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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
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I just want you to know, we're all counting on you.

Print ad for the BS7 line. SAMI is identical to the version on the left.

BS7 Series

Two BS7s encounter a C3P0 unit.
The BS7-series Media/Group Relations droid from Cybot Galactica was the seventh in a line of high end model of class three droids aimed at the corporate and government market. The line was originally designed to fill the role of spokesperson or media interference for groups that found themselves overburdened with questions. These design specification meant considerable effort and processing power went into the unit’s speaking and ‘life like’ non-verbal communication efforts. Wide range translators and cultural databases were considered extraneous for the base model, who’s expected interactions would be limited to their owner’s primary culture and language. The BS7, as with every model after BS3, comes with two “expansion slots” in the chest area for unit customization.

The BS7, like the rest of the line, sold as well as could be expected within its limited field for the first few years. Sales dipped later, however, when news broke that a glitch in the ethics interpretation system would cause the droids on more “liberal” settings to argue passionately and rather successfully for their own emancipation. Cybot Galactica rushed out a firmware patch for this issue, but sales never completely recovered. The situation did, however, see a number of emancipated BS7s among civilized planets, where they have found work in hospitality, news anchors and, in the case of one pair, an extensive and award winning music career.


BS7-Silver/Head A/Male/Body I, known as SAMI, is a twenty-five-year-old Cybot Galactica droid originally sold and activated on the rather civilized planet of Naboo. He worked as a receptionist, advertising and media relations droid for his first owner, a small legal company. Flush with cash and unsure how the droid would be used, they sprung for both the lateral thinking and enhanced charisma expansions. Over a decade later, when the law office closed, Sami was sold alongside the rest of the firm's assets. He was eventually purchased by Derek Cylighter, a used droid reseller who made regular rounds through the sector. Derek’s debt to the Hutts, however, resulted in his ship being sold and the merchant himself stranded on Tatooine. With little other help to turn to, Derek opened a repair shop in Mos Contina with Sami as his salesman. During this stable, if poor, time he learned several negotiating and trade skills. Derek died almost a decade later in a workshop accident, resulting in Sami once again going on the open market.

This time he was purchased by Teemo the Hutt, who was looking for a gift and assistant for one of his long time black market contacts on a more civilized world near Ryloth. With that in mind, the Hutt had the droid packed up and placed on his favorite Trandoshian slaver’s ship, who he knew would eventually be heading back in that direction, while he made the final arrangements for the transfer. Fate intervened, and the Trandoshian’s ship was stolen with Sami still onboard.



Experience: 835 of 930

Brawn Intellect Willpower Agility Cunning Presence
1 1 4 1 4 4

Soak Wounds Strain Defense
2 11 15 0 0


  • Career: Smuggler
  • Specialization: Charmer, Trader, Arbiter
  • (250 XP)
  • ✓ denotes class/specialization skill
Skill Ability Level Roll
General Skills
Astrogation Intelligence Eote-green-die.png
Athletics Brawn Eote-green-die.png
Charm Presence ■■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.png
Coercion Willpower ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Computer Intelligence Eote-green-die.png
Cool Presence ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Coordination Agility Eote-green-die.png
Deceit Cunning ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Discipline Willpower ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Leadership Presence ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Mechanics Intelligence Eote-green-die.png
Medicine Intelligence Eote-green-die.png
Negotiation Presence ■■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.png
Perception Cunning ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Pilot (Planetary) Agility Eote-green-die.png
Pilot (Space) Agility Eote-green-die.png
Resilience Brawn Eote-green-die.png
Skulduggery Cunning Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Stealth Agility Eote-green-die.png
Streetwise Cunning Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Survival Cunning Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Vigilance Willpower Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Combat Skills
Brawl Brawn Eote-green-die.png
Gunnery Agility Eote-green-die.png
Melee Brawn Eote-green-die.png
Lightsaber Brawn Eote-green-die.png
Ranged (Light) Agility Eote-green-die.png
Ranged (Heavy) Agility Eote-green-die.png
Knowledge Skills
Core Worlds Intelligence Eote-green-die.png
Education Intelligence Eote-green-die.png
Lore Intelligence Eote-green-die.png
Outer Rim Intelligence Eote-green-die.png
Under World Intelligence Eote-yellow-die.png
Xenology Intelligence Eote-green-die.png




  • Improved Inspiring Rhetoric: Roll Leadership against Eote-purple-die.pngEote-purple-die.png to have 1 ally per success gain strain & a Eote-blue-die.png (+1 strain per Advantage)
  • Kill with Kindness (2): Remove one Eote-black-die.png from all Charm and Leadership checks.
  • Smooth Talker (4): May spend a Triumph to gain 4 successes on a Negotiation rolls. (See Below)
  • Congenial (3): May suffer 3 strain to downgrade the difficulty of Charm or Negotiation checks twice, or upgrade difficulty when targeted by Charm or Negotiation Checks three.
  • Disarming Smile (2): As an action, opposed charm check to reduce defense by 2.
  • Works Like a Charm: Once per session, make a skill check with Presence instead of usual skill.
  • Just Kidding: Once per round as an incidental, spend 1 Destiny Point to ignore a dispair generated on a social check by the character or any ally in short range.
  • Natural Charmer: Once per Session, reroll any 1 Charm or Deception check.
  • Don't Shoot: Once per session, make a Hard (Eote-purple-die.pngEote-purple-die.pngEote-purple-die.png) Charm check. On success, cannot be the target of combat checks.
  • Dedication: +1 Willpower

Narrow Escape


  • Narrow Escape: Once per session, spend a Destiny point and make a Hard Deception or Streetwise check. If successful the character immediately flees the current personal scale combat or social encounter. May take 2 additional people with him.


(210 xp)

  • Know Somebody (3): When searching for an item, reduce the rarity by 3.
  • Convincing Demeanor: Remove one Eote-black-die.png from Deception or Skulduggery Checks.
  • Wheel & Deal (3): Increase profits from selling legal items by 30%.
  • Smooth Talker (4): May spend a Triumph to gain 4 successes on a Negotiation rolls. (See Above)
  • Nobody’s Fool (5): Automatically upgrade the difficulty of Charm, Coercion and Deceit against you.
  • Natural Negotiator: Once per session, reroll any Cool or Negotiation check.
  • Dedication: +1 Willpower.
  • Master Merchant: Suffer 2 strain and sell items for 25% more, buy for 25% less, pay off 1 additional obligation, or undertake 1 less obligation.


(195 xp)

  • Savvy Negotiator(3): Remove 3 Eote-black-die.png from Negotiation and Streetwise checks.
  • Nobody's Fool (5): Automatically upgrade the difficulty of Charm, Coercion and Deceit against you.
  • Congenial (3): May suffer 3 strain to downgrade the difficulty of Charm or Negotiation checks by three, or upgrade difficulty when targeted by Charm or Negotiation Checks by three.
  • Grit
  • Critical Point: During a negotiations, introduce a a consesson that the other party will give almost anything to receive.
  • Dedication: Willpower
  • Improved Savvy Negotiator: Hard Negotiation check to convince 3 bystanders to see opponent's points as maliciously unreasonable.


  • Droid: Does not need to eat. Does not need to sleep. Not effected by toxins or poisons. Cybernetic implant cap is at six.
  • Inorganic: Do not gain benefits from bacta, stimpack or Medicine. Use Mechanics instead.
  • Mechanical: Cannot be Force Sensitive, can not be effected by mind-altering Force powers.


Credits Encumbrance
Autobriber Currancy Capacity Current
500 7,153 6 0

Clothing Options

Expedition Outfit: (Soak 0, Defense 0, Encumbrance +2, Handpoints 1)
Stylish Suit: Catch Vest (Soak 1, Soak 2 vs. Energy, Encumbrance 2 (0 when worn), Hard Points 0)
Stylish Suit: Kamperdine Custom Jacket (Soak 2, Encumbrance 2 (0 when worn), Hard Points 0, +Eote-advantage.png on Charm, Negotiate or Deception)
Smuggler's Overcoat (Soak 1, Defense 1, Encumberance 3, Hard Points 0, Hide 2 encumberance with skullduggery)
Holographic Costume (Soak 0, Defense 1, Encumberance 2, Hard Points 0, Holds 10 outfits, Eote-purple-die.png to copy an outfit, Eote-purple-die.pngEote-purple-die.pngEote-purple-die.png to design a new outfit)
Lector's Outfit (Soak 1, Defense 0, Encumberance 2, Hard Points 1, +Eote-blue-die.png to public address)
Noble Reglia (Soak 0, Defense 0, Encumberance 2, Hard Points 1, Downgrades difficulty of social interactions with nobles)
Emergency Space Suit (Soak 0, Defense 0, Encumberance 2, Handpoints 0

Built In Upgrades

  • Data-access system (Datapad)
  • Auto-briber: 500 credit capacity.
  • Appraiser's Eye: (Advantage on Streetwise/Negotiation when purchasing items.)

General Items

  • Flip-Phone Comlink
  • Business Cards (TLC Ltd.)
  • Etiquite Manuals (Empire, Hutt) [+Eote-advantage.png]
  • MDD Mercantiler Datapad (Core, Midrim, Outerrim) [+Eote-blue-die.png on Negotiate]
  • Insider's Guide (Naboo, Nar Shadda) [+Eote-advantage.png to find locations]
  • Expesnive Jewlery [+Eote-blue-die.png on social tests]
  • IOU for 500 credits from Jarash
  • Pheremon Calogne (70% chance of Eote-blue-die.pngEote-blue-die.png)

Plot Items

  • None (at the moment)