Aegir Wüdsworth

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The One Ring
Game Time
4th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Third Age, 2946
Current Year
Third Age, Summer 2950
The Fellowship
Aegir Wüdsworth
Bilbanes Broadfoot
Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Ulrik Foehammer


Name: Aegir Wüdsworth
Culture: Barding Standard of Living: Rich
Cultural Blessing: Stout Hearted - for Valour tests roll the feat die twice, keeping the best result
Calling: Wanderer Shadow Weakness: Wandering Madness


Specialties: Boating, Wood-Wright, Bardic-Lore
Distinctive Features: Adventurous, Cunning, Elf Friend


Body Heart Wits
5(6) 6(8) 3(6)
Experience Valour Wisdom
65 (7 unspent) 4 4

Common Skills

Awe ■■□□□□ Inspire ■■□□□□ Persuade ■■■□□□ Personality ■■□
Athletics ■□□□□□ Travel ■■■□□□ Stealth ■■□□□□ Movement ■□□
Awareness' ■□□□□□ Insight ■■□□□□ Search ■■□□□□ Perception ■□□
Explore ■■□□□□ Healing □□□□□□ Hunting ■■□□□□ Survival ■■□
Song ■■□□□□ Courtesy ■■□□□□ Riddle ■■■□□□ Custom □□□
Craft ■■■□□□ Battle ■■□□□□ Lore ■□□□□□ Vocation ■■■

Weapon Skills

Weapon Skill Damage Edge Injury Enc
Great Bow ■■■■□□ 7 9 18 3
Spear ■■■□□□ 5 9 14 2
Dagger ■□□□□□ 3 Gandalf rune.gif 12 0


Damage Parry Armor
5 3 2d (+1)


Armour Leather Corslet Enc 8
Headgear Cap of Iron & Leather Enc 2
Shield None Enc N/A
Misc. Aegir's Boat! Enc Yet to be determined
Misc. Fishing pole Enc Yet to be determined
Legendary Broach of the Thrush's Friendship Enc Negligible
Special Fine Suit Enc N/A?
Special Jeweled Ring Enc N/A?
Misc. Arquen, the Rohirim Riding Horse with Combat training
Misc. Elemmìrë, the Rohirim Palfrey with combat training

Rewards & Virtues


  • Dalish Long Bow
    • on Gandalf rune.gif foe must take the lowest of two feat dice to avoid injury
  • Keen (Dalish Longbow)
    • decrease edge of the (Dalish longbow)
  • Fell (Dalish Longbow)
    • Increase Injury rating by 2


  • Woeful Insight
    • Max hope increases by one, once every Adventure may invoke my insight, to receive relevant information about a negative event likely to occur in the current adventure, or an experience point.
  • King's Men
    • Endurance increases by three, Great Bow, Spear, Sword & Long Sword cost 1 less exp per level to increase
  • Birth Wright
    • Standing raises to Rich, I do not need to maintain my standing, if my character dies I can either take over as my descendant who gets Birth Wright for free, or I was simply injured, but presumed dead, and lose all standing.

Endurance and Hope

Hope Shadow Endurance Encumbrance
11/15 4 31 15


Fellowship Advancement Points Treasure Standing
? 1 15 1 for Dale

Tale of Years

2946 Aug - Sept : The Battle of Woodland Hall

2946 Nov: Battle of Five Armies Celebration

2947 Apr: Escorted Baldor through Mirkwood

2947 ???: Rescued the Hermit of Mirkwood, Balderic

2947 ???: Rescued the Hobbit Dindy from the Dandy Goblins

2947 ???: Escorted Irine to Rivendale past the orcs of Mordor

2948 ???: Chased Slavers to the edge of the Grimmerhorn

2948 ???: Scouted the Grimmerhorn and spied the Necromancers chained Monstrosity

2948 ???: Track the former host of the Grimmerhorn to Dol Guldor (orc/goblins), and Elf Tower (human)

2948 ???: Capture (or liberated) the False Necromancer in the Elf Tower

2949 ???: Negotiate with the Lord of the Toft

2949 ???: Recover one of the Dwarven Rings of Power

2949 ???: Chased the Bloody Ghost with recovered horses

2949 ???: Rescued Elven Prince Æa from Mirkwood mountains

2950 ???: Marriage of Brand into the Toft royal family

2950 ???: Escorted Radagast the brown to an empty Dol Guldor

2950 ???: Escorted Lossëwen through Rohan back to her home

2950 ???: Defended Sina in court for the crime of witchcraft, and dissipated the Barrow Wight who were responsible.

2951 Nov: Participated in the 10 yr Battle of Five army celebration and poisoning