Ulrik Foehammer

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The One Ring
Game Time
4th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Third Age, 2946
Current Year
Third Age, Summer 2950
The Fellowship
Aegir Wüdsworth
Bilbanes Broadfoot
Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Ulrik Foehammer



Name: Ulrik Foehammer
Culture: Dwarf of Lonely Mountain Standard of Living: Rich
Cultural Blessing: Redoubtable - When Dwarf characters calculate their Fatigue threshold by adding up the Encumbrance ratings of all the items they are carrying, and then subtracting their favoured Heart score from the total.
Calling: Slayer Shadow Weakness: Dragon Sickness


Specialties: Enemy-lore (orc), Trading, Smith-craft
Distinctive Features: Hardened, Proud, Elf Friend, Frieed of Elrond


Body Heart Wits
6(9) 2(3) 6(8)
Experience Valour Wisdom
53 (7 unspent) 4 3
Endurance Shadow Hope
30 2 5/8
Achievement Points: Personality Achievement Points: Movement Achievement Points: Perception
0 0 0
Achievement Points: Survival Achievement Points: Custom Achievement Points: Vocation
0 0 0

Common Skills

Awe ■□□□□□ Inspire ■■□□□□ Persuade ■□□□□□
Athletics ■■□□□□ Travel ■■■□□□ Stealth ■□□□□□
Awareness' ■■□□□□ Insight □□□□□□ Search ■■■□□□
Explore ■■□□□□ Healing □□□□□□ Hunting □□□□□□
Song ■□□□□□ Courtesy ■□□□□□ Riddle ■■□□□□
Craft ■■■■■□ Battle ■■□□□□ Lore ■□□□□□

Weapon Skills

Weapon Skill Damage Edge Injury Enc
(Axes) ■■□□□□ 5 Gandalf rune.gif 18 2
Sword ■■■■□□ 7 9 16 2
Dagger ■□□□□□ 3 Gandalf rune.gif 12 0


Damage Parry Armor
5 6+2 4d (+4 headgear)


Armour Cunning-made Coat of Mail Enc 14
Headgear Elf-wrought Helm Enc 3
Shield Shield Enc 3
Weapon Grievous, Keen Sword "Dirge" Enc 2
  • Encumbrance: 22/30
  • Elven Trade Items: 1 treasure worth (dropped off with Narn)
  • Hammer of Telchar: +1 Standing with Dwarves of Erebor


Old Hatred

“Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!” An axe swung and swept back. Two Orcs fell headless.

When you face your kin’s most hated enemies you feel the strength of your ancestors, slain by the foul hands of Orcs, flowing impetuously in your veins.

When you are fighting Orcs and their kind using hand-to-hand weapons, add a bonus of +3, or your Valour rating (whichever is higher), to the total Endurance loss inflicted by each of your blows.

Raven of the Mountain

There used to be great friendship between them and the people of Thror

Ulrik has befriended a raven of the ancient breed living around the Lonely Mountain, much to everyone's incredulity that he could befriend anything. The Raven is long lived and able to speak the common tongue, these birds are often wise companions bound to Ulrik's kin by ties of old friendship. Many times in the past they have provided invaluable help by gathering news or sending messages for his folk.

If in the Wilderland, Ulrik's raven friend is never far away. He can sound a call and summon him to his presence in a matter of minutes. As soon as he joins Ulrik, he may command him. Usually, the raven is eager to please, although an unusual or less than reasonable request might put their faithfulness to the test and require a Courtesy roll with a TN 14. The raven does not ask for anything in return, but repeated requests over a short time might sooner or later lead him to feel entitled to compensation (up to Loremaster). Time to complete a given task depends on the task, on the distance covered and the complexity of the request.

Cultural Rewards

  • Cunning-made Coat of Mail - -2 Encumbrance.
  • Grievous, Keen Short Sword +2 damage, -1 Edge


Fellowship Advancement Points Advancement Points Unspent Experience Points Experience Points Total Treasure Standing
6 40 12 19 65 15 (5 carried) 1