D&D 5th Edition

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D&D 5th Edition
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Sir Elric, Human knight
Marigold Banks, Halfling Squire
Jared Nottaham, Human Squire
Gleeman Alastar
Torquil the Green, half-orc priest of Chauntea
Human sorcerer
Sir Farin Quarrymeade Noble Dwarf

Holding page for Hoard of the Dragon Queen/Rise of Tiamat pickup game


Current Heroes

  • Sir Elric, Lawful Stupid knight (human fighter), Tim
  • Marigold Banks, Trusty squire for above knight (halfling fighter), Karen
  • Gleeman Alastar Herald for lawful stupid knight (tiefling bard), Ben
  • Torquil the Green, Holy Farmer (half-orc cleric), Adam
  • Kashel Whirlgig, Mechanic, engineer and tinkerer (Talaxin Ranger), Brendon
  • Sir Farin Quarrymeade Noble Dwarf (dwarf rogue, but acts the fighter), Lisa
    • Allied with Sir Elric and afflicted with SSS: Second Son Syndrome
  • Jared Nottaham, Squire and hero of the common man. (human rogue), Brendon
  • Gion of Velen, real name and background unknown, (Human Sorcerer), Erik

Departed Heroes

  • Morn, acolyte of Tempus (human cleric), NPC
  • Creepy spellcaster (dragonborn warlock), Brendon
  • Drow Ranger
  • Tinder Fierro, Chaotic Neutral Battlemaster. / Smuggler, Karen