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Ars Magica: The Scilly Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXX, aestas
A.D. 1220, summer
Magi of Leo
Eos of Tytalus
Llwyd of Bonisagus
Merlor of Flambeau
Rissa of Merinita
Lady Shona of Ex Miscelanea
Matteus de Taranto
Robert, the Steward
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Shona’s younger friend and handmaiden Majory has always been more intelligent and academically inclined then her more social superior, something Shona has long appreciated. Indeed, without Majory’s constant assistance, the Scottish lady may never have gotten though all the basic liberal arts she was expected to know even before she started her magical studies. When she did start learning magic from the local hedge wizard (later discovered to be a Diedne disciple) Majory was right there with her.

As a result, when Cathaoire traveled through looking to train the young hedge witch she’d heard about in the area, she originally mistook Majory as the gifted woman over her friend Shona. By the time Cathaoire had sorted out fully gifted, partly gifted, farie blooded and simply intelligent both young women were already back at the covenant and settling in. This arrangement ultimately worked well for Cathaoire, who could take advantage of Majory’s quicker intellect to help Shona through her apprenticeship without unduly bothering the Magus.

By the time Shona’s apprenticeship ended, Majory found herself a fully trained laboratory assistant on top of being the handmaiden she’d expected to be as a child. The amiable situation only adding further proof to herself that things would all work out, Majory happily supported Shona’s idea of moving off to another covenant and later even to heading out into the unknown to found one of their own.


Name: Majory
Race/Nationality: Scottish
Place of Origin: West Highlands
Family T.B.E.
Age 27 (1193)

Character Sheet


Intelligence +2 Presence +1 Bravery -1
Perception +2 Communication +1 Loyalty +3
Strength +0 Dexterity +1
Stamina -1 Luck -1

Virtues & Flaws


Arcane Lore
Failed Apprentace


Short Attention Span


Skill Specialty Score XP
Area Lore - Conventus Muri (Personalities) 3 30
Artes Liberales (Mathmatics) 3 30
Athletics (Running) 2 15
Awareness (Sight) 2 15
Charm (Courtly Love) 2 15
Craft: Sewing (Repair) 2 15
Guile (Fast Talking) 2 15
Intrigue (Plots) 2 15
Language: Scots Gaelic (Conversational) 5 75
Language: Northern English (Conversational) 3 30
Language: Latin (Hermetic) 4 50
Magic Lore (Creatures) 2 15
Magic Theory (Laboratory) 4 50
Music (Lyra) 2 15
Profession: Handmaiden (Magi) 3 30
Profession: Scribe (Arcane) 3 30
Ride (Endurance) 1 5
Swim (Diving) 1 5

Personality Traits

Mundane Qualities


Known Languages

Language Dialect Specialization Score Fluency
Scots Gealic Western Highlands Conversational 5 Fluent
Latin Hermetic Hermetic 4 Functional
Northern English Cumberia Trade 3 Haltingly Functional





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