Edge of the Imperium (Game)

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Edge of the Imperium
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Basic Module
Character CreationSkills and Talents
New Systems
Void ShipsWealth and Renown
House Rules
Alternate Archatypes

Edge of the Imperium is an adaptation of F.F.G.'s Genesys system for use in the Warhammer 40k setting. The conversion is aimed specifically at the Rogue Trader style game but should be functional for an Inquisitorial and/or military style game as well. This does mean, however, that the skills and talents are biased towards large-scale operations and social situations instead of personal combat and dungeonering.

"House Rules," which are mostly ported over from our Star Wars games, are separated out in order to make these pages more helpful to others who might want to use the conversion module, but not our changes to the base system.