Dindraug, Son of Tarcil

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The One Ring
Game Time
4th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Third Age, 2946
Current Year
Third Age, Summer 2950
The Fellowship
Aegir Wüdsworth
Bilbanes Broadfoot
Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Ulrik Foehammer

Born Dindraug, called Wolf, this dunedain spent all his early years in the wild. He has a small sword in his hand when he learned to walk, and tracked orcs when he could but crawl, or so his story goes. The earliest that is truly known or remembered is that at the age of fifteen he first appeared in Rivindell with his parents, who were both also rangers of the north. They spent but a fleeting two years there, before wolf was sent out with an uncle for safe keeping and to learn the extra skills that would keep him alive in the most wild parts of middle-earth. At the age of 24, still a very young lad in the years of the Dunedain, he returned to Rivindell, as he regularly did, only to learn his parents had gone missing and were presumed to be dead.

In sorrow and woe he left Rivindell and traveled east, crossing the Misty Mountains, driving deep into Mirkwood. It was here he met up and stayed with a group of elves, from which he refined his combat skills and learned additional art and history. He returned to the west, spending time with the dwarves of the blue mountains before returning to the last homely house. Since that time he as wondered the lands, he has been in the far east and south, as well as the distant north. He still searches for answers to his parents deaths. He has yet to find there bodies, or any spoils stolen from them.

Though he has run in to an elf his heart would go out to, his feelings are tempered from his last time when he found himself taken by the beauty of an elfish lady. He proclaimed his love, which she thought was quite cute but did not reciprocate. He followed her were he could, like a loyal dog. The infatuation ended as his love sailed into the west, and out of sight.


Name: Dindraug, Son of Tarcil
Culture: Dunedain of the North Standard of Living: Martial
Cultural Blessing Foresight - One session per Adventure, Rangers may use the [Foresighted] trait.
Calling: Wanderer Shadow Weakness: Wandering-Madness


Specialties: Lore of the Beasts, Lore of Arnor, Lore of the Dunedain
Distinctive Features: Just, True-Hearted, Elf-Friend, [Foresighted]


Body Heart Wits
6(7) 6(9) 5(7)
Experience Valour Wisdom
82 of 82 4 3

Common Skills

Awe ■□□□□□ Inspire ■■■■□□ Persuade □□□□□□ Personality ◇◇◇
Athletics ■■■□□□ Travel ■■■■□□ Stealth ■■■□□□ Movement ◇◇◇
Awareness ■■■□□□ Insight ■□□□□□ Search ■□□□□□ Perception ◇◇◇
Explore ■■■□□□ Healing ■□□□□□ Hunting ■■■■■□ Survival ◇◇◇
Song ■■□□□□ Courtesy ■□□□□□ Riddle ■□□□□□ Common ◇◇◇
Craft □□□□□□ Battle ■■■□□□ Lore ■■□□□□ Vocational ◇◇◇

Weapon Skills

Weapon Skill Damage Edge Injury Enc
Eregëar (Spear) ■■■■□□ 7 9(5) 16 2
Hunting Spear ■■■■□□ 5 9 14 2
Eket (Swords) ■■■■□□ 5 10 16 1
Bow ■□□□□□ 5 10 14 (1)
Dagger ■■□□□□ 3 Gandalf rune.gif 12 0


Damage Parry Armor Endurance Encumbrance
5/7 (5 Ranged) 5 3d6 (n/a headgear) 29 17

Rewards & Virtues


  • Spear of Numenor: Eregëar Spear with Foe-Slaying, Grievous and Felling (Bane of Evil Men & Wolves)
  • Heirloom of Lost Arnor: Eket of Isildur: Short Sword with Felling, grants +2 Status.


  • Royalty Revealed: If revealed in combat, May Intimidate Foe & attack in 1 action. All foes gain Hatred (Dunedain) and will attack Dunedain if possible.
  • Royalty Revealed: if revealed during an encounter, may upgrade the quality of one successful roll by one level. (Success > Great Success > Exceptional Success)
  • Rumour of the Earth: Once per day, make a hunting roll, success grants useful information about a quarry or place being sought.
  • Rumour of the Earth: If the above hunting roll succeeds, may spend 1 Hope & every Movement, Perception and/or Survival skill benefits from a free Attribute Bonus for the rest of the day.


Fellowship Advancement Points Treasure Standing Hope Shadow
- 5 0 3 (5) 11 of 14 3

Deorwyn (Mount)

A strong, black-brown mare with a off-shape star on her forehead and three socks.

Artifact: Eket of Isildur

The eket is about 1 and a half foot long with a broad blade, pointed and is two-edged. The blade is of made of steel but it appears to not be pitted or have patina. The blade has veins of mithril running through it forming delicate patterns.  The cross guard and pommel are both made out of mithril. The grip is black with the emblem of the White Tree with 7 stars above it with the top star being slightly bigger than the rest made out of mithril. The eket is perfectly weighted so that might mean the pommel is mithril over steel since mithril is so light.  

Game effects

Having the Eket increases your standing in Dunedain community. (+1 standing) The sword will also never dull or break (unless Sauron steps on it). For all other purposes in game it is considered a Felling short sword.  

History of the eket

  OOC: Dindraug will never know the pedigree of the eket. As far as you or any Dunedain are concerned the eket is a magnificent relic of Numenor.

When Isildur tried to escape the ambush that the orcs had set for him at the Gladden Fields he stripped off all his armor and his great sword. He kept his eket and the Elendilmir and attempted to swim across the Anduin. Unfortunately the Elendilmir gave him away and he was pierced by several arrows. Both the Eket and Elendilmir were lost as was his body. The Elendilmir was eventually found by Saruman's agents. The eket, on the other hand, was found (for game purposes) by the Wild Hobbits long ago. It became a symbol of the Mayor of the Stoors living around the Gladen Fields. Eventually the small village you discovered was destroyed by orcs but fortunately the section of the Mayor's hole that hid his wealth was collapsed. Thus for a few hundred years the eket had remained hidden from the world.  


Armour Shirt of Mail Enc 12
Headgear None Enc N/A
Shield None Enc N/A