DDC Inquisition Game 2016

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DDC Mega Game 2016
Alpha GM
Beta GMs
Adam, Benjamin, Brendon, Erik
Prologue GMs
Mark and Tim
Game Time
Saturday evening
Game Year
Between Episodes IV and V
Turning Points · Destiny Points
Prologue Plots
Rebel Plot · Inquisition Plot
Mega Game Plot
Act I
Act I Summary
Act II
Act II Summary
Collaboration Notepads
Prologue Groups
Rebel Team · Inquisition Team
Mega Game Groups
Adam's Group · Erik's Group
Ben's Group · Brendon's Group

Dramatis Personae

The Inquisition team is not purely inquisitors but led by two inquisitors and supported by elements from Imperial Intelligence and ISB.

  • 2 Inquisitors (one senior, one junior; one of them will be non-human)
  • 2 ISB agents (one agent, one stormtrooper undercover)
  • 2 Imperial Intelligence agents (one non-human)

Plot Overview

Two acts, as is customary.