The One Ring Chapter 1 Sec 2

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The One Ring
Game Time
4th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Third Age, 2946
Current Year
Third Age, Summer 2950
The Fellowship
Aegir Wüdsworth
Bilbanes Broadfoot
Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Ulrik Foehammer

The fellowship was asked by Gandalf to deliver 2 messages and take the southern route around Mirkwood. They picked up Benjamin’s character, who is a Dale boatman, over the Fellowship phase. Poor Benjamin, they made him interview for the job. =) The fellowship split up for the first part of the journey as Theodwin (Mark), Lissiriel (Lisa) and Dindraug (Adam) went by land. The rest went by river. Ulrik (Tim), Karen and Benjamin kind of turned Benjamin’s boat it into the SS Party Time for the journey down the river. The fellowship met a cantankerous old man that thinks that wizards are all charlatans. They then had to spend a couple of days resting up and sobering up. After purchasing a donkey, a cart and another horse the party set out for Buhr Waldlaes. Unfortunately, for the party they let the dwarf lead and who in turn let the donkey lead. So in no time the fellowship was lost in the wilderness with no road in site. After a couple of extra days the fellowship finally arrived in Buhr Waldlaes (Strayhold).

The fellowship then managed to get their horses stolen, made an old man piss his pants and got to buy the “King of Gondor, Aldamir II” a drink. BTW, there was a certain elf <cough>Lisa (Lissiriel)<cough> that told him he should seek the Shards of Narsil and told him where to find them. I would love to be a fly on the wall if the Northman shows up in Rivendell asking for Narsil and Elrond’s reaction when he says an elf told him to. =) Of course he has to do that while on his way to the “Undying Lands” looking for the Numenor (which is under the oceans). Adam’s character, Dindraug, told him he should do that. It is funny how the fellowship has had bad luck with picking Inns. The fellowship also met a young girl cutpurse that thought that elves were just fairy tales and now “wants to be an elf” when she grows up. =) Oh and then there is the guy who drug his poor wife to go see the elves because he had seen a group of elves earlier and everyone called him crazy for that. Of course who were those elves and what were they doing in the southern most party of Mirkwood. =) After retrieving their horses from the horse thieves they started out again on the journey which is uneventful until about 5 days out from their destination. The fellowship then ran into a wounded Northman who turned out to be Theodwin’s (Mark) cousin. He asked Theodwin to finish his mission and an honor bound Theodwin (Mark) was forced to comply. The party then split again with Dindraug (Adam), Lissiriel (Lisa), Karen and Theodwin (Mark) going to Dol Guldur (5 day journey each direction). Ulrik (Tim) and Benjamin went on to the final destination of Rhosgobel. The party that went to Dol Guldur ran into a black robed figure riding a horse (or what appeared to be a horse). The “man” exuded so much dread and power that Dindraug (Adam) and Theodwin (Mark) ran. The elves managed to stand their ground. The black robe figured let out a snarling laugh and rode away. They managed to not run into him again. Tim and Benjamin went back to the area of Dol Guldur (but outside of Mirkwood) and picked up the exhausted/hungry rest of the fellowship. They are now all in Rhosgobel resting and waiting for Radagast the Brown (Wizard) to return. That is where we will pick up the next game session.