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The Techpriest.


Characters (Wiki-generated)

Rules & Systems

Game Building

  • Edge of the Imperium: An adaptation of the Genesys system for use for the Rogue Trader setting.
  • Cowboy Bebop: An adaptation of Genesys system for a game in the Cowboy Bebop setting.

Star Wars Campaign Ideas

  • Marauder's Turn: The crew of a Raider Corvette defects and raises the flag of Rebellion. (AoR/EotE)
  • Bounty Hunters: A team of bounty hunters finds targets and try to keep food on the table. (EotE)
  • Rogue Tours: The crew of a Star Commuter 2000 who find themselves suddenly outlaws. (EotE)
  • Journey's End: The citizens of the small colonial town of Journey's End find their adventures are just starting. (EotE)

Compleated Systems

Shorts & One-offs

Abandoned Games

  • Dominions: (Epic D&D 3.5 Campaign) After the great cataclysm, the power of the gods is scattered to powerful beings on the Material Plane. A new pantheon must form and claim absolute dominance over their aspects.
  • Edge of the Sea: An adaptation of the Edge of the Empire system for age of sail fantasy.

Test Codes