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Ars Magica: The Scilly Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXX, aestas
A.D. 1220, summer
Magi of Leo
Eos of Tytalus
Llwyd of Bonisagus
Merlor of Flambeau
Rissa of Merinita
Lady Shona of Ex Miscelanea
Matteus de Taranto
Robert, the Steward
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Shona, born Lady Shona of Gordon, was the third daughter of a minor landed noble in east highlands of Scotland, at least officially. Like a couple of her siblings, her true father was a member of the summer fae court whom her mother had fallen desperately in love with. Shona was a gregarious, independent young child who loved to greet and question others, including a local mystic who would first discover her gift. With four older siblings, Shona’s independence was indulged, and at the age of six the hedge wizard became her guardian.

Although she would not learn of it till she neared her gauntlet years later, her first instructor was not a true hedge wizard, but rather a member of a hold-out clan of House Diedne magi. It was from him she (and Majory) learned the fundamentals of magical manipulation with House Diedne’s unusual methods and usual focus on spontaneous magic over the formulaic. Shona would have continued along tradition had it not been for the (accidental) intervention of the Fae.

Shona’s original pater was dragged into a rather public concentration with an ornery fairy, where he was magically assaulted, only to have the spells deflected by his Parma Magica. Word of this eventually filtered to Quaesitor Cathaoire of Conventus Muri, who took it upon herself to force this ‘hedge wizard’ to join the order or die. Shona’s pater discovered her arrival and fled, never to be found despite Cathaoire’s skill. He did, however, leave behind his apprentice Shona, who Cathaoire took as her own.

Now sixteen, Shona would receive her last three year of instruction under Cathaoire despite the occasional frustrations at Shona’s seeming inability to learn intellgio, one of Cathaoire’s specialties. It was during this time she learned (briefly) about the destruction of House Diedne and connected it to her original pater and own foundations. Realizing what this would mean, she kept her discovery secret from her new pater, Cathaoire.

With the help (and occasional tutoring) of Majory, eventually Shona would pass her gauntlet and join Ex Miscellanea as a maga of the Order. She stayed in Conventus Muri for two years, until it was subtly suggested that she make progress towards joining a convent of her own. Not particularly attached to Conventus Muri, and more than a little concerned about being discovered, Shana departed and spent the next year wondering through the Stonehenge tribunal before finally ending up in Nova Semente.

She considered joining Nova Semente for some time, but was still concerned about discovery and unsure if it would be such a good fit. The idea was finally shelved when, during a conversation with a two other young magi, the idea of founding their own covenant in the distant corner of the tribunal was floated. Shona immediately latched onto the idea, and has spent the last year trying to get all the plans and resources together to make it happen.


Name: Shona Ex Miscellanea
Formal Name: Shona filia Cathaoire Ex Miscellanea ab Conventus Muri House Ex Miscellanea symbol.jpg
Race/Nationality: Scottish
Place of Origin: Stonehenge Tribunal
Year of Birth/Age: 1191 (29)
Known Specialties: Auram
Familiar: None
Apprentices: None
Lab Assistant: Majory

Character Sheet


Intelligence +0 Presence +4
Perception +1 Communication +1
Strength -2 Dexterity +1
Stamina +2 Luck +1

Virtues & Flaws


Hermetic Magus (Free)
The Gift (Free)
Strong Farie Blood, Sidhe (Free, House Virtue)
Free Study (Free, House Virtue)
Diedne Magic (Major)
Gentle Gift (Major)
Gentlewoman (Minor)
Improved Characteristics (Minor)


Hedge Wizard (Free, House Flaw)
Dark Secret (Free, Diedne Flaw)
Deficient (Intellego) (Minor)
Poor Formulaic Magic (Minor)
Poor Student (Minor)
Weak Scholar (Minor)
Unpredictable Magic (Minor)
Weird Magic (Minor)
Carefree (Minor)
Close Family Ties (Minor)


Skill Specialty Score XP
Artes Liberales Rhetoric 1 5
Athletics Grace 1 5
Awareness Searching 1 9
Animal Handling Falconry 1 12
Bargin Luxuries 1 5
Charm First Impressions 2 25
Concentration Spell Concentration 1 9
Etiquette Nobility 2 15
Folk Kin Nobility 1 15
Guile Fast Talk 2 15
Intrigue Alliances 2 15
Leadership Inspiration 1 5
Music Singing 1 7
Ride Tricks 1 9
Swim Diving 1 5
= = = =
Finesse Auram 1 5
Magic Theory Inventing Spells 2 24
Penetration Auram 0 0
Parma Magica Auram 2 17
Second Sight Farie 3 30
= = = =
Area Lore: Conventus Muri Geography 2 15
Area Lore: Nova Semente Personalities 0 4
Area Lore: England Legends 0 2
Farie Lore Sidhe 2 16
Magic Lore Stonehenge 1 12
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes Stonehenge 1 5
Organization Lore: Ex Miscellanea Stonehenge 1 5
Code of Hermes Mundane Relations 2 15
= = = =
Language: Scots Gaelic Conversational 5 75
Language: French English Nobility 3 30
Language: Latin Hermetic 3 30
Language: Middle English Traveler's 2 15
Language: Southern Welsh Conversational 1 6
Language: Hebrew Conversational 0 1

Personality Traits

Mundane Qualities


Known Languages

Language Dialect Specialization Score Fluency
Scots Gaelic East Highlands Conversational 5 Fluent
Latin Hermetic Latin Hermetic Terms 3 Haltingly Functional
Northern French Norman English Nobility 3 Haltingly Functional
Welsh Powys Wenwynwyn Conversational 1 Basic
Middle English Middle English Traveler's 2 Basic
Hebrew Nova Semente Conversational 0 Point & Greet


Order of Hermes -3

Magical Abilities, Equipment, Laboratory


NOTE: Lab has not yet actually been set up.

Current Qualities

Size +0 Refinement +0 General Quality +0 Upkeep +0
Safety +0 Warping +0 Health +0 Aesthetics +0

Lab Specialization

Creo 0 Animal 0 Ignem 0
Intellego 0 Aquam 0 Imaginem 0
Muto 0 Auram 0 Mentem 0
Perdo 0 Corpus 0 Terram 0
Rego 0 Herbam 0 Vim 0
Vis Extraction 0 Texts 0 Items 0
Spells 0 Experimentation 0

Contributing Factors




Creo 7 (33) Animal 5 (15) Ignem 2 (3)
Intellego 0 (0) Aquam 3 (6) Imaginem 0 (0)
Muto 2 (3) Auram 8 (36) Mentem 0 (0)
Perdo 2 (3) Corpus 0 (0) Terram 3 (6)
Rego 8 (39) Herbam 5 (15) Vim 7 (28)


Safe Magic
(Form + Technique + Aura)/5

Risky Magic
(Form + Technique + Aura + Stress Die)/2

Draining Magic
(Form + Technique + Lowest of Form or Technique + Aura + Stress Die)/2
Causes Fatigue.


(Totals include Poor Formulaic)

  • Charge of the Angry Winds (ReAu 15), d10+13+Aura
R: Voice, D: Conc., T: Ind
Wall of wind blows away enemies.
  • Circling Winds of Protection (ReAu 20) d10+13+Aura
R: Touch, D: Conc., T: Ind
Circle of winds guards you, may obscure.
  • Whispering Winds (InAu 15) d10+3+Aura
R: Sight, D: Conc., T: Ind
Hear what others are saying despite distance.
  • Ward Against Rain (ReAu 10) d10+13+Aura
R: Touch, D: Sun T: Ind
Rain does not touch you.


  • Piercing Shaft of Wood (MuHe(Re) 10) d10+4+Aura
R: Voice, D: Mom T: Ind
Wood shaft stabs enemy. The size of the wood determines the damage. Staff-sized +10 (max damage), 2-foot branch +8, wand-sized +5.


  • Sunbeam (CrIg 10) d10+6+Aura
R: Touch D: Conc. T: Ind
Daylight 10 feet across


  • Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 20) d10+12+Aura
R: Touch D: Year T: Boundry; Ritual
Protect a region like parma magica protects a magus.
  • Cage the Storm (ReVi 15) d10+12+Aura
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind
Move vis from one area of air to another.

Personal Library

Untranslated Texts

Translated Texts




Personal Vis


Magical Enchantments





  • Majory, Handmaden to Lady Shona
  • Abeth, Shieldgrog to Lady Shona

Seasonal Activities


Winter: Majory setting up laboratory, Shona socializing with locals.
(Notes: Lead the Covenent +2 xp leadership; Correspondence: Charm +1xp; Language: Cornish +1xp)
Spring: Majory setting up laboratory, Shona socializing with locals.
(Notes: Smooth over Locals +2xp Charm; Correspondence: Charm +1xp; Language: Cornish +1xp)
Summer: .
(Notes: X +15xp; Correspondence: - +1xp; Language: Cornish +1xp)
Autumn: .
(Notes: x +15xp; Correspondence: - +1xp; Language: Cornish +1xp)