Cyberpunk Red: Session 1

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Cyberpunk Red: Night City Stories
2045 A.D.
170 IP
Galen "Doc" Sank
Kia "Spruce"
Simone (Sy) "Mover" Yang
Thomas "Cabbie" Connely
Tovera "Drakka" Vash
Zaahira "Lemon Drop" Idrissi
Saiya Nakajima, Fixer
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Played: 3/4/23

In game date: Friday April 14, 2045

Hired by a japanese punk band, called Cherry Blossoms, to run security during a guerilla concert and to track down arsonists. It turns out the lead guitarist, Okami, is friends with Mover. The team were able to successfully prevent the Sizzle Jams' security guards from unplugging the concert. The team also successfully managed to confront the arsonist before she could set the Sizzle Jams building alite. When the arsonist, whose name later was revealed to be Bev Hatric, was stopped she attempted to dowse herself in ChOOH2 and set herself on fire. The team managed to prevent this but not before her neural link sizzled out and killing her instantly. Cabby was able to pull some strings and find out the arsonist was a secretary at DyneTech with no criminal record or history of mental illness.

Mysteries from the adventure:

  • Why did the goth girl run and jump in front of oncoming traffic, effectively committing suicide?
  • Why would a secretary, with no criminal record or history of mental illness, commit arson and who or what caused her neural link to fizzle out and kill her?

Cliffhanger: Party is individually picked by Militech to see why a Militech executive's daughter died at the concert. You are picked up on Sunday April 16, 2045.


40 IP


  • €60 each
  • Signed rifle-guitar from Cherry Blossom (sold for €3000, each €500)