The One Ring Chapter 12 Sec 1

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The One Ring
Game Time
4th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Third Age, 2946
Current Year
Third Age, Summer 2950
The Fellowship
Aegir Wüdsworth
Bilbanes Broadfoot
Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Ulrik Foehammer

The Fellowship is asked by Radagast to attend the wedding of King Brand on his behalf. The Fellowship sets out Rhosgobel just as they are about come upon the point where the old Dwarven Road is directly due East from their position they come upon the following scene:

The morning chilliness gives way to a bright and beautiful day. Butterflies and insects flitter about while birds chirp merrily from a distance. The smells about you hint at a spring that is in full swing. Your spirits are running high. Around mid-day you crest a low hill and you are met with the scene you did not expect. Below you the ground is littered with dozens and dozens of orc corpses. Clearly there had been a battle here within the last day. You quickly survey the surreal scene that seems out of place with such a beautiful day. Your sharp eyes pick out amongst the dead the forms of 3 elves laying lifeless on the ground. Beside one of the dead elves sits an elf girl. As you pick your way toward her she does not move but she does occasionally look up at your approach. Most of her attention seems focused on the dead elf beside her. As you get closer you can finally see her clearly. She is dressed in green and brown elven hunting leathers. She clearly has been crying but despite that you are struck by her beauty. Her hair is the color of the silver like rays of light from Ithil, the moon. Her skin is pale and flawless. Even amongst the elves she would be counted fair to behold. For the elves in the Fellowship you know her hair color is rare among the elves. It is only seen in the royal families of the Teleri. She lifts her head as you get within talking distance and says, Nányë Lossëwen aranel ,nossë Lenwë. Rehta nin!