Matteus de Taranto

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Ars Magica: The Scilly Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXX, aestas
A.D. 1220, summer
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Matteus hails from Taranto, an important port city in the Apulia region of the Kingdom of Sicily. He led a normal life until he was discovered to be Gifted by a Jerbiton magus from Magvillus, the domus magna of House Guernicus and the Quaesitores in the Appenine Mountains. His apprenticeship proceeded normally until a lab accident robbed him of his Gift and his master of his life. A Guernicus maga, Domitia, took his education over until she discovered that this Gift was damaged and he was no longer able to learn Hermetic arts.

A more ruthless or callous maga might simply toss this former apprentice out into the world, but Domitia saw that there was still a potential for this youngster to server the Order in his own way. She kept him for another year to instill this ethos into him, then used her connections to have him continue his education at the University of Bologna. He spent three years there, earning his Baccalaureus degree.

During this time, Matteus kept in touch with Domitia who recommended him over to Paris where there was a need for educated students to help do lectures for the growing university. Given his Norman background, he figured it could only help him to travel back to the land of his ancestors and add the prestige of the University of Paris to his educational profile. It was here he met the Apostles of Apollonius from whom he learned that it was possible for 'mundanes' to learn the arts of the Elementalist. Matteus leapt at the chance to reconnect with his magical training and underwent a second apprenticeship with the secret cult who was impressed with his intellect and grasp of the secrets. They considered it a shame he didn't have the 'spark' (i.e. the Gift) to learn the whole of their secrets, but they gained an earnest pupil nonetheless.

While at Paris, Matteus met a series of mostly Jerbiton apprentices who were ordered to attend the University as part of their training. His former status as a Hermetic apprentice earned him sympathy and friendship, and her learned about the covenants and magi of the Normandy Tribunal. He visited a few of them out of curiosity which is where he met Merlor of Flambeau at the Covenant of Requies Aeternum. The two got a long well despite Merlor's Gift. In time Merlor was Gauntleted, stayed at his home covenant to do some additional studies before departing for Nova Semitae to enjoy that covenant's hospitality for a while.

Matteus stayed in Paris learning more from the Apostles and during this time he met a pair of twins who would eventually accompany him to the Scilly isles. The sisters worked together serving the University masters, supplying them with some of the more esoteric materials in the emerging science of alchemy. They provided apothecary, herbalist and midwife services for the local community. In a twist of fate, Matteus fell in love with both of them, and they with him. Unwilling to force a choice, they decided to simply 'live in sin' -- or as Matteus puts it, 'in the style of the Patriarchs of the Old Testament' who had several wives. This situation was untenable and their reputations suffered as degenerate sinners so when Merlor's note came a couple of years later about travelling to found a new covenant in a remote part of England, he convinced his unconventional 'family' to relocate while divulging his entire history and connection to magical traditions under the surface of Europe.

He met at Merlor in Cornwall and introduced his family to the magus. They then travelled to Gweal and now stand in former Lyonesse to being a new life in a strange land with strange workers of magic. But in a way, Matteus had returned home and was at a covenant again as he always felt he should have been.


Name: Matteus de Taranto
Race/Nationality: Norman/Italian
Place of Origin: Taranto, Kingdom of Sicily

Alberea and Eloise, consorts
Gilbertus (son, age 2, by Alberea)
Adelina (daughter, age 1, by Eloise)

Age 30 (1190)

Character Sheet


Intelligence +2 Presence +2
Perception +0 Communication -1
Strength -1 Dexterity -1
Stamina +2 Luck +1

Virtues & Flaws


(Theurgical) Controlling (M)
(Theurgical) Summoning (M)
(Philosophical) Summoning
Elementalist Water
Elementalist Earth
Failed Apprentice


Weak Elemental Resistance (M)
Driven (Excel at Elemental magic) (M)
Offensive to Animals
Close Family Ties
Broken Vessel


Skill Specialty Score XP
General Abilities
Area Lore (Magvillus) Personalities 2 15
Area Lore (Paris) Academics 2 15
Area Lore (Bologna) Academics 2 15
Area Lore (Scilly Isles) Personalities 0 2
Awareness Alertness 3 30
Bargain Training 2 15
Concentration Maintain Control 3 30
Speak Norman French Academic Terms 5 75
Speak Bolognese Conversational 2 15
Speak Cornish Conversational 1 5
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes Apprenticeship 2 15
Organization Lore: Apostles of Apollonius Initiation Rituals 2 15
Profession Scribe Copying 2 15
Swim Diving 2 15
Teaching 5 15
Academic Abilities
Artes Liberales Astronomy 2 17
Speak Latin Hermetic Terms 5 75
Speak Greek Translations 4 50
Arcane Abilities
Magic Lore Elementals 3 30
Magic Theory Inventing Spells 3 30
Penetration Controlling 3 30

Personality Traits

Mundane Qualities


Known Languages

Language Dialect Specialization Score Fluency
Speak Northern French Francien Academic Terms 5 Fluent
Latin Hermetic Latin Hermetic Terms 5 Fluent
(Ancient) Greek Ancient Academic 4 Functional
Gallo-Italian Bolognese Conversational 2 Basic Conversational
Cornish Scilly Conversational 1 Basic questions and answers





Personal Library


Magical Abilities

Despite his damaged Gift, Matteus is capable of serving as a lab assistant, a role he is willing to serve for a magus for pay. (i.e. As one of his seasons of service.) While he has accompanied Merlor to the Scilly Isles, he is coming for his own reasons: to practice and learn his own magical Arts, and to keep his family safe from overzealous Parisian clergy. He also insists on the lead magus extending his or her Parma Magica to blunt the effects of the Gift during any seasons of lab service.


Arts Difficult Arts
Summoning 6 (25) Earth 3 (30)
Controlling 9 (45) Water 3 (30)

Seasonal Activities

Matteus Advancement 1220-1222