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The One Ring
Game Time
4th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Third Age, 2946
Current Year
Third Age, Summer 2950
The Fellowship
Aegir Wüdsworth
Bilbanes Broadfoot
Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Ulrik Foehammer
Dorwinion Map.png
During the first age the area was inhabited by the Nandor and Avari elves. Eventually during the late First Age the Edain (men) joined them, dwelling near elven settlements around the Sea of Rhun. At the beginning of the Second age the Sindarin prince Oropher (father of Thranduil and grand-father of Legolas) establishes the Woodland Realm of Greenwood the Great. What Tolkien didn't tell us is that he had a brother. His brother, Brethilon, establishes the realm of Dorwinion. Both realms were closely allied. When it came time for the "Last Alliance of Men and Elves" the elves and men of Dorwinion marched with Oropher's Mirkwood host. Oropher and Brethilon were both slain at the Battle of Dagorlad. Brethilon's daughter Míril became ruler of Dorwinion. She would eventually marry an Edain. They had one son who would have been half-elven. She died of grief shortly after her husband died of old age in 182 of the Third Age. The kingship passed to her son who had earlier chosen to be mortal (a choice that only the half-elven can make). For the next 1774 years Dorwinion is an realm of man. During this time most of the elves of Dorwinion migrate to the north east shore of the Sea or Rhun and settle in the vast woods there. They found a separate kingdom ruled by Míril's brother Celairon. In 1856 of the Third Age the Wainriders invade all of Rohavanion. They destroy the Kingdom of Dorwinion and kill the last King of Dorwinion. The elven king Celairon sends an army to help Dorwinion but it is too late by the time he arrives. After the defeat of the Wainriders it is decided that the two Kingdoms would merge and form one Kingdom of Dorwinion ruled by Celairon. It would be a shining example of what men and elves could accomplish together (at least in theory). Dowinion has been ruled from that day forward by King Celairon. Since it is a realm of immortals and mortals several changes were put into place, for example, the Steward of Dorwinion is to be of the race of man. Elves tend to be slow to deal with things and because of the short lifespans of man they feel more rushed. Having the second most powerful position in the Kingdom always reserved for the race of man helps with creating more harmony. The Stewardship is a hereditary position. This brings us back around to Ailidh of Dorwinion. She is the third child and only daughter of the Steward of Dowinion. This is why it is such a boon for King Bard of Dale to marry her. Dowinion is a very wealthy kingdom.