The One Ring Chapter 4 Sec 1

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The One Ring
Game Time
4th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Third Age, 2946
Current Year
Third Age, Summer 2950
The Fellowship
Aegir Wüdsworth
Bilbanes Broadfoot
Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Ulrik Foehammer

After a much needed rest at Woodmen Hall, you were approached by a trader that wanted to hire you to deliver some high-end lumber to a new Inn that sprung up close to the entrance to the Elven Path. It was supposedly run by "small people". The one catch was that you needed to provide the carts. After a bit of searching you finally managed to find a cart and driver willing to make the journey of course for a price. The weather was not the best as you left Woodmen Hall with your load of lumber but most of the journey was uneventful up until a day's ride from the Inn. There you ran into a couple of trappers that seemed a little too interested in the Inn.

Upon arriving at the Inn you were greeted by a dwarf named, Frier. He is the craftsman for the Inn and the one that ordered the lumber. The Inn itself is owned and run by Dody Brandybuck with is wife Agatha and their 2 children Dando and Rodry. They explain to you how the inn was started and why. During the conversation you find out that Dody's younger brother Dindy is long overdue on a trip to the Shire to get supplies. He asked you if he could hire you to go look for him. Based on his good feelings about your ability to handle yourself he has offered you a small purse of coins and some of the family silverware. This will be about a point of treasure per player.

Another interesting character you managed to meet at the Inn was the dog, Shadrach. If you ask about him you find out that he just showed up one day. Based on Adonniel's interaction with him there might be more to him than meets the eye.

This is where the party will pick up on the next adventure.