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The One Ring
Game Time
4th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Third Age, 2946
Current Year
Third Age, Summer 2950
The Fellowship
Aegir Wüdsworth
Bilbanes Broadfoot
Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Ulrik Foehammer


Name: Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Culture: Woodmen of Wilderland Standard of Living: Frugal
Cultural Blessing: Woodcrafty - When fighting in woods, use Favored Wits for Parry
Calling: Warden Shadow Weakness: Lure of Power
  • Amalina - former girlfriend


Specialties: Beast-Lore, Mirkwood-Lore, Shadow-Lore
Distinctive Features: Adventurous, Curious

Reputation among Mirkwood elves as "The Singer" after composing a song during the White Hart hunt.


Body Heart Wits
2(4) 5(6) 7(10)
Experience Valour Wisdom
39 (6 unspent) 4 3

Common Skills

Awe □□□□□□ Inspire ■□□□□□ Persuade □□□□□□ personality
Athletics ■■□□□□ Travel ■■□□□□ Stealth ■■□□□□ movement ■■■
Awareness ■■■□□□ Insight ■□□□□□ Search ■□□□□□ perception ■■
Explore ■■■□□□ Healing ■■■□□□ Hunting ■■■□□□ survival ■■■
Song ■■■□□ Courtesy □□□□□ Riddle ■□□□□□ custom ■■
Craft ■□□□□□ Battle ■■□□□□ Lore ■■□□□□ vocation

Weapon Skills

Weapon Skill Damage Edge Injury Enc
Bearded Axe ■■■□□□ 5/7 Gandalf rune.gif 18/20 3
Dagger ■□□□□□ 3 Gandalf rune.gif 12 0
(Bows) ■■□□□□ 5 10 14 1
Shepherd's Great Bow ■■□□□□ 7 10 16 1


Damage Parry Armor
5/7 (7 Ranged) 7 (10 in woods) 4d (n/a headgear)
Endurance Hope
Maximum Fatigue Maximum Current Shadow
27 25 17 10 0


Armour Cunning Coat of Mail Enc 14
Headgear None Enc N/A
Shield None Enc N/A

Rewards & Virtues


  • Great Shepherd's Bow - When you get a Gandalf rune.gif on the Feat die using a Shepherds-bow, inflict extra damage equal to your Damage rating (regardless of the level of success.)
  • Cunning Make Coat of Mail, Elven Make - Reduces Encumbrance by 2
  • Bearded Axe - When you get a Gandalf rune.gif on a Feat die using a Bearded Axe, you can yank a shield off or disarm the opponent


  • Hound of Mirkwood (Luna)
    • Raises Hope by 2 points
    • When engaged in battle and if an attack aimed at me produces an EYE OF SAURON result the blow hits and automatically wounds the hound instead. You my prevent this by taking the wound yourself, but cannot roll for Protection. A wounded hound is out of combat for the remainder of the scene, and returns at the start of the next session only if a Healing TN16 roll succeeds. If you fail, the hound will not recover until the next Fellowship phase
    • Support (Hunting, Awe): When making a roll, roll Feat die twice and keep better result
    • Harass Enemy: When engaged alongside your animal companion, the immediate adversary in close combat is considered Weary
    • Protect: If you fight in rearward stance, the dog protects me counting as a companion fighting in close combat stance. Additionally, Theodwin can choose rearward stance if total enemies is up to three times the number of companions
  • Resilience - +2 Endurance

Artifact: Bridle of Rhovanion

A bridle of beautiful handcrafted gold and silvered steel. It bears an emblem of a horse’s head with a crown above it and star behind it.

Game effects

It allows the user to better control a horse. If the rider needs to make a control check on their horse or if the horse needs to make a terror check it is made at one TN lower. It also makes the horse wearing it more likely to return to its owner if lost.

History of the bridle

This bridle had once belonged to the Kings of Rhovanion. It was crafted by the elves of Edhellond as a gift for the first King of Rhovanion, Vidugavia. After the Kingdom of Rhovanion was destroyed by the Wainriders in the Battle of the Plains in TA 1856 the bridle was found by the Elves of Mirkwood who kept it for the Kings of Rhovanion in case they returned to their land. Eventually the bridle was taken to the Elven Tower, Tirith Beriad, for safe keeping. No Woodmen alive today would know the history of the artifact. Only Radagast and the elves know its true origin.


Fellowship Advancement Points Treasure Standing
15 1