vary), definitely no longer in contact with his vessel, and the Inquisition team ordering the "routine" search of a ship to give the Navy an excuse to hang around for a few days to sniff out any problems. Little did they know that:

  • 1. The Inquisition is really looking for a Jedi.
  • 2. The ship actually was carrying arms for the Rebellion. Nice!
  • 3. Except that the Nebulon B is without its head, the navy team learns that the captain defected (a tip from intelligence handlers), and now must save its ass from failure. The Empire doesn't like failure. They don't know who their new captain will be. And odds are high that none of them will get promoted any time soon.
  • 4. But this lets them call the garrison on the planet to check out what's going on down there, since the ship was carrying an enormous amount of equipment and weapons from this small planet (geez, it's like they are skimming or something).

So now we have four groups with a prime objective and secondary objectives:

  • The Inquisition: continue to find the Jedi. Track down the Rebel cells and note them, as the Jedi may have contact with them. They are secondary. Only the Jedi matters. Includes surviving characters from the prologue Inquisition Game
  • The Navy: Don't let anyone find out that your captain has defected. Discover what is going on with the weapons transfers, who is complicit, and locate the Rebels. Destroy them. Maintain space superiority. Contact superiors only when all is known so that you don't get killed or worse, demoted and transferred.
  • The Stormtroopers: The Garrison sends out its finest to sweep for the Rebels in its midst. Just don't let the others figure out that the whole place actually is skimming. How are the Rebels clearly getting ahold on what looks like your gear? Or is this world a clearing house for both sides? Discover the sympathizers. (brendon edit: Nonhuman stormtroopers? The unit commander can "prove" he didnt know, but his orders made it awfully easy to hide... Also, if the evil weapon is an anti-alien virus, the base commander doesnt know and will have to cover his ass if he finds out)
  • The Imbedded Imperial Intelligence Agents: Keep tabs on the known rebels and discover their intent. Ascertain the fate of the missing captain if unknown, Includes one of the Rebel Agents (they were an Imperial Spy! They tipped off the Imperials.) if they survived.

Act I

Act I should progress towards these goals, and introduce any special combat rules that will be used later in Act II so they aren't unfamiliar, however by the end of Act I we may have the big revelations that:

  • The rebels have called for backup and a Nebulon B (with fighters!) has just arrived in system.
  • The transfer of weapons and/or skimming is not the rebel goal, the key lies in the knowledge and history of the captain, who knows/knew what else is being done at the facility, something so horrible that he would ditch a promising young career, i.e. the secret weapon macguffin.
  • Maybe something about the Jedi.
  • etc. etc. lots of options!

For more, see Act I Summary

See Act I for more

World Overview

Pages for world info and etc. space down here yo.